100+ Comments for Best Friends Pic on Instagram

Comments for Best Friends Pic
Comments for Best Friends Pic

Comments for Best Friends Pic– In today’s time, many people get confused after seeing the girl’s photo and think that what should I comment on her photo which is different from all the comments and is very attractive, so that the Friend becomes happy to see her comment. And the relationship between them becomes even stronger. So friends, today we will tell you in this post what to comment on the photo of a Best Friend, so that she becomes happy and attracted towards you, for this stay connected to our post till the end. And bookmark our site 121quotes.com to get such posts.


1.”Friendship is better than love”

2.”Dear friend this picture is outstanding”

3.” I just want to say keep it up”

4.” Never feel alone, we are together “

5.” You are not only good hearted but also gorgeous .”

6.”My friend is a valuable gem all over the world .”

7.”I am so lucky to have you as a best friend “

8.”. Never break the best friendship between us”

9.”You understand me so well and my inspiration of life.”

10.” I am just proud of have you, my friend “

11.”You are the reason for my happiness in daily life”

12.”This picture is going to be viral and also break the internet “

13.”You will make me proud one day.”

14.”You are a brand of style “

15.” you are the brightest star and my favourite enemy .”

16.” This is not just a picture, this is called the stylish model “

17.”Wow man, you are the hero of Hollywood”

18.” My favourite companion you are “

19.”No words can describe how nearest you are to me .”

20.”Dashing look”

21.”Friends come and go, but true buddies stick like that mark on your skin. “

22.”You are the superhot thing to have graced this planet since the Yucatan meteorite.”

23.”Friends come and go, but true buddies stick like that mark on your skin.”

24.”Excuse me, folks. Everyone needs to double-tap on this picture ASAP. It’s the most beautiful thing you will ever see.”

25.” Live for the moments you cannot put in words.”

26.”You look like a baby with that smile on your face.”

27.”You look like a baby with that smile on your face.  “

28.” a nice selfie.”

29.” a nice pic”

30.”Sometimes you make me want to rob your wardrobe.”

31.” Wow, another super busy day of being obsessed with you.”

32.”This picture is the reason why I looked down at my phone and smiled”

34.”I think you are not handsome/beautiful; you are something more than that.”

35.”You just light up the room.  “

36.”True friends are like two bodies in one soul”

36.”I love that we don’t have to act socially acceptable around each other.”

37.”I think we will all be best friends forever since we are so lazy to find new buddies.”

38.”Your face screams cuteness.”

39.”Your face is mesmerizing”

40.”You are everything “

41.”I don’t see any competition here for your gorgeous looks. “

42.” If any pic ever deserved a ‘Yasss, queen!,’ it’s this one. “

43.”Yasss, queen! [raised hands emoji]”
“Sending this selfie to NASA, because you’re a star.”

44.”[heart eye emoji] Excuse me, but everyone needs to like this photo ASAP because it’s the most gorgeous thing they’ll ever see.”

45.” Woman crush every day.”

46.” How is it that you can make a phone selfie look like it was taken at a professional photoshoot?”

47.” I don’t know if you’re aware, but my best friend is a model. #HumbleBrag”

48.” Amazing, I have never seen a nice photo of yours like this. Keep shining pal.”

49.” Victoria’s Secret Models, my friend is coming for your careers.”

50.” Besides chocolate, you are my favourite thing.”

51.”Watch out world. One word for this picture, stunning”

52.”I am so fortunate that you get to call me your best friend.”

53.”You and strong Wi-Fi are what I only need in my life.”

54.” I don’t see any competition here for your gorgeous looks.”

55.”You are the only Betty to my Veronica.”

56.”Meet my fellow partner in crime. “

57.”The world wanted me to let you know that it’s so grateful for you blessing us with this selfie.”

58.” You make me want to take everything in your wardrobe. P.S. Can I borrow that top?”

59.” Sending this selfie to NASA, because you’re a star.”

60.”Dashing look.”

61.”You have a fantastic body figure.”

62.”Your smile is wow.”

63.”This is the best picture I have come across today.”

64.”Damn, that smile is so dangerous.”

65.”Your charm is truly irresistible.”

66.”Wow, looking beautiful pal.”

67.”You look gorgeous.”

68.”Very gorgeous, I am falling in love with this snap of you.”

69.”Damn girl just flawless, My best wishes forever with you!”

70.” Inside out you are beautiful! Really appreciated Inside out you are beautiful! Really appreciated”

71.“Simply iconic, I’m in love! From my soul!”

72.” you are a whisper of perfection.”

73.“You are beautiful and enthusiastic! So much appreciable personality”

74.” I love your curves! Just gazing towards them!”

75. “OMG! You Fireee… Burning here too!”

76.”You are always perfect in every dress….The beauty of cutiee!”

77.”wow wow wow Damn pretty, As usual!”

78.”Sexy is not a shape it’s an attitude, It means a lot!”

79.”Dude, don’t shed tears after my death, if you remember more then come upstairs.”

80.”A quarrel broke out in Laila’s marriage, Majnu danced so much that he became lame.”

81.”Earth golden amber blue My friend’s screw is loose.”

82.”Earth golden amber blue My friend’s screw is loose.”

83.”It is normal to make many friends in life, it is special to maintain a lifelong friendship with only one friend.”

84.”True friends never let us fall, neither in anyone’s eyes, nor in anyone’s feet.”

84.”On silent mode, only phones look good, not friends.”

85.” People say that no one gets God on the ground, maybe those people do not get any friend like you.”

86.”You don’t ask me the value of friendship, whoever told you that trees sell shade.”

87.” ​​The lines are special in our hands too, that’s why you are with us.”

88.”People say that no one gets God on the ground, it seems that those people do not get any friend like you.”

89.”In the middle of the night we wake up the sleeping souls of our friends, and after everyone is awake, we go to sleep ourselves. “

90.”oye Teri yaad hai.”

91.”All the flowers of the garden fall when you come, seeing what you are blind, why do you run and hit the pots.

92.”Remember where we met earlier, the train stopped, the window opened and he said to himself, “Kuch dede baba in the name of Allah.”

93.”The moon emits more light and less than the stars, whenever I see you, I burst into laughter.”

94.” She became my destiny, I wrote so many letters in her memory that she became rich only by selling junk.”

95.”Kamaal ke ter nakhrein kamal ka tera style hai, no ability to talk and mobile in hand.”

96.”If you say, I should break the moon and stars, If you say then I should leave this world, You laugh once, my friend, I will break all your dirty teeth.”

97.”Wooden saddle, horse on a saddle, girlfriend’s brother broke my friend a little.”

98.”Those who left and left, they have explained one thing, now keep those who come in life in their position.

99.” People say that God must have made you bad leisure, you know why unnecessary work is done only in leisure.”

100.” From this earth to that amber, only two things are amazing, one is my innocence and your bastardness.

101.”Well tell me one thing, what does the donkey feel in loneliness, there is no hurry to feel and tell.”

102.”Of all the fears, the fear of slander is the greatest.”

103.”When you were in my life, there were many discussions about your love for me, it is good that you left life because your expenses were too much.”

104.”Nowadays boys who grow beards like Baba, wash their mouth with face wash or with shampoo.”

105.”Some girls playfully make boys alive by calling them, brothers.”

106.” Behind every successful student, there is a hand of mother’s sandal.”

107.”I do everything on my own accord because I do not have a girlfriend.

108.” Do the work in such a way that people say you let it be, I will do it.

109.”The age in which our teeth used to break, the hearts of children of today break at this age.

110.” If you do not like me, tell me, we will shoot you with a stone on your heart, the
elder care, the one who dislikes.”

111.” I have heard that everyone dies on one of your problems, just come out of the time to get a mouse killed.”

112.” Ignore my mistake because if it gets worse you can’t do anything anyway.”

113.”3 easy ways to do Surat Guru is easy, I knew you would definitely have a black face.”

114.”Look into my eyes and see how I am making a plan to get you.”

115.”There is definitely a worm-like you in the beautiful gardens in the beautiful flowers.”

116.”Hey Pagli, don’t be so arrogant that someone else takes me by the clutches of your arrogance.

117.”Not a disaster, which will be averted, I will get used to it.

118.”Our style and attitude are different, if you go to a match, you will be sold.

119.” The only crime is my sahib, I die on his friend too.”

120.”I am looking for someone who loves my soul. Otherwise, people get by even with money.”

121.”The only crime is my sahib, I die on his friend too.”

122.”You look insane in the picture, dare I say”

123.”You look fresh in nature”

124.”Unique and sober”

125.”Hey! You look amazing dear”

126.”You look, elegant man”

127.”Looking so nice”

128.”Trending picture dear”

129.”Nice place and nice picture”

130.”Wow! This is gracious”

131.”Awesome Pic guys”

132.”Good one dear”

133.”Best picture ever”


135.”Elegant and sober Pic”

136.”You look, cheerful dear”

137.”Beautiful Mom, beautiful daughter”

138.”Your face is glowing like a red rose”

139.”This is your best picture man”

140.”Nice Pic”

141.”Out of the world”

142.”Amazing Pic”

143.”How did you always manage to smile so well?”

144.”I can see the development in your personality”

145.”Generous look”

146.”Cuteness overloaded”

147.”Generous look”

148.”Wow, cute pie”

149.”Royal Pic of yours”

150.”Bless this holy soul, looking so cute”

151.”Best couple on earth”

152.”Super sober”

153.”Two little brothers rocking together”

155.”You guys compliment each other”

156.”She has grown up know”

157.”Great, I liked it”

158.”Lovely smile”

159.”It is too funny”

160.”Is this your new friend?”



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