Ways to Make Your Husband Love You More and More

Make Your Husband Love You More
Make Your Husband Love You More

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If there is anything difficult to achieve in a relationship, it is to retain the affection of the person you love. It’s difficult, but not impossible. I like to think that “whoever wants, can,” there is nothing unattainable to a person’s willpower, not even love escapes this principle.

How to Make Your Husband Love You More

My husband doesn’t love me anymore, “here’s your complaint! Indeed, learning “how to make my husband love me” is in your best interest, so read this full article that will help you get your man’s love back!

First of all, you need to understand why your husband doesn’t love you anymore. What made him lose all this love for you? Let’s start thinking about it.

There are many reasons why a husband loses love for his wife, or he may not have lost love, but he thinks he has lost passion for you, so he has been acting this way. This is more common than you think! Below are some possible ones that may be making your husband lose the love he has for you! If you don’t change, not even an intense prayer can save your marriage!

Reason 1 – You don’t take care of yourself

Suddenly, you are all played, don’t take care of your appearance, don’t take care of your body, don’t perfume yourself properly, and walk around the house like a beggar! How do you want this man to have any interest in you? If you walk like this, your husband will not be attracted. You have to take care of yourself, your hair, the perfume you use, the food, exercise, and so on.

Reason 2 – You don’t take care of the house

Or your case may be that you are a terrible homemaker, do nothing at home and still tell your husband to do it. You don’t wash the house; you don’t sweep the dust, you don’t clean the furniture, you don’t make the food, you don’t wash the clothes, you don’t do anything. Maybe you don’t have time, perhaps you work a lot, but now and then every man wants to see his wife doing these things. If you don’t have a maid, it got worse, because your house must be a total mess so that no man can take it!

Reason 3 – You don’t take care of him

The guy is poorly dressed, with his clothes wrinkled, he doesn’t eat well, he doesn’t have his basic needs met, he walks around stinky, all because you just don’t play your role as a woman, which is taking care of what he wears, what he eats, of his hygiene. How will he love you like that? Don’t be sloppy. Suddenly you are there saying “my husband doesn’t love me anymore,” and asking “how to make my husband love me?”, But you don’t even give the guy the basics! So there is no way for your husband to miss you!

Reason 4 – You don’t take care of your children

If you have children, are they getting the attention they need, or do a lot of things, almost everything, end up on your husband’s back? Does he have to see everything about his children? Her role as a woman is to make these children grow up well taken care of. If she doesn’t, unfortunately, the husband feels it too. Be a good mother!

Reason 5 – You want to be the big boss of the home

Friend, this is a difficult thing to deal with! Are you looking to know “how to make my husband love me ?!” but not looking to understand how to be a better wife? If you really want to win back your husband , first of all you need to know that everyone has a role in the relationship. The man was given the head of the relationship. This does not mean that he commands and you obey, but you should not want to control him, because when things get too complicated. You are there complaining, “my husband doesn’t love me anymore” because suddenly you totally annulled your husband and he doesn’t even have a voice at home anymore!

Reason 6 – You keep complaining

Everything you complain about, nothing is right for you, living with you is like living with a rattle inside the house, a woman who just talks, talks, talks and talks and every time she opens her mouth she makes her husband’s life a living hell, bringing only problems, only complaints, only things for him to solve. How to be happy with such a woman?

Reason 7 – You keep charging 

If your husband doesn’t love you anymore, maybe you are accusing him too! Men don’t like to be charged, and they want to charge themselves! If you keep saying “do this, do that, this is missing, that is missing, you didn’t do that, you didn’t do that,” etc., you certainly don’t have a husband to endure. The question about “how to make my husband love me?” Certainly involves knowing that overcharging is not the right way!

Reason 8 – You live with suspicion 

A guy can’t sneeze, that for you he’s already doing something wrong, he’s already thinking about women, he’s already planning infidelity, etc., etc. Everything you suspect! Suspicious of work, distrustful of friends, wary of his shadow and his mother! That sick jealousy could only drive the guy away from you and make him stop loving you, right? Here I wrote an article on how to make someone trust you again, read that it will help!

Reason 9 – You deny sex all the time

You say: “my husband doesn’t love me anymore,” but when he wanted you, he came to you for sex, you just made excuses. One day it was a headache, the next it was tired, the next it was indisposition! The guy went days, maybe weeks, without having sex. It is no wonder that his love was lost, as a basic need of man was not being met. Do you want to know the answer to the question “how to make my husband love me?” Start with sex!

Reason 10 – You don’t give him space

The guy can’t play football, can’t watch a movie he likes, can’t even visit his family’s home. All he has to do is stick to you 100% of the time, and even at work, you want to find out what he’s up to! How can this be? Your husband will not love you this way; he will lose all the love that remains for you!

Well, suddenly you fall into some of the reasons I mentioned above, or maybe you fall into all of them, so if this is the case, your husband certainly stopped loving you for obvious reasons. Of course, it could also be that he got a lover out of the house, but even if he has a lover, if you solve all these problems mentioned, he will come running back to you.

Below I will give you some tips that will help to solve all the problems that We mentioned in the first part of this article, which talked about the fact that you say “my husband doesn’t love me anymore.”

So, after a lot of thinking and adding theory to the experience, I came to the conclusion that it takes constancy and real love interest to discover the little details that will help you regain your daily partner every day. Here are 5 Amazing tips to helps you keep your husband completely in love with you.

Tip 1 – Take care of your body and appearance

  • Join a gym;
  • Look for a nutritionist to reach your ideal weight;
  • Take care of your food, exchanging bad food for quality food;
  • Go to the beauty salon and do something new with yourself, with your hair, with your face;
  • Buy a good perfume;
  • Buy unique, attractive clothes, but without being vulgar;
  • Give your body a makeover;

Be careful; do not go to do anything that loses balance. You don’t have to rush to an operating table to get silicone on your breasts, as this is very dangerous. I’m just saying that if you want your husband to love you, looks count a lot!

Tip 2 – Be a good housewife

  • Always keep the house clean;
  • Do not leave clothes accumulating in the basket;
  • Take care of your furniture;
  • See what is missing and always try to replace;
  • Keep an eye on everything that happens in your home.

If you don’t take care of your home, who will? Men don’t have a clinical eye for these things, only women! It is your role to get the house in order.

Tip 3 – Care more about him

  • See if his clothes are clean and well ironed;
  • See if it smells good;
  • See if he has already eaten if he needs anything else;
  • See how you can make his life better, whether inside or outside the home;

“My husband doesn’t love me anymore.” Many women make this statement, but leave their husbands aside, do not care about him, there is no way! If you want to know “how to make my husband love me,” take care and care for him.

Tip 4 – Take more care of children

  • If you have children, take care of them;
  • Take care of the food;
  • Don’t leave them scattered around;
  • Do not allow your husband to end up having to take care of them 100% because you are a relaxed mother;

It is not your role to do everything yourself, but don’t leave everything on your husband’s back.

Tip 5 – Let him have the leadership of the relationship

The man likes to be in the lead, so learn to be submissive to him. It is not a question of blindly obeying everything he says; it is a matter of recognizing that inside the house, he is the head of the family, and you cannot be “bossing” him.

Tip 6 – Manage complaints

  • If the guy forgot the towel on the bed, it’s not his complaints that will stop him;
  • If he ignored the raised toilet lid, simply lower it;
  • If he didn’t put out the trash, teach him how important it is!

Do everything wisely, not complaining! “My husband doesn’t love me anymore,” “how can I make my husband love me?” These are questions that are not answered by complaining!

Tip 7 – Stay in charge – How to make my husband love me

  • You demand affection;
  • Charge attention;
  • Snake love;
  • Charge him to go out with you more;
  • Charge him to get home early;
  • Charge him for another behavior;
  • Everything you charge.

Charges and more charges, no man can take it! Don’t cover, set an example, and he will do what you expect him to do.

Tip 8 – Trust him

  • Do not stay there all the time thinking that he has another one;
  • That he left work and went to the motel with his mistress;
  • That he’ll betray you anytime if you don’t stand by him.

If the guy sees you as suspicious, you just give him more reason to do what you don’t want. Trust him, even if it is painful, and provide him with reason to be suspicious!

Tip 9 – Don’t make excuses, give sex!

  • Agree on how many times to have sex a week ;
  • See what he expects of you in bed;

Of course, there will be some romantic days when you really won’t be well for sex, you will be tired or something, but when it happens EVERY DAY, I’m sorry, but you are asking your husband to find sex on the street or get stuffed with movies inside From home! If you want to know “how to make my husband love me,” sex has a big part in that.

Tip 10 – Respect some moments that are his

  • Let him watch his team play;
  • Let him play a football weekend with friends;
  • Let him go and visit his mother;
  • Let his friends go home at one time or another;

Some moments are his, just as some moments are his. You also want to go to the beauty salon without having him around; you also want to talk to your friends without having him in port. Each one has his own space, so respect his as well as you want him to respect yours!

5 Bonus Tips to Make your Husband Love you More and More

1. Believe in yourself: There is nothing that makes a man more attracted than a woman who feels good about herself, her beauty, her confidence, and her qualities. This will ensure that your husband can lean on you in difficult times, as you will not be weakened easily. But perhaps most importantly, he will admire you for the strength and mental clarity you can maintain in times of need.

2. Show confidence: It is true that sometimes jealousy tries to enter and govern the relationship, so it is better to give this feeling a 360-degree turn. Show your husband that you trust him and that he can trust you, not only as a loyal partner but as a woman, he can turn to in times of insecurity, fear, and even failure.

3. Be nice: To understand, it is necessary to be “all ears.” Listening is the key to understanding someone, so my recommendation is that you stop complaining about what happens or doesn’t happen and start listening. Free yourself from the need to identify and judge your partner’s mistakes and avoid giving him opportunities to criticize you and so you will demonstrate that you are not only his wife but a friend he can trust.

4. Make yourself understood: I have already mentioned above that it is necessary to listen to understand, as well as it is essential to know how to communicate to be understood. Speak without shouting, without despair and with self-control. Speak bluntly, without wanting to soften, be frank and direct. Do not give chance to misinterpretations, because of the misunderstandings a series of questions arise.

5. Be funny: Recognizing that you don’t know everything and that you can even laugh at yourself, will make his love for you grow a little more each day. He will thank you for his smile that brightens even the darkest days and relaxes stressful moments. Therefore, try to see the positive side of everything and help him to do the same, every day. Invite him to an unexpected departure and surprise him with some pleasant detail; show him that you are his occasional haven. You can also be a woman willing to laugh and make you smile.