100+ Best 70th Birthday Wishes [ Latest Update ]

Best 70th Birthday Wishes
Best 70th Birthday Wishes

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The best  birthday wishes for a loved one who turns 70 : this is why we will provide you with funny and touching happy birthday phrases, valid for a dad, a mom, a grandfather, a grandmother or any other relative or friend. If there is an important person for you who completes the years, but not just any stage, but seventy, this article has been written especially for you. Here you will find different types of greeting phrases, suitable for all circumstances, a grandmother, a grandfather, a dad or a mother who turns seventy , are undoubtedly to be celebrated in the best way. Read on, and you will find what you are looking for.

Best wishes for 70 years of mom or dad

In case, the special someone who is turning years, is your mom or dad , this paragraph is perfect for you. Here you will find several perfect greeting phrases for your parents. Seventies is that age which lies somewhere between old age and past life. Always remember to be gentle, if your parents are sensitive or touchy people . While if they are witty people, you can throw yourself with a funny greeting phrase.

In case you want to create a phrase that is yours alone , you can do it. Just start from a base, which can be one of the sentences below, or you can directly invent it. Think about what your parents have done for you in these years. How they helped you, how important they were to the success of your goals. Try to write these feelings of yours . Thank them for what they have done, and for what they will do. Promise to be better if you haven’t been yet. Try to make them happy . Make them move with an effect phrase. Making the wishes in the end is not so complicated, just sit back and view the happy moments. The next step is to write them down.

However, if you prefer sentences already written , here you will find some. Let’s see some examples together.

  • Happy birthday for your 70 years. You learned so much from life, and then you were kind enough to teach me . Best wishes mom!
  • What do you want some more wrinkles, if you always remain splendid! Greetings dad!
  • In 70 years many things should be seen. I hope that you will sooner or later see how important you are to me. Best wishes
  • You are the person who more than any other taught me to be in the world . Best wishes!
  • I wish you every day that comes is like this. Full of joy, happiness and serenity! Happy Birthday Dad!
  • You are a splendid mom. I hope to see you bloom every day, like a flower blossoms at the dawn of its best days . Best wishes mom.
  • Do not take it daddy, basically you knew that seventy would come. The important thing is to demonstrate less , you see, for example, you only show 69! Best wishes!
  • In seventy years you have seen many things. Your children grow up , your grandchildren born, and your husband grow old. Now, the only thing you can see for sure is nothing if you don’t learn to put on glasses! Happy birthday mum!
  • Seventy candles are many to put on a cake. We hope that each of these illuminates your path from here to eternity. Best wishes.
  • A father teaches his children how they should behave in life. You have been a guide for us , always attentive and considerate. We hope we have not disappointed you in these years. Happy Birthday Dad!
  • Mom, today is an important day even if you say it isn’t. You insist on thinking that birthdays should not be celebrated, even though we have now reached seventy. You are a splendid mother , you have illuminated all our days, and we will never stop loving you so much. Best wishes.
  • Only a super dad like you can do everything he does every day, and stay perfect even after 70 years ! Best wishes!
  • Dear mom, I have a proposal for you. Today, for your birthday, you can scold me as much as you want. While for my day, you can give me what I want. Perfect isn’t it? Best wishes!
  • There are things that fly away, such as time, hours, minutes, and sometimes days. And there are things that remain forever , like love, joy, and happiness of a birthday. Happy birthday for your seventy years!
  • In your 70 years you have taught us many things. First to speak, then to walk, and perhaps first of all to love and be loved . You taught us everything, and we will never forget it. Best wishes.
  • I would have liked to write a sentence that contained everything you have made me try in these years. Then I thought that the best way to enclose everything was my smile , happy birthday mom!
  • A good father teaches his children , teaches, teaches, coaches and clowns. You have been a fun, nice, educational and sometimes severe father. You have been perfect in your 70 years. Happy birthday to the best dad in the world.

Happy birthday of seventy years to the grandparents

In case, the 70 years that must be completed, are not of your mom and dad, but of your grandparents , do not worry. Here are some solutions suitable for them too.

In this paragraph, in fact, you will find some greeting phrases suitable for your grandparents who are 70 years old. As anticipated, seventy are a nice milestone , and if it is your grandparents, we can say that they are relatively young.

Try to play a lot on this, if you have witty grandparents, you can write them a nice ticket , make them laugh a little. While if you prefer to be a little sweeter, you can try with a moving phrase, in order to make him remember how well you love him. Grandparents are very sensitive to the things their grandchildren tell them. It is not difficult to get them excited, especially on an important day like their birthday. Try to best express the feelings you have for them. You will see that they will particularly appreciate your greeting card. Let’s try together to see some phrases of good wishes suitable for your grandparents’ seventieth birthday.

  • With you I have been able to share everything over the years. From the funniest jokes, to the warmest hugs . You have been a perfect grandfather since I was born. Thanks! Happy Birthday Grandpa!
  • You are more than a grandmother. You have been a guide in these years, and I will never forget it. Happy birthday grandma!
  • Like a vintage car, or a good wine , you improve with each passing year. I love you. Happy birthday for your 70 years!
  • Your birthday should be a national holiday . This is to make you understand how old you are, and how much we really love you. Happy birthday grandpa!
  • I learned a lot from you grandmother, and for this I thank you every day for having you. You have been a teacher , a teacher, a shoulder when I needed it. But more than anything else, a perfect grandmother. Best wishes.
  • I hope that when I reach 70, I will get there exactly like you. Sweet, caring, nice and affectionate . Happy birthday grandpa.
  • Happy birthday to the person who, despite the rain, always showed us the sun! Happy birthday grandma!
  • I am 100% sure that grandparents are a valuable and fundamental part of a person’s life. You have been perfect. With your joy, your sympathy and your good mood. I would never have changed you with anyone else. Happy birthday grandpa!
  • When one day, I will become a grandmother, I want to become just like you. I want to be for my grandchildren what you have been for us. A guide. Happy birthday grandma for your seventies!
  • For these 70 years of yours , I hope you can receive everything you want. Best wishes!
  • You always made me feel like the most special guy in the world . Today I hope you know, that you are the best grandfather in the universe. Best wishes.
  • Seventy is a beautiful figure, but with your spirit, your joy and your freshness, what do you want seventy years to be? best wishes.
  • You have always done more than you should have done for us. You have been the best, in all respects. We love you . Happy birthday grandma.
  • Seventies are a nice grandfather achievement. But we know that you still have many ahead, and we hope that they will be as beautiful as those experienced to date. Best wishes!
  • If one day I should become a grandmother, I want to remember every happy moment that I have lived with you , and make it revive in the same way to my grandchildren. You have been kind, kind, nice and honest. Happy birthday grandma.
  • Seventy are the goal that reminds you that numbers are only numbers. You have been feeling, joy, happiness for us . Best wishes!

Funny phrases of greetings for the 70 years of a man or woman

In the previous paragraphs we have seen different types of greeting phrases . Whether for your grandparents or your parents, each sentence expressed a feeling adaptable to a fatherly relationship or with your grandparents. In this paragraph, however, we will see some more funny greeting phrases . Phrases that you can use with whoever you want, men or women who are, who are going to turn seventy.

You will find only funny, funny and funny phrases . Therefore, if your goal for this birthday is to make a person who is 70 years old laugh, here you will find at least one phrase suited to the situation.

As mentioned earlier, you can simply take a cue from one of these sentences. If you want, you can adapt the phrase you like most to the situation in front of you. Do not be afraid to experiment, mix, try, make the day of the person who turns seventy joyful. He will certainly appreciate a little joy. In any case, here are some fun sentences already written for you . Let’s see which one you can use, based on the situation and your personal taste.

  • In fact, they lied to you. You are always twenty years old, only that you have fifty years more experience. Best wishes!
  • I don’t know what strange experiment they did on fingers. But your genes should be preserved. With each passing year you look younger and younger . Best wishes!
  • In case anyone wants to ask you how old you are, don’t say seventy. Answer that you liked the thirty-five so much that you wanted to do it twice. Best wishes!
  • You know I don’t like making you feel old. So best wishes for your 3640 weeks, 25200 days and 614,000 hours !
  • Now that you are 70, all you have to do is look for a nice building site and put your hands behind your back while criticizing everyone. Best wishes!
  • Although you turned 70, you still look like a forty year old. It is because of people like you that we no longer retire! Best wishes!
  • Seventy years. Beauty, joy, serenity, and sweetness . You have made beautiful children. But yes, you are not bad either. Best wishes!
  • Happy birthday for your 70 years. Luckily I had written it on the calendar, with your face I would have done for the fifty!
  • Do you remember when you blew the candles at seven ? Now put ten times the strength of that time, and watch the dentures! Best wishes!
  • 70 years old and not seeing them . Yes, it is usually said not to hear them, but since you left your glasses who knows where … happy birthday!
  • In case 70 years seems too long, you are the right age to forget yourself and think you are thirty. Best wishes!
  • If seventy make you feel old, you’re wrong. You are not old, you are differently young. Best wishes!
  • We had seventy written on the cake for two reasons. The first is that you can’t cheat, the second is because you are now a certain age, seventy also becomes the speed limit! Happy birthday splinter!
  • If everyone came to seventy like you, it would seem like a population of kids . Best wishes.
  • There are no fun ways to wish you luck if it has to do with you. In 70 years there is no joke of yours that hasn’t made me laugh. Best wishes!