200+ Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister with Beautiful Images

happy birthday images with name
happy birthday images with name

Birthday Wishes For Cousin Sister : A cousin is like a sister and therefore she deserves the best birthday wishes and sayings. Here are some of the best birthday pictures and birthday greetings for a cousin, so if that’s what you’re looking for, don’t miss it!

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

  • I don’t know how many congratulations I have sent you. Birthdays, graduations … but what I know is that you all came from the deepest part of my heart, just like this one. I love you, cousin. Happy Birthday!
  • Life smiles at us today, cousin, because we can celebrate your birthday together for another year. Congratulations, I hope that this day will be unforgettable.
  • As I tell you every year, I don’t need to congratulate you long to show you how much I care about you. You know that you are indispensable to me and that you are more than a cousin like a sister: Congratulations!
  • For me you were my cousin, my sister and my best friend, we were always in good and bad together! So I want to use this special birthday to express my feelings. I love you very much and wish you a happy birthday.
  • I hope that life will bring you good times and great fate. You are a great person and deserve that only good things happen to you. I love you very much, cousin, happy birthday!
  • What a special day today! It’s my favorite cousin’s birthday. I wish you lots of fun and an unforgettable birthday: Congratulations!
  • I am very proud to say that you are my cousin because you are a kind, good and generous person. You are a reference in life and you should be very proud of it. Happy birthday, have fun!
  • Happy day, dear cousin, I hope life fills you with gifts because you are so wonderful. Enjoy this unforgettable birthday. I adore you.
  • Having you as a cousin is a great blessing because you helped me through the bad times and accompanied me through the good times. I want to tell you that you are very important to me and that I don’t want to lose you for anything in the world. Best wishes for your birthday.
  • You are like the sister I never had and that is that we have spent all our time together since childhood. We played, laughed and cried together and that made us strong and united. Today I would like to congratulate you on your birthday and ask you never to leave my side. I love you, cousin.
  • Today we have the perfect excuse to party and dance until our feet hurt. Congratulations, cousin, you are my other half.
  • Dear cousin, I hope that you wake up well rested on this day, because I have prepared a whole day full of activities to celebrate your birthday: Congratulations!
  • It is said that cousins ​​are first friends and how right they are, because you, cousin, were my first best friend. I wish you a happy birthday and don’t forget that you have a cousin who loves you.
  • Although it doesn’t get the true meaning it has, the word is great. A cousin is the one who accompanies you everywhere, who keeps your secrets and who advises you. A cousin is like your best friend in your family. And you, cousin, are this best friend. Happy Birthday!
  • I thought for a while about what I can write to make you smile, but then I remembered that you were smiling with everything. So nothing, cousin, I wish you a nice time on your birthday and not too many drinks, this work will still be there tomorrow!

Happy Birthday Cousin Sister Quotes, Wishes, SMS, Status

  • Today is a very happy day for me because it is the birthday of my great confidante, my favorite cousin. On this special day, I wish you the best of luck and joy: Congratulations!
  • You were always there by my side when I needed it. You were a good friend and a real cousin, so I really appreciate you. I hope that your birthday will be what you expected and that happiness will flood your day: Happy Birthday!
  • Now that we’re far away, I want to tell you that I miss you very much, dear cousin. Just because we’re far away doesn’t mean that I don’t remember when your birthday is because I remember: Congratulations! I wish you a good time and that you celebrate as you alone know. I hope we’ll see each other again soon.
  • Happy Birthday! I hope that your dreams are fulfilled and that your wishes are fulfilled. But don’t forget that you have a cousin who loves you very much and looks forward to celebrating this special day with you.
  • Blessings, dear cousin, I trust that today your dreams will come true and that you can celebrate your birthday in the midst of your best friends and loved ones. Best wishes for your birthday.
  • Today I am very happy because my cousin and dear friend are getting older. Now is the time to enjoy, but also to take responsibility. I hope you will make it. Happy Birthday!
  • Dear cousin, today I am writing this message to you because I would like to congratulate you on your birthday and tell you that I am very proud of everything you have achieved. I am very happy that you have achieved all of your goals, it is time to set new ones!
  • Today starts a new year for you, a year in which you can continue to dream and set new goals to achieve them. I wish you the best of luck on your special day and hope that it will be unforgettable: Happy birthday!
  • Best wishes on this special day like your birthday. I sincerely hope that your wishes will be fulfilled and that you will feel very comfortable on this unique and unforgettable day.
  • Every time I think about our childhood, your memory comes to mind. You have been my companion all along and I hope that you will remain so in the future. Congratulations, I love you very much, cousin.
  • I sincerely hope that in this new year ahead of you you will achieve all of your goals and achieve all of your goals. You are a unique and very special woman and we all know that. Congratulations, cousin, I love you.
  • I only want the best companions on my side on the journey of life. You are one of them. You have been by my side in all the moments of my life and I want you to stay that way. I love you, dear cousin, and I wish you a good time on your birthday.
  • Happy Birthday, I wish you with all my heart that you are happy and that you continue to conquer mountains, you are a real example of this! Congratulations, I hope you enjoy this day.
  • I want you to know that you are a very special person and that no matter what others say, you are a light that shines by itself. Never stop being what you are, dear cousin. Happy Birthday.
  • I love you as a real sister, even though we’re cousins, and that you’ve been my best friend since childhood, the one who has always been with me. I hope you remember this day forever, because it is a very special day, your eighteenth birthday: congratulations!
  • Even though we’re like day and night, we’ve always understood each other, and that’s what cousins ​​are for, isn’t it? Congratulations, I love you very much.

Beautiful Birthday Wishes for Cousin Sister

  • As your cousin, I feel very happy because I couldn’t have had a better environment to grow. Thank you for always protecting me. I wish you the best of luck and joy on this special birthday. Have fun, dear cousin!
  • Do you remember when I was a little girl and you could push me on a bike? What good memories! I will always remember our afternoons in the grandparents’ house with special affection. Today I would like to wish you all the best for your birthday, dear cousin, I wish you a good time and I remember myself for a piece of cake.
  • We received hundreds of gifts in life. Some better and some worse, but I realize that a few years ago I received a fabulous gift, a cousin that I can share good moments with. I love you, cousin, happy birthday.
  • Today I want to congratulate a very special person who knows how to make me laugh. I tell you, cousin. You are a very important person for me and I would not really know how to get on without your support. Congratulations and thank you for teaching me everything I know.
  • Happy Birthday! Enjoy the cake, the party and the gifts, but be careful not to overeat, otherwise you won’t feel like getting out of bed tomorrow! Congratulations, dear cousin.
  • You were my cousin, sister and best friend, how can I overcome this? Well, by telling you that I love you and I hope that you will stay there all your life. Congratulations, cousin, sister and friend.
  • Few people stayed by my side when they saw that things were getting dark, but you weren’t, you were always by my side and gave me advice, support and love, how can I thank you for that? That’s impossible. All I have left is that I adore you and that you have me here for everything you need. Happy Birthday.
  • Smile, cousin, today is your birthday! I wish you a nice evening and the fulfillment of all your wishes: Congratulations on your birthday!
  • Even if we celebrate our birthday, it doesn’t matter because we do it together, so it’s more fun! Congratulations, cousin, I wish you the best in life.
  • It makes me proud to be on another of your birthdays and I hope to be there forever because that would mean that we would continue to be best friends. I love you, cousin, congratulations!
  • Even if I am not by your side today to blow out the candles with you, do not worry, think I am, because I will also think of the moment when we put out all the candles of the cake together. I love you, cousin, you are my half and you know that. Congratulations.
  • Finding birthday words for a cool cousin like you is pretty complicated. Therefore, I prefer to wish you a happy birthday and enjoy the evening.
  • Congratulations on having an ear-to-ear smile for your birthday for another year, although this year was a little more difficult. But don’t worry, dear cousin, today a new phase is beginning in which you can be happy again, fulfill dreams and, why not, make a mistake: Congratulations!
  • The city has been empty since you left, especially today, on your birthday. I hope you celebrate and enjoy all the surprises, but don’t forget us, your family, who loves you crazy and is looking forward to your return: happy birthday, cousin!
  • Do you remember when we played in grandmother’s kitchen? How bothered it! Now those memories are very far away, but in reality they haven’t been that long, have they? Congratulations, cousin, I hope you remember the special moments of our childhood with so much love.
  • Birthdays are very important events because we leave one stage behind and open another. That’s why I don’t want to miss any of your birthdays for the world, cousin, because for me you are an indispensable person in my life. Happy birthday, happy birthday to many others!
  • May God bless you, cousin, and may he always accompany you on the path of life. Happy Birthday.

Happy Birthday My Sister Wishes

  • Today is a very special person celebrating his birthday, my beloved cousin, whom I love and who I love as if she were a real sister … Congratulation! I hope it will be a special and unforgettable day.
  • Every birthday is important, remember, and each of our birthdays marks a before and after in our lives. So we won’t miss another one. Congratulations, cousin, I wish you a nice time at the party.
  • Everything you do is a real inspiration for me and that’s why I’m always by your side. You are authentic, original and unique, as well as the most wonderful cousin in the world. I love you very much and you are my greatest example that I can follow. Happy Birthday.
  • Are you sure they didn’t separate us at birth? We are identical! Maybe that’s why we were like flesh and blood in our childhood. Anyway, cousin, I wish you a happy birthday and all the best in the world. I love you very much and will always be there for you when you need it.
  • Congratulations, cousin, congratulations and best wishes that your birthday will be the party of the year…. Have fun!
  • Today is a special day for the whole family because it is the birthday of the cutest girl in the universe. We all hope that you have a good time on this special day and that you like gifts. We love you, cousin, congratulations.
  • Dear cousin, I wanted to tell you that even if an ocean separates us, our hearts will always remain united when we have grown together and become best friends. Today I wish you a happy birthday and all the best in the world. I love you in the distance too
  • Whenever I had a little problem you came to my help, cousin, so I want to thank you today and tell you that you have always been a strong, brave and very special woman. You are my reference in life. I love you very much, cousin, and I wish that you are very happy on your birthday today.
  • Congratulations, cousin! I will send you a virtual hug to remind you that I am very interested in you and that no matter how far away we are, we will always be best friends. I wish you a good time on this special day, but remember to reserve a dance for me after I return. I miss you!
  • I thank God for your birth, because although I’ve never had a blood sister, it was you. I love you very much, cousin, and I wish you a happy birthday.
  • We’re celebrating today because the whole family wants to celebrate your birthday, cousin. Remember that we all love you and that we always want the best for you, so leave the cake and give it to me: Congratulations!
  • We have to pass many trials all our lives, and frankly, I think our job is to stick together from afar. So I want to address you today to wish you all the best for your birthday and to tell you that I love you very much, cousin. A few miles won’t ruin our relationship.
  • It’s been a year? I’m still paying for your gift from last year! Sorry, cousin. Happy Birthday!
  • Congratulations, every day you look more beautiful and beautiful inside and out. Don’t forget that you can always rely on me when it comes to what you want. I love you, cousin.
  • Dear cousin, life smiles at us with many joys and that we can celebrate your birthday for another year with the whole family – congratulations! Enjoy your special day.
  • Even if we haven’t seen each other for a while, it doesn’t matter, I still love you as much, dear cousin. I wish you the best of luck and a happy birthday.

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If you get this message, it’s because I want to tell you that you’re the best cousin in the world. You are a decent woman, hardworking, enterprising and very beautiful and you are all my inspiration. I hope this statement brings you a smile. Congratulations, cousin.

I hope and wish that on a day as special as today, all of your dreams come true, or at least most of them. Congratulations, cousin, enjoy your day.

Today you are another year old and about thirty, but don’t worry, cousin, you still look like a fifteen year old girl (but with more wisdom). Congratulation!

I am sending this congratulatory message to tell you that you are a wonderful cousin and that I would not change you for anything in the world. Congratulations, I hope you enjoy this day as much as I do and that it makes me happy to see you happy.

Let’s raise our glass and toast to my cousin, a good, honest, sincere and very loyal woman, a woman full of dreams and goals to achieve. A woman who dares and takes risks. A woman who is worth knowing. Happy birthday, cousin, I love you very much and will always do it.

Happy birthday, dear cousin! May happiness be with you, not only for the rest of the day but also for the rest of your life.


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