150 + Sorry Message for Husband (Sorry Quotes)

Sorry Message for Husband
Sorry Message for Husband

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Hello Friends, Today we are talking about Sorry Messages For husband. marry is a relationship where fights and arguments. Here we some best lines as sorry messages for your husband by which you can repair your misconception with your husband. These sorry messages for husband and wife are too easily shareable on the cell or any kind of social apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

1.” I am sorry for hurting your feelings. Although that was the last thing on my mind. Please, believe me, I am truly sorry.”

2.”I know I can’t do anything to change what I did in the past, but I promise I’ll do everything I can to give us both a better future. I am sorry. “

3.”If you forgive me for my mistake, I won’t think of it as another chance that you have given me. I will behave as if it is the last chance you have given me. Sorry baby “

4.” Believe me, baby, my lies are hurting me more than they did to you. Despite our fights, I love you no less than I do before and I hope you do too. I am sorry.”

5.” “I am sorry for hurting your feelings. Although that was the last thing on my mind. Please, believe me, I am truly sorry.

6.”What I did was foolish and impulsive if I could take it all back I’d do so this instant. I truly didn’t mean… Please forgive me!”

7.”I am feeling worthless right now. I have hurt you. I am very much sad honey. Please accept my apology and give me one chance. I will prove myself a good wife. I love you”

8.”A person who does wrong sometimes suffers more than the person who is a sufferer. I am feeling exactly the same now. I burning inside. Please pardon me. “

9.”I know I am very much lucky to have a husband like you. It is my fault. I made you sad. I am really ashamed. I am sorry. “

10.”I am speechless as I am the guilty. I am very much upset about my misbehavior. I am sorry my dear. Please forgive me. I love you. “

11.”I would say sorry a million times, I would write it on the sky, imprint it on the heart but I would never mean it cause I’m not sorry for loving you “

12.”Sorry for hurting you and making you feel bad. I swear that I want to be nothing but the feel-good factor in your life. I love you. “

13.”My dear love, you are the most caring and responsible person in my life. I still can’t believe how I can hurt a person like you. I am extremely sorry my dear. “

14.”Sorry for thinking that I was always right. Sorry for not considering your insight. Sorry for always using my might and thank you for loving me in spite. I love you “

15.”I know I made a mistake but I don’t believe in making tall claims and false promises. I will make it up, day by day, with lots of cute hugs and kisses. “

16.”Fact of our married lives: I always mean everything I say to you when I am in a good mood. But I never mean anything I say to you in a bad mood. Please forgive me. “

17.”The mistakes I have made have taught me many life lessons. The most important one was the realization that I was lucky to be your wife. I love you.”

18.”Dear, I am sorry from bottom of my heart. I am guilty of my work. I know you are a big-hearted man who will forgive me. But I promise I will not do this again. “

19.”Please be back to your loving self. I can’t live like this. Please, I’m sorry. “

20.”I am the reason for all the severe headaches you had today. I promise to be your Aspirin and drive all the pain away. I am sorry. “

21.”It would be hard to forgive me, I know, but can you please try because I am extremely sorry for my words and behavior.”

22.”I am making a vow to be your LOVELY wife and not a rude one from today. I am so sorry dear husband. “

23.”I hurt you but that doesn’t mean my love is fake. I really love you. You can’t feel the pain of mine right now I am suffering. I am sorry honey. “

24.”I will do anything and everything just to take away all the hurt that you feel. Please forgive me and let me set things straight. I’m Sorry! “

25.”Please consider my mistake as a small pothole in the beautiful freeway of our married lives. I promise to fix it so we can cruise along again. I am sorry. “

26.”Please consider my mistake as a small pothole in the beautiful freeway of our married lives. I promise to fix it so we can cruise along again. I am sorry. “

27.”I am so sorry for my earlier horrible actions to you. You certainly did not deserve that. I am so sorry, honey. “

28.”I was so impulsive that my nagging behavior became repulsive. Now I will be compulsive in saying sorry to you until you forgive me. “

29.”Love is blind, so can you be please unsee my behavior and forgive me? I am really sorry for that day. “

30.”I am sorry. Please forgive me and be normal again. I will not repeat this mistake again. I miss you. “

31.”I regret the way I treated you. Please give me a chance to make it up to you, dear husband. “

32.”Sorry, I disrespect you in that way. It will never happen again, I promise. Forgive me, my love. “

33.”I know your love for us is bigger than our ego. Please forgive me, love. “

34.”If I begin to tell how bad I feel, then my apology will run into days and weeks. To cut a long story short, I am deeply sorry, my dearest hubby. “

35.”Sorry for being aloof and making you feel that I don’t care. I promise to behave in a way that reflects your love – profound and true “

36.”For being pushy, for being hasty and for being mad. I am sorry for saying things that were bad. “

37.”You are the most handsome and amazing man that I have ever known, and I am sorry that I did not realize it sooner. I hope you will forgive my wrongs and forgive me. “

38.”My dearest husband. Seeing the pain in your eyes when I said horrible words, broke my heart. I can never take that moment back, but I promise I will work to avoid behaving that way again. “

39.”I crave to see that smile on your face. I crave to look into those eyes. Please forgive me and hold me in your arms again. “

40.”I promise I will work to make sure I think of our relationship before making decisions. I am sorry for being hasty, my dear. “

41.”You are the most handsome and amazing man that I have ever known, and I am sorry that I did not realize it sooner. “

42.”With a bruised heart and a deflated ego; with a sad soul, and a head hung low; I ask for your apology, my dearest better half. “

43.”My lies have been dark clouds. Your kindness has been the silver lining. I hope you forgive me. “

44.”I made a mistake because I am only human. I hope you will forgive me “

45.”I miss your handsome face hovering over mine and giving me a goodnight kiss. Please let me make everything up to you. “

46.”My dearest husband, I hope that this apology will be the beginning of our path to healing. I miss you so much and long for things to be right between us “

47.”I ignored your happiness. I created an emotional mess. I am sorry for making trouble. Please forgive me, hubby. For me, you will always be special “

48.”My fickle mind may have made a mistake, but my heart and soul always love you. I am sorry. Please forgive me, my handsome king. “

49.”I am sorry I was so blinded by my ego that I missed seeingyour wounds. Please forgive me, and I will work to be the best version of myself “

50.”I am sorry that I sound like a broken record lately. I promise, my sweet hubby, that I will work hard to get my act together. “

51.”Dull, gloomy, and sad – these words describe my life when you become distant from me. I hope you will forgive me and become my partner once again. “

52.”I overlooked your happiness only to realize that my happiness lies in yours. Please forgive me “

53.”My anger was not meant for you. I failed to notice that you were becoming the target. I am sorry for my immature behavior. Please forgive me. “

54.”I feel blessed each day to call you my husband. Please do not let a quarrel get in the way of this beautiful relationship. I am sorry for what I have done. “

55.”My selfishness has rocked the boat in our little stream. I hope that my apology will bring smooth sailing back to our marriage. “

57.”I wish I had a time machine to undo all the wrong actions I did to you. I regret it all, and I am sorry. “

58.”How is that your love, so kind was blemished by my selfish mind? Please forgive me, my dear. “

59.”I took for granted our smiles, laughs, and memories. I promise I will not do that again because you mean the world to me.

60.”It feels like all the sorrow of a lifetime has been rolled into one big fight. Can you ever forgive me? You are my precious life partner, and I love you more than you will ever know. “

61.”I never want to stop being your wife. I promise to change myself and be more considerate of your feelings, my dear hubby. “

62.”I know this apology cannot compensate for the way I acted. But I hope that it will be a start. Please forgive me, my dearest hubby. “

63.”Hurting the man I love has left me feeling lost, empty, and gloomy. Please forgive me so that our lives become beautiful once again. “

64.”May this apology be like a soft blanket for you. Wrap yourself in its warmth and feel the softness of my heart as I make things right with you, my dearest hubby. “

65.”I know your soul is suffering because of me. Please know that I love you deeply, more than on our wedding day. I promise I will work to not hurt you like that again. “

66.”You have kissed away my tears many times, and if you let me, I would like to do that for you. I am sorry for the way I hurt you, my beloved husband. “

67.”Actions speak louder than words. So first, let me say I am sorry for hurting you, the love of my life and then let me prove it to you. “

68.”No matter what, you will always be my number one. Can you please forgive me for what I have done “

69.”Forgiveness is part and parcel of a relationship as beautiful as ours. Please accept my apology and bring an end to these painful moments. “

70.”Seeing us end up like this is unbearable. Please forgive me and let us continue living our lives together. “

71.”“I look ugly when I cry and howl in pain. I am in your hands to forgive me. I am sorry. “

72.”Please accept this big, heartfelt sorry wrapped in kisses and hugs and sealed with a few tears, my sweet husband. “

73.”May my confession of all the wrong things I have said soften your heart toward me, my beloved. I promise to make things better. “

74.”When pride gets in the way, it can be hard to move. I apologize for letting it take control of me. “

75.”I am sorry that my behavior led to you becoming angry. I love you and want to assure you that if you wake up at midnight feeling lonely, I am still here. “

76.”I wish I could travel back in time to change the course of events. I cannot do that. But I promise I will work to be sure we so not have such an ugly moment in our time to come. I am sorry. “

77.”Last night’s fireworks in our relationship made me cry. I was wrong, and I own up to it. Please forgive me. “

78.”Being short-tempered has always been one of my downsides. Yet, it does not mean I do not love you. I love you till the end of the universe and more. I am sorry. “

79.”I have made mistakes that are hard to overlook. I am terribly sorry. The only thing I wish for is that one day you will be able to forgive me. “

80.”I feel bad that my behavior led to your feeling sad. I feel guilty for you feeling iffy. I am sorry, baby. Please forgive me. “

81.”I am sorry I did not stop to realize the value of our relationship. Having a husband like you is like having a dream come true. “

82.”I know that I cannot change what happened in the past, but I can do everything in my power to make sure that the future is better if you only forgive me. “

83.”Please hug me, for all I want is to listen to your breath as I offer my apologies. Give me a hug, my love, and make everything in the past less important. “

84.”I want your hugs and kisses. I want you. I apologize for being inconsiderate. “

85.”Sometimes, I do things that hurt you because I cannot control my emotions. It’s not your fault, and I am really sorry for spewing on you that way. “

86.”Please consider my mistake as a small pothole in the beautiful freeway of our married lives. I promise to do my part to work to fix it so we can cruise along again “

87.”I never wanted to create a distance between us. I am sorry. Let us bridge this gap together. “

88.”There are two words from you that mean the whole world to me, and those words are “Apology accepted.” I am sorry, honey. “

89.”It takes two to tango. Could you set aside my foolishness, forgive me, and tango with me? “

90.”The last thing I wanted to see was you getting hurt, and especially from something caused by my silliness. Please, my hubby, forgive me for what I have done. “

91.”My love for you survives every argument. I am sorry for insisting on doing things my way and hurting you. Please forgive me. “

92.”You are my greatest treasure, my only love and weakness, and the reason for my existence. Yet, I have managed to hurt you. I am sorry, my dearest hubby. Please forgive me. “

93.”I broke your heart, but I realized mine was broken too in a million pieces. No wonder you are my better half. Ours is the love of a lifetime. Please forgive me. “

94.”You are my rock and the love of my life. I am sorry for forgetting that in the heat of the moment. Please forgive me. “

95.”Please forgive me for dragging you down with the worst of my behavior. It was my tongue getting ahead of my brain. I am sorry. “

96.”I want you to put your hand on my heart while I rest my head on your strong shoulders. That way, you can feel how sorry I am. “

97.”I bet I am the reason for the severe headaches you had today. I would like to be your medicine, and drive the pain away. I am sorry. “

98.”I know someday we will laugh while remembering our argument. Let’s make a start. How about you forgive me so that I can be in your arms and smile together? “

99.”Forgive me quickly, otherwise, some other couple will claim the title of being “The Happiest Pair In The World.” I am sorry, baby. “

100.”I am here because I truly want us to live a great life together, and I have realized that mistakes like these cannot fit in the perfect life I wish for us. So please let us keep these ugly moments behind us. I am sorry and I love you. “

101.”I am sorry for messing up things so badly with us. I am not afraid to admit that I made a mistake. Now please forgive me. “

102.”You are the good cop to my bad cop routine. Obviously, I went off the rails yesterday. I’m sorry for hurting you. “

103.”I know you are a big-hearted man who will forgive me. I promise I will work to behave better in the future. “

104.”I have managed to destroy the best thing that has ever happened to me in my life. So please, forgive me, my love.”

105.”In the time you have been mad at me, all I have felt is sorrow. I cannot live this way, and I want to see your smile once again. So please forgive me. “

106.”I was so impulsive that my nagging behavior became repulsive. Now I will be compulsive in saying sorry to you until you forgive me. “

107.”Sorry for thinking that I was right and thank you for loving me in spite. I love you. “

108.”You gave me purpose, you gave me a reason to live and look forward to the next day. I am sorry, honey. You mean the world to me. Please forgive me so that we can rekindle our love once again. “

109.”You are my dream come true, the most beautiful gift that God gave me. I love you beyond the imagination. Please overlook my actions. I am sorry. “

110.”I am sorry for being possessive, but it is hard to control my feelings because my husband is the most handsome man in the whole world. I do trust you. I love you! “

111.”Sparks could fly in this room right now if a charming and handsome man like you forgives a beautiful woman like me. Please forgive me and let me set things straight. “

112.”Some days, I forget how lucky I am to have you as my life partner. I am sorry yesterday was one such day. I promise to improve my memory and hope to avoid repeating that again. I am sorry, honey. “

113.”I wish I could imprint “sorry” on my heart and give it to you. I promise I will work to change my behavoir. Please forgive me, my sweetest honey. “

114.”They say that you have to fight for the things you love. So, I have put on my armor and I am prepared to fight for you because you are the love of my life. Please forgive me. “

115.”Every couple fights. But only true lovers can patch up. I know we really love each other and can mend our relationship. “

116.”You are perfect, but I am not. You are mature, but I am not. I love you from the bottom of my heart and always will. I am sorry. “

117.”Not a minute goes by without me thinking about how I hurt you. I am sorry, my dearest hubby. “

118.”I am seeking forgiveness from the most handsome and caring person, my better half, please accept my sincerest apology.”

119.”I know I made a mistake, and I promise I will do my best to notrepeat it. I am sorry. I will make it up with lots of hugs and kisses.”

120.”In your arms is the only place I want to be. Please let me explain how sorry I am. “

121.”Nothing can erase the nasty moment when I hurt you. But I promise there will be moments when I will make it up to you. I am sorry. “

122.”I ask of you is to forget the last few months and look at them as a small bump in our otherwise l life as husband and wife. Please pardon me. “

123.”A person who does wrong often suffers more than the person who is a sufferer. I was shattered inside when I hurt you. Please forgive me, my sweetheart. “

124.”We can talk about my fault as long as you want because that’s the only way to make this relationship strong and everlasting. I am sorry for hurting you. “

125.”I could have given you a better life. I could have been a better wife. But even now, it is not too late. I promise I will be better. “

126.”The world’s most handsome husband deserves the world’s most tender apology. I am more sorry than I have ever been. Forgive me, darling. “

127.”I believe our relationship is so beautiful that we should not be wasting moments fighting with one another. Please forgive me and let’s make things good once again. “

128.”I want to let you know how sorry I am for goofing up the other day. I promise pay more attention to how I behave. Lots of hugs and kisses. “

129.”I am sorry for being overly demanding, and I hope you will take me back in your arms again. I miss that tender spot on your shoulder. Please forgive me, honey. “

130.”I am sorry that I had the nerve to take you for granted. I do not know what I was thinking. You mean so much to me, my dearest husband. “

131.”Our fight has made me realize how much you truly mean to me. Is it too late for me to say that I am sorry? “

132.”I know times have been tough, and I am sorry for not being supportive enough. Let’s put that behind us and look forward to happier times ahead. “

133.”I think I’ve taken you for granted over the years. But I have realized how my life is incomplete without you. I have learned my lesson. Please forgive me.”

134.”I feel worthless without you because you are the most precious gem of my life. I am sorry, my better half. “

135.”I am sorry for acting in such a way where you ended up feeling unwanted. You are the man I want. Please forgive me, my dearest hubby. “

136.”You are the man of my dreams. Please forgive me for misbehaving in a way that may seem like your life is a nightmare lately. “

137.”I make mistakes. I have learned so much from this one, and I promise not to think more carefully before I act. Please forgive me, my hubby. “

138.”Being with you leads to my feelingso happy. It’s insane that somehow I manage to mess it up. I plan to continue to learn and become better for myself and for you. For now, please forgive me.”“I am sorry that you feel misunderstood. Can you give me another chance to understand your? “

139.” I miss your strong hand holding mine. I miss the way you look at me when I wear your favorite dress. I hate knowing that I hurt you. I am sorry, my hubby dearest. “

140.”Everyone argues eventually, but I am sorry for the way my anger took over. Please accept my apology and let’s talk this out, my dear. “

141.”Your patience with me is a godsend. I am sorry for causing you so much trouble lately. “

142.”I understand that it will take a while for you to trust me again. But I promise to work hard to gain it back if you will let me, my dearest other half. “

143.”We have an ideal love in an imperfect world. Ours is a love worth fighting for. Please forgive me and let us be madly in love like we were, once again. “

144.”I know you needed a breather after the way we argued. Lately, I find myself barely breathing. Your love is the air in my lungs. Please pardon me. “

145.”You deserve better, my husband. My constant prayer is that you will allow me to improve so that you will have what you deserve. “

146.”Life is short, my love has been long. I am weak, you are strong. Please forgive me and let me love you again, my better half. “

147.”I looked into the eyes of a sensitive, caring man and saw pain. Knowing that I caused it, broke my heart. Give me the chance to replace your hurt with the love and joy we once had. “

148.”You are my prince charming, the one who has been there for me. Please forgive me for taking you for granted.”

149.”I have never felt this bad in my entire life. I love you, and I would never hurt you on purpose. I will do anything for you to forgive me. Just don’t be mad, my dearest hubby, because I love you. “

150.”You are the only man who has the magical power to make me happy again. Please give my love another chance by accepting my apology. “

151.”Fights make us stronger if we know how to compromise. And I want to learn how because I want to be with you forever. I’m sorry for what I did. Please forgive me. “

152.”For me, the most important thing in the world is our marriage, and I really want to be with you till the end of time. I am sorry, please don’t be mad. “

153.”I will give anything to have you right beside me. I want to be where I belong, and that is right in your arms. I am sorry I hurt you. “

154.”I miss your touch. I miss our moments. Without you, I am nothing, my better half. Please forgive me. “

155.”Let’s make a pinkie promise never to fight again, baby. I feel sorry for making you mad. You are my biggest treasure in life. I love you, please forgive me. “

156.”We all make mistakes, and I do that so often that I can’t believe you are still with me. But you are, and I know that’s because you love me. I am so sorry for hurting you. “

157.”I am broken inside! I didn’t think that would hurt you like this. I am really very sorry, my handsome. “

158.”Sorry indeed seems to be the hardest word. But I am ready to go to any extent to apologize. Please forgive me, dear, for what I have said and done. “

159.” Do you know how much I love you? I love you, my love, to the moon and back, and I know you also love me the same. I am sorry. Let’s forget what happened, my love.”

160.”There will be ups and downs in relationships. But it’s us who have to hold tight and be compassionate to one another, which I didn’t. I am sorry and I promise never to repeat it again. “

161.”Let me apologize to you for my wrong words. It happened accidentally. You are the best man I have ever known. Love you. “

162.”It is meaningless or me to stay angry for a silly thing. Our marriage is much stronger and purer. I am sorry. “

163.”My beloved king, there is nothing that can replace you in my life. I am sorry that I took you for granted. “

164.”After we fought and I had time to cool down and think things over, I realized just how much you really mean to me. Please forgive me. “

165.”I am sorry for acting so aloof. If you really want to know how I feel, then my love for you is proof. “

166.”To err is human. And I am not an alien. Please forgive me, my handsome hubby. “

167.”I cannot promise that we will never have another fight, but I can promise to be more understanding and patient. Please give me another chance. I will try to be a better spouse for you. “

168.”Your eyes are brighter than stars, and your lips are sweeter than honey, my heart will be broken if I couldn’t kiss you again. Please forgive me, my dearest hubby. “

169.”I am sorry that I allow myself to overreact first without giving you a chance to defend yourself. Please pardon me, honey. “

170.”You are my heart, and when I hurt you, I feel miserable inside, too. Please forgive me. “

171.”Can you ever find it in your heart to forgive me for this huge mistake that I have made? I love you too much to give up on us. “

172.”I am sorry for always selfishly putting my needs first. We are a team, and I care about you more than I can ever say. I can prove that I am a changed person if you forgive me. “

173.”I know that things cannot just go back to the way they were overnight. But I am willing to wait every day and make an effort to earn your love and trust back. Please forgive me, my dear. “

174.”I am sorry for letting my silly pride get in the way of our marriage. The last thing I want to do is make you unhappy.”

175.”You are the best man in the world because you are patient and calm. Forgive me that I play on your nerves so often. “