Top 100+ Best English Motivational Suvichar, Motivational Life Quotes

Best English Motivational Suvichar
Best English Motivational Suvichar

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Top 100+ Best English Motivational Suvichar – Hello Friends, Today We are Talking about Motivational Suvichar quotes on this Page. If you Find the Best Collection of  Motivational Suvichar then you have come right Page.

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suvichar pic download

1.”Every small part of life is a
big part of the success of our life.”

2.”Your life is very precious and beautiful,
don’t waste it in useless and useless things.”

3.”Weak people stop when they are tired and cannot move forward,
but a conqueror stops only when he is victorious.”

4.”Love is something that makes a loser win.
But hatred brings down even a perfectly successful person.”

5.”If you believe in yourself
then no power in the world can stop you from being successful.”

6.”If you want to be, then be like water which makes its own path,
other stones stop people’s path.”

7.”Successful people have the power to change the world by their decisions
and unsuccessful people change their own decisions at the rate of the world.”

8.”It is not necessary that every single day of your life should be good,
but it is important that every day be better than ever.”

9.”It is better to always focus on the success of others than
to focus on your own success and become better than them.”

10.”One should make friends like a shadow and a mirror in his life,
because the shadow never leaves and the mirror never lies.”

11.”Only we have the solution to our problem,
others have a suggestion for our problem.”

12.”A wise man himself minimizes mistakes,
while he learns everything from the mistakes of others.”

13.”Anger and storm are the same in our life.
Because it is only after they leave that we come to know about our loss.”

14.”Never be careless in the use of your time and your words.
Because they do not come back and neither do they give back a chance.”

15.”When the world tells us to give up, at
that time hope tells us in the ear, try one more time.”

16.”If you keep thinking about what people will say, then
you have lost the first test of your life.”

17.”If you have to speak, then speak in front of everyone
because everyone speaks behind the back.”

18.”If you want to enjoy the success in your life,
then never let the difficulty stop you from coming in your life.”

19.”When people start opposing you,
then understand that you have chosen your path right.”

20.”Any human being is recognized by his tongue and good deeds.
Because a lot of good things are written on the walls too.”

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suvichar HD pic download

21.”If you give up once
, you can never achieve success in your life.”

22.”No matter what is difficult and difficult for anyone,
if our mind is determined to do that work, then we can do it.”

23.”If you have never stopped walking slowly in your life,
then believe me you are walking the fastest.”

24.”Never underestimate the words in your life
because a small yes and a small
no change everything in life.”

25.”If you have knowledge then don’t interpret your pass with
it , make your future even better with it.”

26.”Do not focus on your failure and success,
set your goal and work towards achieving it.”

27.”If you are doing some work and you are
not enjoying that work then you do not deserve that work.”

28.”You will be satisfied when you
achieve success.”

29.”A person who has never made a mistake,
has never even tried anything new.”

30.”If you have learned something from your mistakes in your life
then you are the most successful person.”

31.”You keep doing good things in your life,
praise the world or not because even when half the world sleeps
, the sun rises.”

32.”You cannot change your past,
but you can make your tomorrow better.”

33.”You keep on walking on your way to get success, no
matter how hard you face,
one day you will have success.”

34.”I have often seen lonely people
who always care about others.”

35.”Everything has its value before it is found and
a human being has its value after it is lost.”

36.”If we cannot use our power for the benefit of others,
then one day this power of ours can become a big mountain for us.”

37.”If you have the courage to have someone, you can get
him in any condition.”

38.”A person’s personality emerges only
when he stumbles upon his loved ones.”

39.”Those who are successful also do dream,
but not while sleeping, while working hard.”

40.”The person who can change his thinking
has the power to change the world.”

41.”If you had a bad day yesterday because of your mistake,
then don’t waste your time by remembering it today.”

42.”When you feel that everything is going against you
, remember that the plane always
goes against the wind, not with the wind.”

43.”Don’t wait for anyone,
your life is passing out more than you think.”

44.”When a lion hunts, it is behind once.
In the same way, life also pushes us to move forward.”

45.”Those who are afraid of flying can never fly..”

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suvichar full HD pic download

46.”Half of our life is spent thinking about what we have.
While you cannot even take advantage of what happens.”

47.”Set any one idea as your goal and
follow it in such a way that do not stop without taking it,
then one day you will have success.”

48.”Good Thought in Hindi, Suvichar in Hindi for Life
If a person has a desire to walk in his mind,
then he can see the way even in the dark.”

49.”A person who has confidence in himself
is able to maintain the trust of others as well.”

50.”You have only two options,
either conquer or let fear dominate you.”

51.”What you can’t beat by force.”

52.”Success is not in the lines of the hands.”

54.”On time everything comes
Premature desire causes misery.”

53.”Trust in Yourself.”

54.”The smaller the person
His pride was so big.”

55.”Hurricane defeats there only
When the kayaks are on their insistence.”

56.”All problems can be solved”
Just if you find the solution in peace.”

57.”What difference will it make if you drown in the ocean of sorrow?
Tomorrow’s sun will rise on its own time.”

58.”Sometimes you get sleep, then you get peace.
Your wait did not let me sleep.”

59.”If you want to be recognized
The heart has to be enlarged.”

60.”If you’re honest
Cleaning will also have to be given.”

61.”An age has passed.”
waiting and waiting
You kept awake, you didn’t even sleep, we too.”

62.”Don’t give advice in someone’s misery, give support.”

63.”Let them be as they are
I am like this, let me be like this.”

64.”An angel in the world who is the most different is seen
Whenever I saw my mother, I felt like I saw God.”

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suvichar in hindi 2020 download

65.”Writing love on my heart
read if you have time
you are forgetful, don’t forget
So adorn your eyes.”

66.”Only by fighting difficulties,
Success is achieved.”

67.”Want to achieve success”
So learn to insist.”

68.”Do not go through all the paths of difficulties
Do you know at which point you will get success.”

69.”It’s hard to walk on the right path,
You can walk only with constant practice.”

70.”Who accepts defeat to make you win
You can never win over him.”

71.”If you want to be successful then
You have to learn to appreciate others.”

72.”When the goal is to make, then make the biggest goal of this world
So big that till date no one has thought like that.”

73.”If you try to win your mind, you will get defeated
try to change the direction of your thinking.”

74.”what is the worst that could happen in the world
living a goalless life.”

75.”It doesn’t matter whether you hear and whether you see
It doesn’t matter whether you believe
Because whatever you believe, you become tomorrow if not today.”

76.”our life is like a game of cricket
We can’t get out until we leave the field.”

77.”What is the difference between animals and humans
Humans can think but animals cannot.”

78.”Don’t try to change another person is in vain
If you want to change then change yourself.”

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suvichar images in english download

79.”It is very easy to find evil in others because we have our hopes in them. But if we all start seeing the good in others, then this world will become more beautiful than before.”

80.”I have learned the tricks of making love from my mother.
It’s not a matter of being unfaithful.”

81.”Patience is the first step to becoming great.”

82.”You can definitely defeat him with your intellect.”

83.”bitter only for those who are used.”

84.”To win in life there
should be stubbornness, to
lose only one fear is

85.”Whose nature is always to
change, it can never belong
to anyone , whether it is
time or human..!.”

86.”Do the work very carefully,
because neither one’s
prayer goes empty
nor anyone’s baddua.”

87.”there is someone to stop you in life, then do him a favor,
because the gardens which do not have gardeners, those
gardens get destroyed soon.”

88.”Those who
write their intentions with the ink of sweat ,
the pages of their fate are
never blank.”

89.”but whatever you have dreamed of , in any case,
fulfill it.”

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suvichar images in english download

90.”should also be valued like money
both are difficult to earn
but easy to lose.”

91.”Time and situation
can change at any time,
so never
anyone or consider anyone
you may
be powerful , but ‘time’ is
the most

92.”The best idea
Anmol Vachan Suvichar
Eyes only give us sight
, but when we
see what in whom, it
depends on our feelings.”

93.”If you
ever get left alone in the fight for honor and respect, then
But do
n’t let yourself break in front of anyone .”

94.”If the intention
is clear and the purpose is right, then surely
also helps you in some way or the other.”

trust anyone blindly , because this
world is not good enough to keep

96.”Dua never gives up
Baddua never gives up.
Whatever you give will come back.
Be it honor
or deceit.”

97.”Everything happens slowly when it ends, it
just comes to know suddenly !!.”

98.”Only by fighting difficulties,
Success is achieved.”

99.”Want to achieve success”
So learn to insist.”

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anmol vachan image download

100.”Do not go through all the paths of difficulties
Do you know at which point you will get success?.”

101.”It’s hard to walk on the right path,
You can walk only with constant practice.”

102.”If you want to be successful then
You have to learn to appreciate others.”

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suvichar in hindi 2021 download