100+ Beautiful Islamic Jumma Mubarak Quotes With Images, Dua & Wishes

Jumma Mubarak Quotes
Jumma Mubarak Quotes

Hello Friends, If you find Jumma Mubarak Quotes then you have come right Page. Today We are Talking about 100+ Beautiful Islamic Jumma Mubarak Wishes on this Page. If you Find the Best Jummah Mubarak Dua then Continue reading this article.

Jumma Mubarak Images
Jumma Mubarak Images
Jumma Mubarak hd Images
Jumma Mubarak hd Images

1.”Jumma Mubarak to you! May this day bring peace and serenity upon you.”

2.”Happy Jumma to you! Seek forgiveness to Allah on this blessed day.”

3.”From the little evildoing to enormous, may Allah pardon all of us on this valuable day and guide us in the right way. Jumma Mubarak to all.”

4.”From the little evildoing to enormous, may Allah pardon all of us on this valuable day and guide us in the right way. Jumma Mubarak to all.”

5.”Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. May Allah always let our hearts and psyches ready for the supplication of Him and keep us grateful for all His favors.”

6.”On the Jumma, all I pray that may you be blessed with the favors of Allah and your life is filled with good health, joy, love, and peace.”

7.”Dear friend, Jumma Mubarak to you and your family. Today is all about counting the blessings of life and expressing gratitude to Allah, so don’t miss the prayer!.”

8.”Jumma Mubarak! Allah’s benevolence knows no boundary indeed, may He bless you!.”

9.”Happy Friday my friend. May you be blessed with peace of mind, good health and uncountable favors of Allah!.”

10.”Jumma Mubarak to all of you. May Allah listen to our petitions and favor us this Friday by lessening all our troubles!.”

11.”We are indeed fortunate to live until another Friday! Have a blessed Jumma!.”

12.”Jumma Mubarak! May we be able to live by Allah’s orders till next Jumma!.”

13.”How lucky we are to be able to stand before Allah and ask for forgiveness! Jumma Mubarak!.”

14.”Isn’t it amazing that we hand over all our worries to Him and in return, Allah gives us blessings! So just keep praying and keep me in your prayers too.”

15.”Again the day of Rahmat- Jumma is here. May Allah bestow His blessings and mercy upon you and your family.”

16.”Along with the countless blessings and the basket of the mercy of Allah Jumma is again here. May Allah keep our Imaan strong in our heart and grant us Forgiveness!.”

17.”Making Dua for the others without knowing them is one of the exceptional beauties of Islam and in return, the angels would recommend to Allah for you. Keep praying.”

18.”Be happy while helping others, as Allah helps the person through you. May Allah give all of us the ability to help others! Jumma Mubarak.”

19.”On this auspicious day of Jumma, There is nothing much precious gift than Dua to give someone. May Allah acknowledge all your dua in Jumma petition!.”

20.”Jumma is a valuable day that contains more sawab and brings uncountable blessings. May Allah allow us to do more worships of Him on this precious day!.”

Jumma Mubarak full hd Images
Jumma Mubarak full hd Images

21.”May Allah keep us away from the wrong things that will take us away from Him and let us follow the good things that will take us closer to Him! Jumma Mubarak.”

22.”Jumma Mubarak! Keep me in your dua, and I shall remember you in mine!.”

23.”Jumma Mubarak. May this Jumma bring serenity, fortune, and faith to everyone.”

24.”May this Jumma bear divine blessings for us! Wishing you a graceful Jumma.”

25.”Fridays hold different meanings in the hearts of all Muslims, as the joy of attending another Jumma floods our hearts. May Allah accept our prayers! Jumma Mubarak!.”

26.”Jumma Mubarak to everyone who has gathered to repent for mistakes and seek for mercy! Oh Allah, show us the right path of life and grace us with your blessings!.”

27.”Wishing you a blessed and glorious Jumma! May our earnest prayers are heard by the Almighty today, and our sins are forgiven by His grace!.”

28.”Jumma Mubarak. Come to pray on schedule for the Jumma prayer and receive the reward of as much as offering a camel.”

29.”From petty mistakes to grave sins, nothing escapes Allah’s sight. May this Jumma allows us to ask for His mercy and blessings. Jumma Mubarak to you.”

30.”Jumma Mubarak! Once on a day of Jumma, the messenger of Allah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) said- “ Allah the Almighty has made Jumma as the day of Eid” – Ibn Majah.”

31.”I leave behind me two things, The Quran and My Sunnah and if you follow these you will never go astray. – Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam).”

32.”Either some people stop neglecting the Friday prayers, or Allah will seal their hearts and they will be among the heedless.”

33.”The five daily prayers, and from one Jumu’ah to the next, are an expiation for whatever sins come in between, so long as one does not commit any major sin.”

34.”Be not like the hypocrite who, when he talks, tells lies; when he gives a promise, he breaks it; and when he is trusted, he proves dishonest.”

35.”When Friday comes, the angels sit at the doors of the mosque and record who comes to the Jumu`ah prayer. Then, when the imam comes out, the angels roll up their scrolls.”

36.”On this day there is a time when no Muslim stands and prays, asking Allaah for something, but Allaah will grant him it. And The Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) gestured with his hands to indicate how short that time is.”

37.”Do not choose the Friday night among all other nights for Qiyam (night vigil prayer,) and do not choose Friday among all other days for fasting except that one of you have accustomed to.”

Jumma Mubarak Images 4k
Jumma Mubarak Images 4k

38.”Keep yourself far from envy; because it eats up and takes away good actions, like a fire eats up and burn woods.”

39.”Allah will cover up on the day of resurrection the defects (faults) of the one who covers up the faults of the others in this world. – Prophet Muhammad.”

40.”Friend, when life is hard, seek for Allah’s Rahmat with the strongest faith of your heart, and He shall listen to you. Have a peaceful and happy Jumma.”

41.”Jumma Mubarak! May Allah relieve you from every burden and comfort your soul.”

42.”Allah listens to your worries when you pray diligently to Him. Jumma Mubarak to you!.”

43.”Jumma Mubarak, dear friend. I pray for you to never deviate from Islam’s teachings and imply the learnings in every step of your life. Stay blessed!”

44.”On this holy day, hold out your hands in prayer and ask forgiveness for all the wrongdoings and mistakes! May Allah forgive you. Jumma Mubarak.”

45.”Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows falling astray, none can guide them aright.”

46.”Whoever reads Surah Al-Kahf on the day of Jumu’ah will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the next.”

47.”All I wish that every Jummah prayer brings peace, joy, and forgiveness of Allah to all of your lives and strengthen the faith upon Him. Jumma Mubarak.”

48.”Happy Jummah. May Almighty endows His numerous favors on you and your family on every Friday.”

49.”Wish you a blessed and pleasant Jummah. May this valuable day bring satisfaction in your heart and fill your life with the endowments of Allah.”

50.”May Allah grant you mercy for the sake of this holy day! Jumma Mubarak!.”

51.”May Allah shower every Muslim with his unconditional blessings. Jumma Mubarak.”

52.”Alhamdulillah, For We Has Reached Another Blessed Jummah.”

53.”Do You Best And Allah Will Do The Rest.”

54.”Don’t forget to remember Muslim ummah in your Dua on the day of Jummah.”

55.”Thank You, Allah, For This Blessed Friday.”

Jumma Mubarak pic 4k
Jumma Mubarak pic 4k

56.”The Best Gift You Can Give Someone Is Dua. Jumma Mubarak!.”

57.”May Allah Shower His Countless Blessings on You And Your Family on This Holy Day.”

58.”Oh, Allah! Open for me the doors of your mercy.”

59.”Jummah Mubarak! Allah is the one who has power overall.”

60.”Asalam-o-Alaikum everyone, Jumma Mubarak. Don’t forget me in your prayers, May Allah bless you all… .”

61.”O You who believe! when the call is proclaimed for Jummah (Friday Prayer), come fast to the remembrance of Allah.”

62.”O Allah I call you to witness and you are sufficient witness and I call to witness all your angels. the inhabitants of your heavens. the bearers of your throne. that I bear witness that you are Allah: There is no god but You.”

63.”Friday Jumuah The Messenger of Allah, (PBUH), said “whoever hears the call to Friday prayer and he does not come, and he heart it again and does not come, and he hears it again and does not come, then Allah will put a seal over his heart and give him the heart of a hypocrite.”

64.”Come to Masjid early for the Jumma (Friday) prayer and earn bonus reward of as much as offering a camel.”

65.”Whoever read Surah Al Kahf on the day of Jummah, will have a light that will shine from him from one Friday to the Next. Jummah Mubarak.”

67.”The Most beloved deed to Allah is to make Muslim Happy.”

68.”Friday is the balance of the week, Ramadan is the balance of the year and Hajj is the balance of the life. – imam ibn Al-Qayyim.”

69.”Jummah Mubarak – Indeed, Your Allah – He is the knowing creator.”

70.”As Friday Shines in the heart of believers may you be among the ones who will receive the benefits and blessing of Friday Prayers.”

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71.”Al Jummah (Friday) O you who have believed, when (the adhan) is called for the prayers on the day of Jumma, then proceed to the remembrance of God and leave the trade. That is better for you. if you only know.”

72.”Find When the prayer has been concluded, disperse within the land and week from the bounty of God, and remember God often that you may succeed.”

73.”May Allah bless you and your family by the plentitude of blessings…Ameen!.”

74.”The prophet Muhammad Peace be upon him said: that the best day that the sun rises upon is the day of Jummah.”

75.”When it is Friday, The angels stand every door of the mosque and record the people in order of their arrival.”

76.”When imam sits, (on the pulpit for delivering the sermon) The angels fold up their sheets and listen to the mention (of Allah).”

77.”He who comes Early is like one who offers a She-Camel as a sacrifice the next, like one who offers a Cow the next, a Ram, The next A HEN. The Next an EGG. Sahih Muslim.”

78.”Jummah Mubarak Quotes. O Allah, Forgive me all my sins great and small, the first and the last those that are apparent and those that are hidden.”

Jumma Mubarak hd pic
Jumma Mubarak hd pic

79.”Today is Jummah, The Brightest Day of the week. 1, Clean yourself 2, Pray, 3, Make Dua 4, Recite Drood 5, Read Surat Kahf.”

80.”O my Lord; Believing that he will give what we want when he looks at what they give unwillingly; I wish you to bring your prayer to the good that we have been waiting for.”

81.”May the Friday of all my religious brothers and sisters be blessed … May Allah heal everyone, I hope this beautiful day ends with smiles .”

82.”No Despair Day Comes; Gül opens and a Nightingale crowes… Have a Jumma Mubarak.”

83.”Human; He is a longing for the past, a longing for the future, a complainer of the moment he lives in… May Allah make us not from those who complain but from those who are grateful.”

84.”May Friday of the whole Islamic world be blessed. I always thank my Lord, the Most Gracious and the Most Gracious. Hz. Let him not separate from the light and intercession of our Prophet (SAW) and accept our prayers.”

85.”Language in language is not enough to tell, the pen stopped because of his embarrassment. We have been subject to rebellion once, save us, my Lord … May your fellowship be blessed and blessed.”

86.”There is faith where possibilities end. No matter how big your trouble is, there is God bigger than your trouble.”

87.”I hope all the prayers that pass through your heart will pour out from your tongue as amen. Jumma Mubarak… Mevlana says; If you don’t have a nice heart to pray, ask for prayers from good hearted people.”

88.”Among the feasts of my ummah, there is no more precious holiday than Friday, and the two-rak’ah prayer on that day is worth more than a thousand rak’ahs other than Friday.”

89.”When it’s Friday night, you can get up in the last third of the night (get up and pray). Because that time is a time period (angels) witnessed. The prayer made at this time is accepted.”

90.”May the intercession of our Prophet (saas) be upon you with the light of Allah and the rose-faced light that greets his ummah… Jumma Mubarak… (Hadith-i Sharif, Abu Dawud, Nasai, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah)

91.”It is blessed on Friday. Your prayers on this day are accepted. Do your prayers, asking the best of you from the heart. Thus, it will be best for you. Here are the most effective Friday prayers.”

92.”My god! I take refuge in you from hardship and sorrow. I seek refuge in you from helplessness and laziness. I take refuge in you from cowardice and stinginess. I take refuge in you from the boredom of debt and the pressure of people.”

93.”My god! I seek refuge in you from my unhelpful knowledge, from deeds that are not accepted (unacceptable), from a heart that does not find peace, and from prayers that are not heeded.”

94.”My god! I seek refuge in You from the torment of Hell, the torment in the grave, the corruption of Christ and Dajjal, the strife of life and death.”

95.”In the 56th verse of the chapter of al-Ahzab, Allah states that; “Truly, Allah and His angels bless the Prophet and praise Him. O you who believe! Praise Him and bless and greet Him, and submit to Him wholeheartedly.”

96.”I take refuge in the almighty devil. He dominates all beings and is unlimitedly generous.”

97.”Let life join your life, let the breeze spill into your heart. On this blessed day, the angels shake all sides… Cure your troubles, have faith in your heart .”

Jumma Mubarak full hd pic
Jumma Mubarak full hd pic

98.”O my Lord, let us smell the fragrance of Paradise and benefit from its blessings. Don’t let us smell the fire. Amen, I wish you good Friday.”

99.”If you read the prayer “Ferdün hayyün trustee referee judge kuddus and terzüku men tasaaau bigayri hısaab” 19 times every day, especially on Friday, together with the basmala, you will get rid of the trouble of sustenance.”

100.”May the goodness of this Friday be upon you, its mercy on your past, its abundance in your home, its light on our hereafter, its warmth on our home. Fortunately, we have prayers that reach Friday over darkness.”

101.”Sorrow heavens the heart, but makes the best prayers to its owner. Hope to meet you in the most beautiful prayers… I wish this blessed Friday to be beneficial for all believers….”

jumma mubarak hd pics 2021
jumma mubarak hd pics 2021