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Mothers-in-law have that old reputation for being tough and hard to please. But is this still true? As hard as some may be, they are as welcoming as a mother. Whatever your type, it is not impossible to conquer it. Always be the same as yourself; This is inspiring. You will always be my second mother! Thanks for everything. And I adore you, mother-in-law of my heart!
Check out this selection of phrases for mother-in-law we have prepared and share with her!


#1. Easier for me to enter your family, because she has been a mediator, a bridge between those who may not yet get used to me. you deserve all the happiness in the world. Good morning


#2. I will be eternally grateful to bring to the world the woman with whom I share my life, who helps me in difficult times and gives me encouragement when I need it. Dear mother-in-law,good morning.


#3. I hope that your daughter, my wife, is as nice and endearing as you when you reach your age, dear mother-in-law. And I say this because I always see her happy, fighting, hard, without an obstacle impossible to overcome. Good morning


#4. Today we go from one side to the other, mother-in-law dear, because on Mother’s Day I have to greet my pretty old lady, as you will understand, and of course to you that for me she has become a friendly, sincere and friendly voice of love .very happy day .


#5. With the passing of time I have learned to decipher it and even understand your sense of humor, dear mother-in-law. At first I had a hard time picking up his words and I thought he didn’t love me well.


#6. I have learned that you are a great person and that your sense of humor is very particular. Good morning


#7. I can never understand why some speak so badly about mother-in-law, if you are an angel. A mother-in-law is a Mother and that makes her more than special and essential in this world. Thank you for everything, beautiful little lady, have a wonderful Day today !


#8. What a pity that many people have a wrong concept about mother-in-law. What happens is that they don’t take the time to know them better. Surely if they did, they would realize the great woman they are missing. Good morning


#9. Your way of being so tender and detached are completely worthy of admiration, dear mother-in-law. My children are very happy every time they visit because they love the company of their beloved grandmother. Gm


#10. Never let go me for what others say, it is why before you know me wary of a single prejudice about – law and I see I did well because in you I discovered a very virtuous and kind Person.


#11. I’m lucky to have a second mother, my mother-in-law!


#12. If having a mother-in-law is punishment, I always want to be punished with the affection I receive from mine!


#13. Better mother-in-law than mine? Does not exist!


#14. If you complain about your mother-in-law, it’s because you’re not lucky enough to have a wonderful one like mine!


#15. Now that fate has united us and given you you as mother in law, no one separates!


#16. I like the white rose for being a beautiful flower, I like my mother in law for being the mother of my love.


#17. Thank you for giving me a second family, mother in law!


#18. Mother in law is that woman who gave life to the love of her life. Respect her.


#19. Having a friend is good, but having a mother-in-law who supports you, listens to you and gives you the right advice is even better!


#20. Thanks to you, my mother-in-law, I had the opportunity to know love closely.


#21. How not to love the woman who gave birth to my love?


#22. Who says the in-laws are boring? Mine is the opposite of all this!


#23. I prayed for a second mother and God sent me a wonderful mother-in-law!


#24. My mother-in-law, my second mother. I just have to thank you for that!


#25. If you weren’t my mother-in-law, I’d choose you as a friend.


#26. It is said that when we marry, we do not only with the chosen person, but also with that person’s family. I couldn’t be happier to have you as my family!


#27. Thank you for being the best mother-in-law, companion and owner of the best advice!


#28. I was very lucky that, in addition to finding a love for life, I also found a wonderful mother-in-law!


#29. My mother-in-law is a mix of mother and friend, the best thing in the world!


#30. I couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law than this!


#31. I am already happy to have a mother … Now that I also have a mother-in-law, happiness is doubled!


#32. Sometimes this is where we least expect we will find a truly friend shoulder. I found love in you, mother in law!


#33. Besides mother of the love of my life, my mother-in-law is my friend.


#34. I never imagined that I would have a mother-in-law as companion and affectionate as mine. Thank you for being who you are!


#35. How good to be able to count on the affection and support of my second mother. Thank you for being the best mother in law in the world!


#36. I want to be as good a person to you as you are to me, my dear mother-in-law!


#37. When I’m someone’s mother-in-law, I want to be like mine was to me.


#38. This whole tradition of hatred of mother-in-law does not apply between mine and me. This is just love!


#39. I could not be more grateful for the mother-in-law life gave me.


#40. No one else will have the privilege of having a mother-in-law like you, thanks for this opportunity!


#41. I must be a very lucky person because my mother-in-law is an amazing, wonderful and beautiful person.


#42. If I had a choice, I would still choose you as my mother-in-law.


#43. I’m lucky to be able to say that my mother-in-law is the best person I know!


#44. While many people have only reason to complain about their in-laws, I have the opposite. Every day is a different reason to love you, mother in law!


#45. Thank you for all the support, for each advice and each kindness. You’re the best mother-in-law I could have in this world!


#46. It may sound strange, but my mother-in-law is one of the people I love most in my life.


#47. Having such a wonderful mother-in-law like you is like winning the lottery!


#48. You are so much more than a mother-in-law: you are a mother to me!


#49. If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have the most important person for me in this life: your son.


#50. I was very lucky to have joined this family, my dear little mother-in-law.


#51. In my heart will always fit my mother-in-law!


#52. I’m just grateful to have you in this new phase of my life, mother-in-law!


#53. I have the honor to say that I have you as my mother-in-law.


#54. Mother in law, when I grow up, I want to be just like you.


#55. My life goal is to be as wonderful a mother as my mother-in-law is to my husband.


#56. Thank you for welcoming me like a daughter. Gratitude for having you in my life, dear mother-in-law!


#57. Of all the blessings I’ve ever had in my life, one of the most important has surely been to have received a mother-in-law like you.


#58. By his side I discovered and learned precious things about life. Thank you for being such a special person to me, dear mother-in-law.


#59. May my children be lucky that I had to find a mother-in-law like you!


#60. Even if fate can ever tear us apart, you’ll always be the best mother-in-law I could ever have!


#61. I am grateful to have a mother-in-law like you, a kind person with a genuine and sincere heart. Rest assured that I will always try to treat you the best way.


#62. You are and always will be very special to me. A second mother, a real friend, someone I know I can turn to when I need it, and who I fully trust.