140+ Good Morning Quotes For Him With Beautiful Images [ Top Collection ]

Good Morning Quotes For Him
Good Morning Quotes For Him

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#1. Good morning SMS … I close my eyes and see your face. I touch my lips and think of you. Good morning sleepyhead!

#2. If there were kissing phones, yours would now attack you and give you a big good morning kiss!

#3. This morning is the perfect time to tell you: I love you!

#4. Good morning, darling sweetheart, there is still room in my heart!

#5. Early awakening from sweet dreams, I would like to thank you for this night. Because it is you that I dreamed of and never regretted!

#6. In the dream you laughed at me, though it was beautiful, I woke up now. Think of you because I like you and have a nice day.

#7. It is not difficult to say good morning but to write it to you, all the more. I wanted to send you a peck, but my cellphone made a mess.

#8. This SMS is early in the morning: it dispels the stress and your worries. And if she brings you luck too, I’ll gladly send her to you.

#9. Your proximity in the morning gives me more warmth than the sunshine of a whole day.

#10. In my dream, I saw your face, but I could not touch it. I felt so lonely and alone and wished you could be with me now. Good Morning.


#1. Good morning, my darling, please make room in your bed. I cuddle up close to you, so warm and cozy, that’s how I like you.

#2. Good Morning my sweetheart! I know a rose that always smiles – and that pretty rose, that’s you. Kiss!

#3. Good Morning. I never thought that I had the courage to wake an angel. But I think it’s too late now!

#4. Tingel tangel sneaks a little good morning SMS into your cell phone and wishes you a good luck with all your things and a nice day!

#5. I have sleeping very well in my quitting bedstead and in the middle of the night it is then crashed!

#6. When you wake up from sleep and the sun is shining through the window, when the rays touch your naked body, I’d like to feel your breath!

#7. The best thing in the morning: to know that I will see you again in the evening!

#8. Hello my mouse, are you out of the feathers? I wish you a nice morning, spend the day without worries!

#9. There is something, something small … that is getting bigger … so big … barely imaginable. A feeling, a longing, a big wish … to say good morning to you!

#10. Because you are to fall in love and kissing is something beautiful, I’ll send you 1000 kisses to your tender mouth at dawn!


#1. I’m sitting here on a ray of sunshine, I send you and greet you! With many little sun salutations, I want to sweeten the day!

#2. The best thing about this new day? You are that! Good Morning sweetheart!

#3. The sun is rising, pushing the moon and stars from the sky – and all just to make you a wonderful day!

#4. A little text cute and fine, just dashing into your phone. I wish you a nice day – and come back to me very quickly.

#5. Quietly and silently and in this way I send this status SMS on a small journey. She comes from me and should sweeten your day with greetings.

#6. I do not want to disturb you at an early hour, maybe you are still looking forward to hearing from me! I just want to dare something: say good morning to you!

#5. Woke up my darling – the sun is shining!

#6. When you get out of bed, rub the sleep from your eyes. Do you know immediately: It is a beautiful day, because here I am, who loves you dearly!

#7. Get up. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the rabbits are popping.

#8. Good Morning my sweetheart! Crawl under your blanket and enjoy the minutes left in your arms. Love you!


#1. Good morning, this is your phone. What are you doing here so early ?! Oh well, understand, it had beeped, but unfortunately only this meaningless SMS. Nevertheless, have a nice day for you!

#2. The moon is gone, the day awakes. In the dream I thought of you. I wish you a nice day and think of you because I like you!

#3. Good morning my Sunshine! Through you every day shines in the most beautiful light in the world.

#4. Good morning, as usual, to kiss personally. Do not be sad, do not be sad, think of me, I love you!

#5. Woke up with longing, thought of you immediately. I want to say: love you, you are the most important person for me.

#6. Good morning little angel, it writes your favorite villain! Think of me, sweeten your day, think of me, because I like you!

#7. When I look at your laughing face in the morning, I know I’m not mistaken, we spent a wonderful time together at night.

#8. Is also gray and foggy the day. Blowing a cold wind from the north. A dear thought will be with you. Makes you happy every morning!

#9. Good morning sunshine, let me into your heart. I think of you today, because I really like you.

#10. I can do without sandwiches, coffee and the newspaper, but I do not want to wish you a good morning.


#1. Good morning my biggest darling. Unfortunately, I can not be with you now, so I’ll send you a really big smack with this sentence!

#2. Who gets up in the morning crumpled, has the best development opportunities during the day! Good Morning! Have a nice day!

#3. Good morning, you little louse, or are you still sleeping? The sun is laughing and has brought you this hi-awake SMS.

#4. Every morning I wake up, have tingling in my stomach, think again strongly of you, what are you doing? Miss you!

#5. Tomorrow is woken up! Gone are the long black nights! The sun is shining on your nose, good morning, sweet bunny!

#6. If a kiss kisses in the morning, sorrows and worries you, keep it for the whole day, because it says it likes you.

#7. I would like to give you a good morning to see you smile at the next reunion! Are you lucky again, give it back to me!

#8. You woke up from a deep sleep, and far too short this night. But now forget the worries, I wish you a wonderful morning.

#9. Good Morning! I would like to wish the most beautiful people in the world a nice day!

#10. I wish you a good morning, without grief, without worries. Have a nice day – that’s someone who likes you.


#1. Good morning my darling here is your sparrow! What is more beautiful on earth than being awakened by such a kiss?

#2. Good morning sleepyhead, here I send you a top mood,, always happy, all-around happy and feel good SMS!

#3. Good morning, my prince charming! Did you get up with a smile this morning, or why is the sun laughing all over the world?

#4. I wish you a nice day, much joy and little plague. Everything should succeed you, even the in-the-shower singing!

#5. A sweet word in the morning pleases the heart all day!

#6. After a deep sleep and sweet dreams a gentle awakening and a delicious breakfast, picture book weather and Sunday mood: Oh, happy day!

#7. Here’s a text message that promises you a good morning, directs the best thoughts to you so you know someone is thinking of you.

#8. I just woke up thinking about you all night. Would like to cuddle and kiss you and never miss you!

#9. This is your dream of last night! Did I bring you to sleep, maybe it was not so bad, so we’ll see each other soon!

#10. Good morning, just woke up, thought of you first, and because I feel like, I wished you come through my room door.

#11. Oh, you little star, you are so far from me. If your little light can hardly see anymore, you have to go to sleep without you today. In short: I love you!

#12. It has been proven that the penis contains gold particles. So the saying ‘Morning Hour has Gold in the Mouth’ takes on a whole new meaning!


#1. You slept soundly when I wrote these lines. But now you are awake and reads: ‘I love you very much!’

#2. Good Morning! This is the happy wake-up service. Just wanted to ask why you are not sleeping anymore!

#3. I am a good morning SMS. Will take care of you all day and make sure that you do not forget the sender.

#4. He is there, the ghastly, the brutal, the common! He steals the dreams, he is sooo mean! He calls himself ‘Good morning,’ this libertine!

#5. Now I am awake in the early morning and I’m worried! Where can I get a quote quickly now to say, I love you very much!

#6. Hey my girl … Come on out of the dream to write me back!

#7. Nice Good Morning SMS for everyone

#8. Good morning! Get up! This is your private wake up service. Since you have to get up so early, I thought, I’ll send you a nice morning greetings!

#9. Good morning my dear! This SMS is from me. A kiss and 160 characters – I think that must be enough!

#10. Good Morning! Since you have to get up now, I send you a sweet morning greeting. Since your day can only be nice.

#11. May I be your lamb tonight? Cuddly soft and cute little, count me into the dream, so I can then be closer to you, would not that be fine?

#12. Tonight you will not be alone, put your head on your pillow, it is filled with 1000 kisses, cuddle up, and I’ll be very close to you!

#13. I just say good night and look out the window. Do you see this bright star? Believe me, this is me watching over you.

#14. Sleep well, my teddy bear, you’re the prince in my fairy tale. Drum up your head, look in the stars, because I love you so much.

#15. I wish you sweet dreams! Why are not you with me? My eyes fall, my last thought, that’s you!


#1. Good morning sunshine, would love to be with you. Your rays caress me, that I know ‘I love you’!

#2. I just woke up, I thought of you right away! Therefore, I am writing you ‘Good morning’, that dispels the sorrow and the worries!

#3. Beep, beep, beep and pee. Sound failed. That’s why I’ll wake you up in writing. Get up or are you deaf? Beep, beep, beep …

#4. Good Morning my sweetheart! The day starts with the thought of you. I love you above all!

#5. This morning I woke up and searched for my big cuddly toy. Where are you? I love you with my whole heart.

#6. Good morning, sweet marmot! I would like to have you with me now! To cuddle sweetly in my bed. With you, that would be nice.

#7. I close my eyes and see your face. I touch my lips and think of you. Good morning sleepyhead!

#8. Good Morning! Have dreamed of you all night. I had to get sick. Have severe withdrawal symptoms.

#9.Good Morning! Please do not forget to feed your cell phone with a mail to my cell phone, so that our cell phones are well over the day!

#10. If there were kissing phones, yours would now attack you and give you a big good morning kiss!

#11. When I see the moon in the evening, the effort has been worth the day. For now comes the night’s sleep, hol’ sweet dreams of you from a big chest.

#12. I’ll send you a cloud that covers you. A star that lights up the night for you. And the moon guarding you.

#13. The best thing about sleeping is the certainty that I will lie next to you all night again and the distance in a dream can never separate!

#14. The little moon is watching you and knows: you are sleeping in no time. He tells the stars: ‘Take care and see if everything fits, you know, he’s my biggest treasure.’

#15. I’ve just come from the moon, and I’ve picked you a bouquet of shooting stars, so you can always wish something. Sleep well and sweet dreams!


#1. I wish you sweet dreams! Why are not you with me? My eyes fall, my last thought, that’s you!

#2. You are the star in the sky that I like best of all. Whether near or far, I love you. Good night!

#3. The stars are shining brightly tonight, they are just made for you. Now sleep well and dream fine, because I’ll be with you in your dreams!

#4. I’ll soon go to my bed and float on a cloud. I will only dream of you – oh, how I wish, you would be here now!

#5. Where is the moon? Oh, he’s gone. But do not say it so loud, because I stole it for you.

#6. Soon you will be sleeping, one of my little sweeties, hereby ordering you good-night greetings, I really like you, because you are my favorite star!

#7. A little angel says ‘Good night’ and thought of his sweetheart. He loves you and loves you, you are the most beautiful star for him. Sleep well!

#8. The sun is setting, the evening begins. One hears only the sound of the wind. The moon shines with very bright light until a new morning dawns. Good night!

#9. The most beautiful stars at night are only meant for people like you. Enjoy their light and sleep well, the most beautiful stars belong only to you!

#10. The sun is shining. When she gets tired, the moon starts to glow and laugh, and the stars are turned on. I’m tired too – and wish you a good night!

#11. Sweet dreams float through the night, the man in the moon has brought them. Angels quietly tap on the windowsill, no mischief happens to you in the dreamland.

#12. Good night, my little sparrow. Even if it is dark dark night outside, I thought of you and wish you a good night.

#13. Every night I lie awake, think of you and ask myself: How can you be? Where angels live in heaven?

#14. Longing is hard to understand, it always comes when you have to go. Then I lie here and do not fall asleep, oh, I could only be with you.

#15. The trees wave to you and wish sweet dreams. The moon that is laughing at you, he wishes you a good night.


#1. There are many dreams here and there, but you have my word: I will send you the most beautiful – and it will end tomorrow morning.

#2. The moon is rising, you are lying down. Close your eyes, open them again. Fairies appear, kiss you gently. I wish you a sweet night.

#3. Do you believe in ghosts? Then look, there is a knock on your window. This little ghost has just thought of you and wishes you a good night!

#4. One thing I want to resist, even today to grab the phone! But one thing left me with no peace: the good night kiss, only you get!

#5. The day was long, the night is going to be short, but that’s pretty easy for me! Only one thing is important to me: to meet soon – only with you!

#6. I take your worries now, hide them until tomorrow. At the very back, really nice, far away from your bed. Sleep sweetly and dream softly. Your sweetheart!

#7. I wish I were your stuffed animal, then I would be with you every night, touching your soft skin and feeling the pounding of your heart. Dream sweet, darling!

#8. The night gently spreads its black cloth over the land, and all life, big or small, now rests in God’s hand! Good night I love you!

#9. You are not a dream, because what dream can steal hearts? At night so close, but so far away in the daytime! Since I know you, I like to sleep!

#10. A little star twinkles in the sky, outshines the whole world, shines for you alone, should tell you: ‘Do not forgive me!’

#11. The night, the radiance of a star, wants to give you a corner of it, has to think of you, beautiful, that there is you, I long for the sky.

#12. I gave you a star so you would always think of me. You see him in the dark night and know he is watching over you.

#13. See the stars tonight, I’ll send you kisses from afar. Whisper quietly in your ear:’I love you more than ever! ‘

#14. BEEP! I’m a good night kiss! My sender wishes you a good night with me – because he loves you very much!

#15. Tired, go to bed, eyes close, nothing more see.


#1. I want to feel your warmth and kidnap you into the realm of pleasure. I’ll write you something else: I always want to stay with you!

#2. Were you pretty good today? Then I wish you a deep sleep. A night with dream and bliss and tomorrow a day full sun!

#3. Here is your girlfriend, she loves you terribly, she is so happy that there is you, who directs her sweet thoughts to you and gives you beautiful dreams!

#4. Without you – my bed is so empty. Without you – I’m running after my dreams. My thoughts are with you. I miss you, come to me tonight.

#5. I want to be the reason for your sleepless night today!

#6. The darkness is already here, the stars sparkle bright and clear, I lie down and think again and again of my sunshine, who might that be?

#7. The best thing about you is when your eyes close slowly and your calm breath lulls me to sleep. How am I supposed to fall asleep today without you?

#8. A kiss sneaks out of my room. Through the night, looking for your lips. Now he has your eyes. Let sweet dreams be here with you.

#9. Good night sweetheart, I am now going to rest and cover myself in my thoughts, so sleep well now and dream of me, I see me so much for you!

#10. A small star in the open space wishes you a sweet dream!

#11. I am a bedtime mail and will watch over your dreams. All you have to do is stick it to your heart and think of the sender!

#12. I send you three angels. The first one guards your pillow, the second gives you sweet dreams, and the third gives you a loving good night kiss.

#13. When the sun goes to sleep, the first star is in the sky, the moon awakes from its bed, I wish you a good night.

#14. A sweet frat from far away, sends you a hand full of magic stars, wishes you a good night, until the morning light awakens!

#15. I’m tired, go to sleep, but I can not sleep. How I would like to be with you now, then I fall asleep much better!


#1. Is my angel sleeping all alone, how I would like to be with you. Do you spend the night today without me, but my heart only thinks of you!

#2. The moon opens, you lie down, close your eyes and open them again. Princes appear and kiss you gently, I wish you a good night.

#3. A little sweet cuddly cute looks over to you. He is watching you this evening and wishes you a good night!

#4. When little angels go to sleep, you can see that in the sky. For every angel shines a star – I especially like to see yours!

#5. The sky has already darkened, from which a sea of ​​stars sparkles. The round moon looks through the trees and brings you super sweet dreams!

#6. Oh, how is the night but long, so you are happy and remember, tomorrow we will be together again! Only we two, all alone!

#7. The night settles on our souls, enchanted with mysterious beauty. Let yourself be carried away by your dreams and sleep well in your arms.

#8. Close your eyes, pass the time, the Sandman is ready. And a little star in the open space wishes you a sweet dream. Good night!

#9. I just thought of you! I wish you a good night. In the dream 1000 roses are supposed to bloom and all the stars are glowing for you.

#10. I hope to appear to you in a dream, if not, please come in mine. If nothing happens, we must meet again.

#11. Great sayings are not mine, nor a short poem, but I wish very much, a dreamy night – only with you.

#12. I am a little angel and I wish you a very nice and beautiful night!

#13. Have enchanted me and touched me to the bottom, never thought that this would happen to me. Just thought of you and say very sweetly: ‘Good night!’

#14. The moon in the sky only shines for you, he wants to say to you: ‘I love you!’ He brings a message and whispers to you: ‘Sleep well my angel, dream of me!’

#15. Sun, moon and stars know, I like you. Fire, clouds, whispering light: do not forget me. An angel watches over you and wishes you a sweet night