100+ Happy 18th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes and Quotes
Happy 18th Birthday Wishes and Quotes

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Happy 18th Birthday Wishes: The most romantic and first significant event is the age of the majority. Absolutely new horizons open in 18 years before the person, and prohibitions that were strictly taboo yesterday lose relevance. So many young people are looking forward to this day with full impatience.

Oh, these 18 years! Such a birthday only comes once. This age is the amazing discovery of adult life. It is the age when youth ends and young adults begin. On the one hand, it means the grief of the parents, on the other hand, birthday children can do whatever they want.

On the 18th birthday, people separate from their childhood. One tries the first responsibility or independent decision. It is evident that different birthday quotes have farewell words. But don’t forget that the 18th birthday preface shouldn’t be stressful, so choose only wonderful sayings with a hint of fun. We tried exactly such beautiful sayings for the 18th birthday. We hope you like them too. Let the good birthday sayings in the path of life.

Funny 18th Birthday Wishes

Eighteen is not just a date, but a new responsible and fascinating phase of every life. It is an ocean of new limitless discoveries, emotions, and feelings that will give you birthday kids many amazing memories.

Finally eighteen – and not yet wise – no problem – just a good trip! I wish you a lot of optimism, fun adventures and just luck.

“Enjoy this special moment of your life to the fullest. I wish you a happy future ahead. Happy 18th birthday!”

“I feel so happy that you’re turning 18 today. It’s a blessing for me to have a sister like you in my life. Happy birthday!”

Our lives can easily be divided into small and large sections. You have just experienced one of the greats: the age of majority! Congratulations, let yourself be celebrated accordingly!

“I hope you’ll make the best out of your adult days. Have the happiest birthday, boy!”

“Happy 18th birthday! You’re an adult now. Now you can do everything legally you’ve been illegally doing since you were a kid”

“Congratulations to you for entering into a new phase of life where you’re allowed to have fun as adults do. Happy 18th birthday”

Insane how time flies, you just sucked on the baby bottle, right? Well, now you can officially replace them with bottles of any content! Congratulations on coming of age.

18th Birthday Wishes For Sister

A young adult of the sister is a wonderful holiday. The unusual and funny birthday sayings symbolize the warmth, tenderness, and softness of the relationship between you and your sister.

“Good morning my little sister, Happy 18th Birthday, it’s time to set the world on fire”

“The last 18 years have been a foundation to what your adulthood future holds for you. Happy birthday my little sister.”

“The type of love, encouragement, and appreciation I’ve received from you is astonishing. Happy 18th birthday my dear sister”
“Hello, and congrats for turning 18 years, my little sister. It doesn’t matter how old you get, I will always be older than you”

“Today is the first day of your adulthood, enjoy to the fullest, Happy 18th birthday my little cutie”

“Many times in my life, I’ve found myself wishing you are not my sister. But today, you are an all-grown sister, no more fights. Happy birthday”
“Happy 18th birthday my dear sister, here’s to love, travel, observe and experience everything like an adult”

“Happy birthday to this little genius girl, I’m very proud of you for turning 18 years”

“Happy 18th birthday to the smartest, kindest, and prettiest creature I’ve ever seen. Celebrate to the fullest”

“My dear sister, on this special occasion, I wish you a life full of great discoveries and exciting encounters. Happy 18th birthday”

If I could choose the best sister in the world, I would choose you. Finally 18! For your adult life we ​​wish you that you are always optimistic about the future and never accompanied by fear or doubt.

Dear my sister, be “Allegro” in decision and “Adagio” in enjoyment! Whoever loves “piano” his friends and “forte” carries out his duties, plays the most beautiful symphony in the sweet harmony of life!

At 18, the gates of the world are open to you. I wish you, my dear sister, that you find the right keys.

18 candles are burning for my sister’s heart today,only for you every single candle .I am proud to be your sister, we have so many things in common, it seems so small. Thank you for existing!

You are 18 years old today, there are a lot of people gathered: Because legal age is a special celebration that does not leave anyone cold! Hooray to you – stay as you are: creative, happy, smart and full of drive

18th Birthday Wishes For Brother

18th birthday is an unforgettable time! Dear brother is a close and native man, so you want to pick up the funny birthday sayings in honor of the holiday.

We have been by your side for 18 years. Now you are of legal age and we have to learn to let go. Still, we’ll always be there when you need us.

From today you, my brother, are officially grown up, so you have all the options. I wish you dear brother only the best for the future and that you achieve all your goals!

Brothers are special people. They’re relatives you can’t choose, and yet they’re always around – at least as long as you’re a child. It usually gets better later, even if many brothers then become a know-it-all. Anyway: I’ve just got used to you over the years and I wish you all the best and happy birthday!

My little brother, what is that? How long have you been so big? Were you not a dwarf yesterday? Admit it, it’s rocket science! Oh, it’s your birthday, I remember and congratulate you, very warmly!

My brother, you are the best for me. I congratulate you on the cradle party. Another year older, it’s hard to believe We say “cheers”, “for wellbeing” and “up the cups”!

The age of majority brings a lot of freedom but above all a lot of responsibility. But you shouldn’t think about that today and just enjoy the day!

Beautiful Wishes for a girl’s 18th birthday

Around the girl in seventh heaven felt beautiful sayings on the 18th birthday for her must be original. So that she remembers for life. You overtake other people with our congratulations on this day.

Be happy for 18 years, be happy for 18 years, be successful for 18 years – my first wishes for your legal age.

I wish you luck and blessings that everything you want will succeed. That the sun smiles for you every day so that you can satisfy your needs. I congratulate you again from the bottom of my heart and say thank you, please always stay by my side, without you I will get sick.

At 18 the seriousness of life comes, it is said that every day brings beautiful things – often unexpectedly. Your life is colorful and always cheerful good luck also on the career ladder!

Whether it is raining or snowing, the time has finally come: You are of legal age since today – that is, you no longer watch elections! Shopping, driving, dancing in clubs,
everything can happen without parents. Enjoy life and stay open then you can hope for the best!

10 plus 8 equals 18, you already learned that in elementary school. What it means to be of legal age can only teach you the rest of life! All the best and happiness for your 18th birthday!

Happy Birthday Wishes to your best friend’s 18th birthday

Our friends make this life rich and bright, emotional and meaningful. We all want to congratulate our 18th birthday with many good friends, so you will need such happy congratulations.

We wish you the very best for your 18th birthday party. Health, happiness, and wellbeing and continue to be in full life. Funny and crazy wishes should come true and roar with laughter. Moving around the house with friends and not fleeing from an exam. Always enjoy life fully and never spoil the good mood all this and much more your friends send you.

If you think back 18 years, you were your parents’ luck. Now 18 years have passed and we were all allowed to come to you. We are happy to be your guests today and only wish you the very best for this, your day of honor, which may still turn out quite often!

At 18, life really starts. Now you are finally huge. Celebrating late into the night, you would have liked to do that earlier. We congratulate you on the song, wine, and beer.

Now you are 18 years old and have long hair! Now it just has to keep growing so that we can pack it together. Now life is finally going, that’s why I speak this toast!

Beautiful Wishes for a son’s 18th birthday

Surprisingly, but as if it wasn’t many long years, and just a moment, now the event when your boy smiled for the first time made the first move, said the first word. Today he is a grown man and, understandingly smiling, perceives your confusion with what has gone on so quickly. And he grew up. Congratulate him on these cool and steep sayings on his 18th birthday card.

Today is – no question. The end of your childhood. No longer a boy, a young man who can do much more now. Above all, we wish you: The future should succeed!

Dear son, today is the day, so you’d better be ready quickly. You will be released into the adult world today, your parents can still hardly believe it. Yesterday a baby so small,
you will be an adult from today. For the eighteenth, we wish you only the best and congratulate you on this special celebration.

Do not be afraid of the large number, you are independent anyway. You have more freedom from now on, enjoy it. But you also have a responsibility, never forget that. All the best for the age of majority, my son, a huge meal is your reward today.

If a son matures out of the son And he wanders in other directions, Yes, then it is his 18th birthday today. The parents and a lot of people greet you.

18 is an age where you flutter like a butterfly where the world is still open and the boy kisses the girl. But life looks inside and needs to be taken seriously. Tests and samples are up to what can be mastered. I wish you a lot of courage to do so, you will see, it is going quite well. We’ll see you next year until then stay happy and cheerful. Congratulations

Beautiful Wishes for a daughter 18th birthday

For the daughter, just let her start walking in the garden, it is important to choose the right and good words specifically for a significant personal date. Because everyone knows that a woman loves ears (all ages).

We wish you a lot of time to realize and live your dreams. Put it on today and spend your special day with nice people, so that you will always remember them with joy. Warm birthday greetings to your parents.

I wish my dear daughter all the best for her 18th birthday. I hope you have a nice day. May you succeed in the future as you wish. Your loving daddy.

Hello Love …….! We wish you all the best for your 18th birthday, a happy celebration with your friends, a good time and a good start to the new year of life !!! With the very best wishes, your mom and dad.

You are now 18, but the youth is not over yet – enjoy this time of curiosity and teasing. Stay happy, sporty and active and your life goes wrong sometimes, then just never let your courage sink, there are so many options that wave to you.

Short wonderful Wishes for the 18th birthday for posters

If we wish happiness to our loved ones, friends, business partners, we bring a piece of joy into your life. A good bright idea should be written on the posters.

We wish you the best of the best for your birthday!

Humor is the salt of life, and those who are well salted stay fresh for a long time.

Driving, drinking, smoking, will you need a credit card now? You are 18 years old now, what do you want to do tonight? I wish you all the best, we open a beer tonight!

I send you galactic birthday greetings and wish you a wonderful day with nice surprises and a lot of fun! Happy birthday! Best regards!

Cute and pretty 18th birthday poems

Poems are the best opportunity to use the wisdom of the old days. When a person reads the poems, they experience positive emotions. And it’s not just birthday greetings. Each verse has a special country, its world, where in addition to the words there is also a rhythm.

At 18 you still have a lot of mischief in your head,
the world consists of nothing but spring buds.
There are enough flowers to find
around the most beautiful wreaths.
Whoever created man out of the dust
knew the right call.
Love has a privilege
and only Heaven knows
where to go.


Now the time has finally come for you:
Congratulations on becoming an adult.
From today you can do and do
all the crazy things that
the law and parents didn’t allow
you because they believed you were too young for that.
But it is not as simple as you think, there is
also a duty in addition to the free program,
that is,
you can no longer direct the responsibility for your actions and thinking to your parents.
You will go many new ways
and only after years you will see,
were they good?
If not, still look ahead
and always think: I’ll learn from it!


With wishes I want to make you happy today,
you are so wonderfully delightful.
My heart is so full of love
, I don’t know what to say.
Health and satisfaction
and everything else that pleases you.
A lot of love
should be given to you in life!


Big mouth, dear being:
the broom turns 18.
Growing up, driving license!
Never ask again: “Do I have to go home?”


Use your young days,
learn to be smarter early.
tongue rarely stands on the luck of a large scale .
You have to rise or fall,
you have to rule and win
or serve and lose,
suffer or triumph, be
anvil or hammer!