148+ Good Night Message for a Friend

Good Night Message for a Friend
Good Night Message for a Friend

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Good Night Message for a Friend: So many people are part of our lives… some come and go, some find us and stay with us for the rest of our days. Friends are gifts that we must always take care of! Nurturing a friendship needs to be part of our routine.

But, we can’t always be close to our dear friends. Some may have gone to live far away, others get so busy with work that they get far away from us, and the contact gets smaller and smaller… Why not send a special message to that person important to you? This can revive the connection between the two of you!

To inspire you, we have selected a list of Good Night quotes for friends, either to send to someone who is always with you or to remember that old friend that you are still there for him. Check out!

Good Night Message for a Friend

#1. What do we keep the best of each day? The hour’s pass, the events follow, and what remains with us are the memories of the moments we live.

#2. It is wonderful to see that the day is already over, and in my heart to feel that I have enjoyed it intensely. Many thanks to those who are unconditional with me and who contribute favorably to this. Good Night friends!

#3. Another day that is over, another night that has begun; and I came to wish you all sleep well and have beautiful dreams. Good night my friends! May the next hours bring rest, peace and tranquility.

#4. The sun has fallen before the beauty of the moon and now it is night and the time is slower. It’s time to rest, have fun or just fall asleep. It’s time to find beauty in starlight. Good Night My Friend!

#5. I want you to relax because the day was long and full of adventures. Challenges were overcome and some tears fell; Smiles were born. It’s time to be happy. Have a wonderful night, my friend!

#6. Good Night friend! The time has come to enjoy the long-awaited moment. Let’s enjoy the next few hours in style and bring a new color to life that is already so special.

#7. There is no time to celebrate friendship, so let’s party without fear or fear. Tomorrow will come soon and now will be passed, so let’s make tonight unforgettable, friend!

#8. The day is ending and next to each of you I hope to enjoy the approaching night. You are the friends I like best and the ones everyone should have in life.

#9. It is time to turn off all the problems of everyday life and rest; Relax without limitations. And of course, open doors to the fun. For without joy even the most magical moment loses its grace. Good Night my friend!

#10. I feel peace, I see the dusk announcing its arrival with the darkening of the sky, but the day does not end for me. My thoughts are still alive, as if you have just woken up, and it is solely for you.

Good Night Text for a Friend

#1. When we have someone special in our lives, all we want and do is for their happiness. So I ask you to keep these words close to your heart because they are loaded with love and affection. Have a good night!

#2. Day gives way to Night, and the light fades into darkness; the peace and silence it carries lull hearts, and sometimes arouse unrest, desires, and passions.

#3. The night is magically transformed into a dream, a dream that lives with your eyes closed and sometimes open. Good Night, my friends, and peace and joy reign in your dreams!

#4. Life is beautiful and well worth it, especially when we have wonderful people by our side to share it with. You are one of those people, friend, knowing that I count on your friendship brings comfort and joy to my heart.

#5. Goodnight friend. Sleep well and have beautiful dreams, for a good soul like yours deserves peace and happiness to sleep.

#6. It’s over another day, and within moments we’ll be closing our eyes to begin a deep rest. But first, I want to thank all the friends who today somehow made me smile.

#7. Living is a true hymn of joy when we have by our side people who beautify every moment of our daily lives. I wish you a wonderful night!

#8. One more step that has come to an end. May the next few hours allow you to rest your body and relax your mind in order to recover to a new day.

#9. Challenges and obstacles will surely arise tomorrow, and you must be at your peak to overcome all of these. Have a great night filled with sweet dreams!

#10. Friends are the best thing in life. Without them we only know loneliness; with them, we have the world in the palm of your hand! And it is because you are so special that I wish you all a wonderful night!

Good Night Messages for Friends with Pictures

#1. It’s time to rest and reflect on what went wrong today and how to improve tomorrow. Relax and enjoy the best night ever! Sleep well, friends!

#2. Friendship is the strongest light that can illuminate our lives. The stars of the sky do not stop shining at nightfall, but a true friend shines for us all the time and is present at the best and worst times.

#3. I never fall asleep without meditating on how important you are to me, and today I want you to have a good night to wake up tomorrow with the ability to achieve something positive.

#4. Good Night dear friends. The time has come to rest and let dreams take us away from our daily worries. And my wish for all is that nothing disturbs the peace and tranquility of one’s night.

#5. Tomorrow will be a new day and it will surely be born full of light and harmony for all. Sweet dreams, friends!

#6. I wish tonight to be forever marked for the best reasons. You are my true friends and I want you to recover from all the stresses of everyday life today.

#7. Tomorrow can be amazing and we need to be alert to seize the opportunities. Living is too good, but without rest, we are just survivors. Sweet dreams, friends!

#8. Every night I remember my friends. And then I wonder what their day would have been like. Did they overcome difficulties? Did you smile at heart? I don’t know, but I hope it was a tremendous adventure.

#9. I wish a good night to all my friends without exception! I hope you have a restful night to face tomorrow in the best way. Sweet dreams, friends!

#10. The night is coming, slowly and full of promise. For some, it promises rest, for others enjoyment, and for the less fortunate nightmares or sleeplessness. Good Night my friends.

Good Night Images for Friends with Quotes

#1. I hope that it will bring much peace and the fulfillment of each other’s wishes and that it will joyfully announce a new day full of possibilities. Sweet dreams for everyone, whether sleeping or even awake.

#2. My greatest wish is for the night to renew your energies and dreams so that tomorrow you will achieve all that you deserve. Good Night Have a Sweet Dream My Freind!

#3. Turn off the lights, forget the problems, rest the body and let the soul free to dream. Good Night Have a Sweet Dream My Freind!

#4. Whenever a new night comes, I remember you all. As much as the lands that separate us are distinct, the sky we can look at is something we have in common. Each star is a hope to see you back. Every memory, a reminder that distance will never make me forget you. Good Night dear friends!

#5. The time has come to forget everything that has gone wrong or less positive today. The time has also come to remember all the moments of happiness of this day that now knows the end. It’s time to rest. Good Night Have a Sweet Dream My Freind!

#6. May the next hours be of rest and allow your strength and energy to be renewed. Yes, because soon new dawn will be awaiting your wake. Sleep well, honey!

#7. After a day full of positive emotions and moments full of surprise comes the time for rest. Good evening everyone! May the dreams be beautiful and magical and carry over to the moment of dawn.

#8. And may tomorrow be even more special than today, because when the sun goes down a thousand events can occur. Have a restful and restful night!

#9. I wish tonight to be very special for everyone. You are the best friends, the travel accomplices I have chosen; You are my family. And so I just want you to rest for the day ahead.

#10. For the day to become unforgettable for the best reasons you need to enjoy the rest of the night. Have sweet dreams, my friends!