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Dosti Status
Dosti Status

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1.”A true friend does not
judge you in any way.”

2.”There is no price tag
on a best friend.”

3.”Walking with a friend
in the dark is better than
walking alone in the light.”

4.”A true friend knows
your weakness
but show you your strength.”

5.”A friend is someone
who listens when you speak
understands when you cry
and guides you on your way.”

6.”A true friend is one
who walks in when the
rest of the world walks out.”

7.”Friendship is not finding gold
or silver among the rocks of life
it is accepting each other as coal
until diamonds are formed with time.”

8.”Friendship is a warm feeling
which comes from the
inner core of the heart
it can not be buy or sell.”

9.”A real friend is one who walks in
when the rest of the world walks out.”

10.”True friendship isn’t about being inseparable,
it’s being separated and nothing changes.”

11.”I have learnt that once
a friendship is broken..
it never gets normal again!.”

12.”A single rose can be my garden…
a single friend, my world.”

13.”A true friend never gets in your way
unless you happen to be going down.”

14.”A friend is someone who can see
the truth and pain in you even when
you are fooling everyone else.”

15.”Friendship doubles your joy
and divides your sorrow.”

16.”I would rather walk with
a friend in the dark,
than alone in the light.”

17.”I would rather walk with
a friend in the dark,
than alone in the light.”

18.”Don’t make friends before understand
and don’t break friendship
after misunderstanding.”

19.”True friendship comes when
silence between two people is comfortable.”

20.”Friendship is like a paper once
it’s crumpled it can’t be perfect.”

21.”Every friendship doesn’t change into
love but every love begins with friendship.”

22.”Fake friends believe in rumors.
Real friends believe in you.”

23.”Good friends are like starts.
You don’t always see them but
you know they’re always there.”

24.”If friendship is your weakest point
then your the strongest person in the world.”

25.”My friends are the weirdest,
most craziest people
I know but I love them.”

26.”My best friend is the only person
in the world who could
stop me from crying.”

27.”Friendship isn’t a big thing
it’s a million little things.”

dosti status hd image
dosti status hd image

28.”Friendship Day Quotes in English
A true friend reaches for your
hand and touches your hear.”

29.”It is better to live alone.
There is no friendship with a fool.”

30.”Love begins with a smile grows
with a kiss and end with tear drop.”

31.”A good friend helps you up
when yo fall a best friend laughs
in your face and trips you again.”

32.”Friendship consists in forgetting what
one gives and remembering what one receives.”

33.”Do I not destroy my enemies
when I make them my friends?.”

34.”My best friend is the one
who brings out the best in me.”

35.”No person is your friend
who demands your silence,
or denies your right to grow.”

36.”Some people go to priests,
others to poetry, I to my friends.”

37.”Friendship improves happiness,
and abates misery, by doubling our joys,
and dividing our grief.”

38.”Never leave your friends
side unless you want drama.”

39.”Your friendship to me means a lot to me.”

40.”Best friends are sent from the heavens.
They provider a shoulder
to cry on during heartbreaks.”

41.”Hold a true friend and don’t let go.
True friend comes once in a lifetime.”

42.”Friendship isn’t meant
to be a one way street.”


dosti photo dp
dosti photo dp

43.”Friends are connected heart to heart.
Distance and time can’t break them apart.”

44.”True Friend will stand up for you!.”

45.”A friend is one who believes in
you when you have ceased
to believe in yourself.”

46.”True friends are always there for you.
Fake friends only appear
when they need something from you.”

47.”Its better to be friends than
to be lovers because you forget
a lover but you never forget a friend.”

48.”True friends are the ones
who have nice things to say
about you behind you back.”

49.”True friend’s silence hurts more
than an enemy’s rough words.”

50.”True friends say good things behind you
back and bad things to your face.”

51.”Liking someone doesn’t mean
you have to be lovers,
sometimes you just have to be friends.”

52.”If you make friends with
yourself you will never be alone.”

53.”In the end we will remember not the
words of our enemies
but the silence of our friends.”

54.”A good friend knows all your best stories.
A best friend has lived them with you.”

55.”Just wanted to say thank you
for coming into my life
and being my TRUE FRIEND.”

56.”Friendship Day Images
Good friends don’t let you do
stupid things alone.”

57.”A true friend is someone who accepts your past,
supports your present and encourages your future.”

58.”Should I be happy that
we’re friends or sad because
that’s all we will ever be?.”

59.”True friendship is when two friends
can walk in opposite directions,
yet remain side by side.”

60.”Friends are like stars,
they come and go,
but the ones that stay
are the ones that glow!.”

61.”Best Friend Quotes in English
Be slow to fall into friendship;
but when thou art in,
continue firm & constant.”

62.”That awkward moment when people
act like they know your
best friend better than you do.”

63.”A best friend is someone who tells you
the truth even when you don’t want to hear it.”

64.”That awesome moment when
you’re telling a lie and your
best friend notices and joins you.”

65.”A friend is someone who
understands your past,
believes in your future,
and accepts you just the way you are.”

66.”Friendship Status in English
Best friends are those rare people
who come to find you in dark
places and lead you back to the light.”

67.”A best friend is like a four leaf clover,
hard to find, lucky to have.”

68.”A good and true friend is a flower !!
Which we can’t even break !!
And can’t even be left alone !!
If broken, it will wither away !!
And if left, someone else will take it !!.”

69.”Zindagi 👸🏼 ke sare gam kyon baat 👫 lete hai dost !!
Kyon 👸🏼 zindagi me saath dete hai 👫 dost !!
Rishta 🤔 to sirf unse dil 💕 ka hota hai ji !!
Phir bhi kyon 👸🏼 hame apna man lete hai 👫 dost !!
!! Dosti Status in Hindi English !!.”

70.”What is the heart that does not want to meet !!
Live by forgetting don’t god !!
May your friendship be my life !!
This is not a matter of life !!.”

71.”Friendship is a gust of wind !!
Friendship is a name for Wafa !!
Whatever it may be for others !!
For us, God has a beautiful gift of friendship !!.”

72.”Time will pass while staying with you !!
After being in the loneliness, who will remember thinking about whom !!
Live this moment when we are together with friends !!
Where will you take the time to know tomorrow !!.”

73.”A fire burns even in a storm !!
Flowers also bloom in thorns !!
Those are very cool evenings !!
Friends, wherever you meet !!.”

dosti yaari wallpaper
dosti yaari wallpaper

74.”Friendship is not the one that gives life !!
Friendship is not the one that gives happiness !!
Friends, they are true friendships !!
Those who support their friends in trouble !!.”

75.”Success always comes with courage !!
Always meet friends freshly !!
Good friends hardly meet !!
And friends like you meet fate !!.”

76.”What have we become poor in the journey of life !!
Even friends who left close together !!
Those who swore to live together for a lifetime !!
Today he left us in the middle of the road and went away !!.”

77.”Do not know why we do not get caught eye !!
Don’t know why you can’t explain it!!
Why all my friends got separated from us !!
Maybe we just don’t know how to live together !!.”

78.”Every moment we are with you !!
We are still with you in loneliness !!
You may not be there, but we feel every moment of your lack !!.”

79.”Being attained does not make us forget !!
Friendship is not lost by meeting a partner !!
Lack of friends’ lives every moment !!
Friendship is not hidden by lonely people !!.”

80.”Ulfat’s officers do not come on the tongue !!
Those who passed don’t come back again !!
Friends are the sympathizers of friends !!
No angels come here to live together !!.”

81.”I remember that old moment of friendship !!
My eyes are filled !!
May your friendship always be alive !!
This is what our heart wants !!.”

82.”The distance to the moon is one night !!
The sun’s distances are just up to the day !!
We do not see time in friendship !!
Because the extent of our friendship is till our last breath !!.”

83.”Missing time spent together !!
Tears leave in my eyes !!
Don’t forget us if you find someone else !!
Friendship relationship is useful throughout life !!.”

84.”Life is the name of the shadow of enthusiasm !!
Life is the name of the depths of sorrows !!
We have a lovely friend here !!
The name of her sweet happiness is life !!.”

85.”Accha 🤔 aur saccha dost ek ful 🥀 hai !!
Jise 👲🏻 hum tod bhi nahi 🤔 sakte !!
Aur 👲🏻 akela chod bhi nahi 🤔 sakte !!
Agar 😢 tod liya to murjha 🤔 jayega !!
Aur chod 👸🏼 diya to koi aur 🤔 le jayega !!
!! Dosti Status in Hindi English !!.”

86.”Life history does not repeat again !!
Miss friends every moment at every turn !!
Life is lost in moments of friendship !!
Thinking those moments our eyes are moist !!.”

87.”hen friendship is true and strong !!
So there is no need to show it !!
No matter how far the friend goes !!
He does not have to be brought near !!.”

88.”There will be a storm in life in your friendship !!
I will decorate my heart with your friendship !!
If your friendship is with you throughout your life !!
So we will leave death behind in friendship !!.”

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dosti photo albums

89.”Afraid of some complicated questions of life !!
In life, my heart is scared of loneliness !!
It is hard to find a true friend in life !!
But afraid of losing a true friend !!.”

90.”Friendship is a feeling !!
Which brings the unknown people too !!
The one who accompanies every moment is called a friend !!
Otherwise, he also leaves his shadow !!.”

91.”If it is said from the heart then it touches the heart !!
And something unsaid also says something !!
Some people only change the meaning of friendship !!
If anything, life changes with friendship !!.”

92.”Gum sacrifice for a laugh !!
Sacrifice tears for happiness !!
Life is sacrificed for a friend too !!
And if you find a friend’s girlfriend !!
Brother in law also sacrificed !!.”

93.”We kept on celebrating my furious friend !!
And the whole country celebrated Diwali !!.”

94.”Getting true friendship is destiny too !!
Very few people have this streak in their hands !!.”

95.”Eyes that can understand you, there is a friend !!
Otherwise, there are beautiful faces even of enemies !!.”

96.”People with socially awkward personality tend to be more loyal and faithfull to their friends when in a relationship.”

97.”Good friend care for each other. Close friends understand each other, but true friends stay forever, beyond words, beyond distance, beyond time.”

98.”One Line Status on Friendship for Facebook
A Faithful Friend Is The Medicine Of Life.”

99.”Friends Should Be Like Books, Few But Hand-Selected.”

100.”Best Friends. They Know How Crazy You Are And Still Choose To Be Seen With You In Public.”

dosti group photo
dosti group photo

101.”As your best friend I’ll pick you up when you fall, after I finish laughing.”

102.”Friends are notes to life’s great songs. A melody that carries you along.”

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dosti photo dp

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