500+ Amazing WhatsApp Status Quotes [ Best Collection ]

500+ Amazing WhatsApp Status Quotes
500+ Amazing WhatsApp Status Quotes

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Are you looking for status for whatsapp but can’t find the words? Do you want sentences for the status of whatsapp to be used for your profile? Don’t worry, you’re in the right place. On this page we offer you many beautiful WhatsApp Status that you can use at your convenience.

Changing the status of WhatsApp with a beautiful quotes can make you seem cultured, using a sentimental quotes can make you understand that you are in a particular love situation, using a funny phrase can bring out your nice side.

Finding the right words is increasingly important to convey your message. On this page you will find the most beautiful Status for WhatsApp, so you can find the ideal words to use in any situation or mood.

Best Whatsapp Status

#1. Today’s tears will become tomorrow’s smile. 🌞

#2. The secret to being happy is to accept the place where you are today in life, and do your best every day.

#3. Too much makeup and too little clothes to wear is always a sign of despair for women. – Oscar Wilde

#4. Sometimes small words say big things.

#5. Life is not meant to be understood, only lived, and we must make the most of it each day, as we do not know which of these days will be the last.

#6. The best moments in life are like rainbows: they appear when you least expect them.

#7. Nothing leaves our life without first teaching us what we need to learn.

#8. We cannot force anyone to change or be happy as it is, we can only demonstrate how it is done with our example.

#9. Time is the best author. It always finds a perfect ending. – Charles Chaplin

#10. Everyone makes mistakes, but only a few make mistakes with class and style. 👌

#11. If it makes you smile, it’s because it makes you feel good. If it does you good, don’t let it slip away.

#12. Because a smile makes every face and soul more beautiful, I smile even when the urge is not great.

#13. Never allow bad feelings to prevent you from enjoying good times.

Funny Whatsapp Status

#1. Early risers spend the day sleepy. 💤😅

#2. Debt to me is sacred. God bless you! 🙏😆

#3. Life goes by too fast so we don’t enjoy every moment.

#4. Faith moves mountains, but I prefer dynamite. 😂

#5. If I have dreams, I fight for them… but sometimes I get tired and need to sleep! 😴

#6. I fall and get up, I never give up, I get stronger and then … I fall again! 😶

#7. There is no one like me. Ufa! Thank you! 😂

#8. If nothing is impossible, then I have been doing the impossible for years. 🤪

#9. I’m not always hungry; there are also times when I am sleepy. 😄

#10. May your life be as good as it looks on social media! 🍹 🕶 ☺

#11. Some of my dreams end when I check my bank account. 😂😂

Whatsapp Status Attitude | Attitude Whatsapp Status in English

#1. Sometimes a positive attitude is enough to turn a bad day into a wonderful day.

#2. I prefer to appreciate qualities rather than worry about quantities.

#3. There is no greater freedom than being slaves to our dreams.

#4. Life belongs to those who take chances to be happy! ✌💫✨

#5. I always give my best to the world! 🙌

#6. Life goes by running so I put my heart in everything I do and try to live intensely.

#7. I don’t always have a reason to smile, but I’ll never stop looking for them. 💪

#8. Being as I am is my asset to this game of life.

#9. The best thing in life is knowing how to enjoy… ✌

#10. Life can be black and white, but I will never fail to offer you all my colors.

#11. In this life, I came to shine! 🌟

#12. Those who know me value me, love me and reassure me. I am who I am and who I have!

#13. Rather be different than feeling indifference.

#14. There is no other time to be happy than now! Between the past and the future, only the present interests me.

#15. It is not always easy, but it will never be too difficult. Love, side by side, happiness always happens. 😻

#16. I am faithful to my dreams and the ambition to find them, even more than to their own realization.

#17. Since the good times in life always pass quickly, I do my best to make them unforgettable and accompanied by many smiles.

#18. It is in the worst moments that you have the opportunity to show the strength of your convictions and the greatness of your attitude!

#19. Make yourself absent so that they will miss you, but not too much so that they don’t get used to living without you around.

#20. Be true to your essence and never live to simply please others.

#21. Keep away from you everything that drags negativity into your life and fills your heart with optimism and gratitude, because only then you will be happy!

#22. You are strong enough to turn the biggest disappointments into great lessons.

#23. In the game of life, the advantage is not determined by who goes in the first position, but by those who excel a little more each day!

#24. When the thought is right and the heart is strong, the path becomes indifferent!

#25. In life don’t ask too much, but fight for everything that is rightfully yours!

#26. Happy is the one who dedicates to others the same time that dedicates to himself.

Whatsapp Status Love in English

#1. Just a smile from you will make my day happy.

#2. May God always bless me with love and joy!

#3. I don’t know what brought us together, but I guarantee that nothing will separate us. 👫

#4. I only cling to what warms my soul! 💕

#5. I keep trying to do good to live a life without regrets where love is the most valuable item.

#6. I want nothing less than to live forever by your side. 💗💗

#7. In life everything is a game. You lose or you win. Even in love. Mother to daughter, husband to wife, everything is of interest: if I don’t give you, you don’t. – Dercy Gonçalves

#8. In the end, life is not the riches we accumulate, but the good times we live with those we love and the memories we keep.

#9. Love and care only for those who love and care for you.

#10. Why stop to reflect if my reflection is you?

#11. My smile is inspired by your presence. ✨💖

#12. Even if I speak the language of men, and speak the language of angels, without love I would be nothing. – Renato Russo

#13. I would stop time and stay in your embrace for a lifetime, my love! 💞

#14. I have a dream! Getting married, being happy and making my first, only and last woman happy.

#15. Be happy with those who love you so that your life will never lack love!

#16. What we will show is relevant, but only what we carry in our hearts is truly important.

#17. My most sincere smile is the result of this love! 😍❤️

#18. Our love makes life worth living. 💕

#19. Hey, baby, I’m with you and I’m not giving up! 💞

#20. I’m happier since I met you. 😍

#21. It was already written that we would end up together. 👫❤️

#22. I will love you forever and together we will write the most beautiful love story. 💞

Sad Whatsapp Status In English

#1. I may not be the best person in the world, but every day I struggle to overcome myself!

#2. Married and single women spend a lot of time feeling sorry for each other.

#3. Do not doubt the voice of your heart, as it reflects the truth of your thinking.

#4. Those who refuse to view change as part of life are in reality refusing life itself.

#5. The sadness is so great that it is not the eyes that cry, but the heart. 😭

#6. This time I won’t want it all at once, because I always end up with nothing at the end. – Caio Fernando Abreu

#7. My smile hides a broken heart. 😔💔

#8. All my words are spoken from the heart, my soul is full, I live my life with emotion.

#9. Sick of sadness, I have lived every day with a false smile on my face and a permanent emptiness in my soul.💧

#10. The weight of my tears sinks the chance to fight for my happiness.

#11. The pain I feel is the only thing that reminds me that I am alive. 😔

Motivational Whatsapp Status

#1. Never let your happiness depend on others. They would not fail to be happy for you.

#2. Don’t give up on your dreams, wake up and go make them come true!

#3. Winning in life is transforming suffering into learning and never giving up however big the falls.

#4. Does not matter what people think. If you believe it is worth it, fight for it.

#5. Many say I’m just another one trying. I say that I am less one to give up. – Diego Marchi

#6. Change is part of life and everything we take for granted today, tomorrow may no longer be part of our path.

#7. Don’t spend your precious time trying to please everyone; life is yours, so do everything thinking about pleasing you!

#8. In the end what matters is everything you laughed, cried and the challenges you overcame, not what others thought of what you did with your life.

#9. Don’t live waiting for the right moment, because it doesn’t exist; do it when you feel like it and fight as long as there are forces!

#10. Yesterday does not matter, even today we can start the journey to the destination of our dreams again!

#11. May there always be truth in everything you are. ✨

#12. Enjoy the New Year to reflect and set goals, and start the New Year with optimism and a willingness to change everything that is wrong!


Short Whatsapp Status | Oneline Whatsapp Status


Cling to what makes you happy! ✨😍

Be the bright side of life! 🍀

Pray, rest and trust. ✨💙

Go where your heart takes you. ✨❤

Don’t stray from your essence. ✨

In peace I want to be. ✨🙏

Happiness awaits you, don’t get lost. 💫😍

Be home to good feelings! ✨🍀

Life is surrender, disposition. 🍃✌

Evolving takes time. 🍃🍃

Made to be anything you want. ☘✨

Dress with happiness. 🍀

So light, so peaceful… 🍃🍃

The greatest luck of life is to thank! 🍀

Wherever you are happy, stay. ✨🍃

Free smile and light soul. ☘✨

Delivery is your breathing. 💫

Wake up, smile, thank. 💫💫

The essence shows. ✨💫

You can always, it’s up to you to want. ✨

May all evil become love! ❤️

You have to smile! ☘

To mature is to exchange reason for peace. 👌

Freedom is a universal desire. ✨🍃

If you can look, see. If you can see it, look. ✨

Energize yourself. ✨💫

Be home to good feelings! 🍃✨

Life is now, don’t get lost! ✨💫

At peace with everything that arrives and with everything that goes. ✨💫

All planted light will be harvested. ✨

Fill your life with what touches your soul and that’s it. 🍃 ♥ ️

The painkiller of life is time. ✨💫

It is right to do what the heart tells! ❤️

Being happy is very easy, just give yourself for life! 🍀

When all are promises, be an attitude. 🍃✨

May everything be covered with good wishes. ❤️

Learn to evolve without getting lost. 🍃✨

Rare path, clear heart! 💛✨

Lighting means taking light around. ✨✨

Gratitude raises the vibration. 🍃✨

The storm that blows, knocks you down or makes you fly ?! 💫

Only love can fit here. 💕🍃

Without holding, just flow. Without going back, just follow. 🍃✨

I am made of scar and gratitude. ✨❤

Peaceful mind, happy life. 💫

I make it feel. That is enough for me. ❤