150+ Funny Happy Birthday Meme [ Best Collection ]

MrBean Age Joke Birthday Meme

Funny Happy Birthday Memes: Birthdays come and go, but do you know what not? Happy birthday, memes! These hilarious images with funny phrases are everywhere and are shared again and again.

So if you have a friend or family member with an upcoming birthday that he or she appreciates, humor takes a look at this list. We have collected dozens of the best birthday memes that joke about ages, cake, gifts and more.

It seems that when we are younger we want to be bigger and when we are older we want to be younger. But one thing is certain, our age will never drop over the years.

So if you have a friend or family member who doesn’t care about their age jokes then this meme set is for you. Better to laugh than cry about our age, right?

Funny Birthday Meme

1. Mr. Bean

MrBean Age Joke Birthday Meme

Mr. Bean is a fun guy for many people around the world. So if your friend enjoys his comic ways, then send this meme. Complete with a joke about what goes up but never goes down (your friend’s age) is sure to put a smile on their face.

2. Are you 29 years old?

29 Birthday Meme

If the 2 and 9 shaped birthday candles have been burned enough to rekindle your favorite lady every year, then this is the meme you want to send the following day.

3. I know your real age

i know your real age funny birthday memes

For your best friend or brother, someone you’ve known all your life, give a chuckle like that on the face of this child. Yes, it is time to remind them that you will always know their true age.

4. Popcorn movies

Movie Theater Funny Birthday Meme

Do you know a movie goer with an upcoming birthday? If so, then here is your meme. Adorned with popcorn, movie tickets and a reminder that the discount for seniors at the theater isn’t all that far, share it with the movie buff of your life.

5. Grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat Funny Happy Birthday Meme

Who better to put your grumpy cat gruff friend’s message in person? This feline gives you the perfect way to say a happy birthday to someone who may not be thrilled to celebrate another birthday.

Happy Birthday Memes for Him


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