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Mama is the best – everybody knows that! And if a mother’s heart has a birthday, then that’s just like when Easter and Christmas coincide. In short: a mother’s birthday is one of the most important, most beautiful and, above all, very special days of the year. A mother does a lot for her family, always has an open ear for problems or when good advice is needed. She is a soul comforter, a housewife, a perfect cook, an all-rounder with many skills, and simply the best in life! Clearly that the chosen birthday wishes for the dear Mama must be just as special, beautiful, unique and impressive. We have put together a great selection of what we believe to be the best birthday sayings for mom – from very warm, loving, soulful and heartfelt words.

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Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

#1. Dear mom, today I want to party with you this day so awaited by all of us. I want you to know about my affection, my admiration, and respect. Happy Birthday, Mom.

#2. I want my prayers to come to Almighty Father, I want to ask Him to open windows and doors of heaven and pour in your direction, health, peace, love and many years of life. Happy Birthday, Mom.

#3. I want to feel in your mother’s eyes all the tenderness a daughter needs to overcome the obstacles on the way. I want to hold your hands and find in your chest all the love I need.

#4. Congratulations mom, I’m very happy that you conquered another year! I am very happy to know that you have a special love and affection for me. Wishing many years of life is what I can do, and I hope God will hear my prayers and give you all the strength in the world so you can always win. Much Many Happy returns of the day Happy Birthday MOM.

#5. Happy birthday mom! Know that here within me, you have a heart full of love to offer you at all times. May the calendar of life reserve reason to smile on this date so full of life. Congratulations!

#6. Mother, we want to thank you for your friendship, for your support, for your hand that never ceased to support our steps and our lives, and also for the affection you have always dedicated to us. Happy Birthday mom

#7. We want to thank you for the words of God who taught us, and for all the reasons that make us love you so much. Each passing day you become friendlier, become our best example, our greatest reference in life. Happy Birthday mom

#8. May God reward you for everything. For every day you have dedicated your attention and support. May the Almighty Father bless you, protect you and continue to fill your heart full of love and dreams with light. Happy Birthday mom

Short Happy Birthday Mom Quotes, Messages, SMS

#1. If I’m proud of anything in life is to have a mother like you. Congratulations on the birthday! And never lack happiness, love, and health.

#2. Congratulations to the best mom in the world: you! And may another year of life bring much happiness, more health, and endless love.

#3. Happy birthday mom! Thank God for being able to celebrate another year of your life, I ask that you grant many more with health and joy.

#4. Congratulations, my beloved mother! Have a very happy birthday and that throughout your life you never lack health, love and peace.

#5. Life has given me the best mother in the world and today I can only wish you the best day ever. Happy Birthday!

#6. Congratulations on your birthday and for being the best mom! I hope this day is magical and in your life never lack health, love and happiness. I love you!

#7. You deserve all the happiness in the world, my mother, and even more so today, because it’s your birthday. I love you so much and wish this day to be happy and very special. Congratulations!

#8. May God double you all the good you have been giving me all these years. Happy birthday mom!

#9. Your love in my life is the most precious treasure in my world. Happy birthday, my dear mother!

#10. Mother, you are the reason for my joy, the smile on my lips, the motivation to continue living with hope. I love you so much and wish you a happy birthday!

#11. Mom, may your day contain all the love you deserve to receive. Happy Birthday!

#12. Mom, I wish your birthday contains all the love you deserve to receive. Congratulations for another year of life!

#13. Congratulations for another year of life in which you have improved the world of so many people! I love you, my mom!

#14. Congratulations, Mom! I wish your dreams come true today and happiness is present in your life every day.

#16. May peace and love mark your special day today. Happy birthday mom!

Happy Birthday Mom Status

#1. Congratulations even for the family we are, for the love we feel for you, after all, it was your heart that taught us to love so much. This day is all yours. Congratulations on today, your birthday, and every day that a dignified mother like you deserves! Happy Birthday mom

#2. Congratulations, Mommy! Not just for now, but for every day of your life. Your every step represents life, A form of love, righteousness, tenderness, and wisdom. I am so happy to have you Living within my heart, Saved forever in the form of love. Happy Birthday, Mom!

#3. My Queen Mother

You are my mother, but also the queen of my heart, and on this special day that is your birthday, I do not know what gift to give you. For the best thing in this world you ever have, and it is the heart that beats within your chest.

And what a generous heart it is, with infinite love to give, and for me, it is the best gift God has ever given me. You are the best mother in the world, and more I cannot ask, only God grant you many years of life, always happy and blessed.

Congratulations, Mommy! May this day be wonderful and the greatest joys today embrace your heart never to let go. I love you so much and just want you to be very happy.

#4. Today is not just your birthday, Today is the day the Angels, Give the rehearsed show
Throughout the past year. A show where love, Is the main character And the star is you, In contrast with the love, With the understanding, And with the love. The featured star on my stage, My star called Mom! To you, I wish with all love May there be A happy birthday! And may your star remain In the sky of happiness. Kisses and a big hug!

#5. My Queen Mother

You are my mother, but also the queen of my heart, and on this special day that is your birthday, I do not know what gift to give you. For the best thing in this world you ever have, and it is the heart that beats within your chest.

And what a generous heart it is, with infinite love to give, and for me it is the best gift God has ever given me. You are the best mother in the world, and more I cannot ask, only God grant you many years of life, always happy and blessed.

Congratulations, Mommy! May this day be wonderful and the greatest joys today embrace your heart never to let go. I love you so much and just want you to be very happy.

#6. Congratulations, my mother, best wishes!

Every calendar day should be dedicated to you, my queen, who deserves all the blessings of this world. Congratulations, my mother, best wishes! 

#7.Mother’s Birthday Testimonial

My mother today I want to party with you this day so long-awaited by us. I want you to know my affection, my admiration, and respect. I want my prayers to reach Almighty Father, I want to ask Him to open windows and doors of heaven and pour in your direction, health, peace, love. and many years of life. Thank you so much for everything and for teaching me never to give up on my dreams. Have a happy birthday my mother, I love you!

#8. Congratulations, Mom, Your Life is Precious

Congratulations, my Mom! I celebrate your life every day and today I reaffirm how much I love you and want you well. You are an angel to whom I owe…

Happy Birthday Wishes for Mom from Daughter

#1. Thank you, Mom

Mother, I thank God for your life, for being your daughter, and for learning so much from your motherly love. I believe God always has great blessings for your life because you have been a faithful woman, full of faith and with a heart full of love.

You have been patiently always seeking the best for your life. God has kept his steps, sustained his faith, and this love is passed on. I feel it because I am your daughter, I am the fruit of your love, I am part of your history, a piece of your world and a dream come true in your life.

May God keep you that way; special friend, mother and servant of this God who can do all things. I love you so much, and I have no doubt that your ability to be an example of love will continue to push the boundaries of time. Happy birthday to this wonderful mother!
Heaven cover you with blessings as a reward for the kind heart in your chest! Congratulations, my mother!

#2. I love you Very Much Mom

Mother, thank you for listening to my thoughts, for understanding my dreams, for living with my shortcomings, and for loving me all these years!

The only thing I pray to God today is that I can continue to be blessed with his presence in my life for many, many, many years!

Thank you for being such a dear and affable person, and for never giving up on me! Love you very much! Happy Birthday! Kisses!

#3. Love you mom!

Dear mother, today is your birthday, and this is another opportunity for me to reaffirm the great love I feel for you. I don’t want to talk about gratitude or anything, because gratitude and respect would be too little to define the extent and depth of the feelings my heart, soul, and thought has for you.

It’s not because today is a specially marked day on the calendar that I tell you this. It’s just that I suddenly felt a deep need to express the comfort I feel remembering you.

More than you have given birth to me, you are the true light of my life and the only woman who will definitely know – as she always knew – to welcome me with love under any circumstances.

Know that the reciprocal is true and that as long as I live, my heart will set aside its noblest room to keep my memories of you, just as my house will always have space to shelter and receive it.

As I said, it is not because today is your birthday that I am saying all this, but because I truly love you, and I am so grateful to God that you are my mother.

I wish you a happy birthday, Mom, and may God’s hand guide and protect you for many, many years!

#4. Happy Birthday, Mom, My Inspiration

Happy Birthday, Mom! You are my warrior, my inspiration. I thank God every day for the blessing of having you as a guide. Happy Birthday, Mom.!

#5. Birthday Message for Warrior Mother

Today is the day of the most important woman in my life, the strongest woman in the world, the warrior mother I have and through whom God has blessed me. Your birthday is a day to celebrate your life, your achievements, your wisdom, your persistence and perseverance. It is impossible not to be enlightened by your brilliance, not to be driven by your hands that always make a point of helping, supporting and lifting those in need.

In the midst of a maelstrom of trouble you remain serene, calm, know how to put faith above any affliction. Thank you, mother, my life, my gold, for being such an example of a woman, for all the love you give me, for the values ​​and virtues you have taught me and that will remain with me under any circumstances. Thank you for listening, for being my friend and my best advisor.

I love you so much that words are unable to express. Despite that, I keep trying to honor you the way you deserve, with all my love and admiration. Congratulations, Mother, may you be blessed with health, peace, prosperity, infinite blessings and whatever your heart desires!

#6. Daughter’s Birthday Message to Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom! May this date be repeated for long years and may all the blessings of the world reach you today and forever! Your daughter here…

#7. Congratulations mom, you are a blessing from God

My mother, when God gave her life, gifted the world with one of His most beautiful and extraordinary creations.

You are the best of our lives, and calling you a mother is not only a privilege but a pride as well. Happy birthday, dear mom!

May God continue to light your way with much love, peace and health. May He bless you with many years of life, and that for all of them we can always be together and happy.

May the flame of faith never fade from your generous heart. With love and eternal admiration, a thousand affectionate kisses!

#8. My sister, a mother of heart

I would like to invent a new and special nickname in your honor because I never know if I should call you sister or simply a mother. ‘Sister’ may not be very original, but it’s the best I can. Happy Birthday my dear!

In you, I found everything I needed since baby. You were a mother, friend, sister, playmate … You were the angel who guided and cared for me, and where everything was missing, you were filling in all the voids.

Have a happy day, this and everyone else, always! I love you and thank you with all my heart!

#9. You are my mother and period

Congratulations! You are my mother figure, you are the woman I breathe for, you are the person who has always helped me grow, evolve. You are not my foster mother; It’s my mother and period.

I don’t need to have the same blood to know that you would do everything for me, and that is being a mother! I wish your day would smile at you at all times today. Happy Birthday!

#10. There’s no love like yours, mom

My mother, I hope you never forget or ever doubt that for me there is no one who can surpass your importance in my life. You are my mother, and that says it all! I have never been as happy as on your lap, and there is no love in the world that can compare to yours. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today I am far from you, and my heart is tight with longing and pain for not being able to give you a kiss of congratulations. But I know you are happy and proud of me, for this is all your doing, and it was you who prepared me to face the world with a clenched fist and a smile on my face.

And I thank you, for this and for everything, because I have the best mother in the world, and knowing that you are there, thinking and cheering for me, gives me the strength to face anything. Have a beautiful day, Mom, because soon I will deliver you all the kisses I bring just for you. I love you!

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes from Son

#1. Happy Birthday from Son to Mother

On this very special day 😊 I want first to thank you, for your care, for the support that you have always told me that I am very proud to have such a dedicated and loving mother 😍❤

May God reward her for everything 🙏 For all the days that has dedicated us, their attention and their support. May the Almighty Father bless you 🙏 protect you and keep filling your heart with light ️ full of love and dreams.😚🎁 Best

wishes, and all the best in this life! Congratulations Mom 🎂🎈

#2. Happy birthday dear mom

Dear mother, our hearts leap for joy on this special day to celebrate with you another year of your precious life. Happy Birthday!

From your children who love you so much, receive this little tribute and the wishes of a very happy day, and let it repeat itself to infinity. To us you are everything, Mom, and what we want most is to be happy and always by our side. Congratulations with much love!

#3. You are the Queen of All Mothers

Today the most important person in my life celebrates another birthday full of peace, love and joy. And nothing makes me happier than being present and celebrating intensely. Congratulations, Mom!

You are my queen, my great inspiration and the source of all my courage and determination. In fact, without you I could never achieve what I already achieved. And for that I thank you: for having the most beautiful mother in the world.

#4. Mom’s Glorious Year

Happy birthday mom! This was another glorious year of your life. You have overcome fears and overcome obstacles; Overcame challenges and achieved dreams and goals. Congratulations on everything, mom!

I wish today that you celebrate your big day beside me and all the people you love. That there is no reason to smile, no reason to be proud. Have a beautiful day, mom!

#5. Sweet Heart of Mother

Happy birthday mom! Each year that passes you makes your face look better and puts even more sugar in your already sweet heart.

I am very proud and lucky to have you as a mother; An exemplary woman, an unforgettable person full of odd attitudes and with feelings always placed ahead of anything else.

#6. I love you, dear mother

Happy Birthday! It is a privilege to have such a wonderful mother! I don’t even have words to describe how much I love you, how much I desire your happiness.

In fact, everyone should know a mother’s love the way I do. It just makes people more real, purer. Have a day as wonderful as you, my mother! I love you!

#7. You Are Everything to Me, Mother

Happy Birthday, dear mother! You are strong, you are an example, a role model, an icon to respect. You are struggling, conquering all that is right for you and others.

I have never met anyone so special, so charitable, so human! I wish today is a demonstration of what happiness really is! Because you deserve; because you are everything to me!

#8. My heart dances for joy to have you as a mother

My mother, happy birthday! Today, like every other day, I want to honor you, tell you how much I love and admire you. But not only because you welcomed me, adopted me, raised me, but because you made the same love as if I was born of you.

Sometimes I may not say it out loud, but every day I thank God for my luck. Every day my heart dances with joy for having you as a mother, having had the privilege of growing up with you protecting me, guiding me, loving me …

My beloved mother, I thank you from my heart for all that you have done and do for me, for my happiness, and I guarantee that I will always do everything for yours too. All I want most is for you to be proud of me, and make you happy.

Happy Birthday and many years of life!  

#9. My mother is the queen

Happy Birthday, Mommy! You are my queen, you are my almighty and you are my great inspiration. In fact, I don’t think I could ever be as happy as I am if you didn’t exist in my life.

I want your day to be immensely happy with all the people you truly love. And remember that to me no one is more important and special than you. Love you, mom!

#10. For the Woman of My Life

Happy Birthday, my mother! I live this day with much happiness and peace of heart. It is today that we should honor the beautiful woman you are.

And remember all the achievements you have accomplished throughout your life. Not only as a mother but as a woman, as a human being. You will always be the woman of my life. I love you! Have a happy day, mom!

#11. Thank you and congratulations, my mother

My mother, I’m not just the one you gave your life to, I’m the one you helped build as a man, as a person. If today I am as I am, I owe you.

Ever present, caring, educating, pampering or scolding, you pointed me in the best ways and when I couldn’t go it alone you took me to them.

Today is your birthday, and I just want you to feel in my heart all the love, pride and admiration I feel for you. Happy birthday my mother! You are an example of a woman, a wife, a friend, and especially a mother.

I wish everyone knows that I am a very proud man of his mother, because she not only gave me life, but taught me how to live it! Thank you, my mother, although I know you do what you do for love, and not expecting recognition. Best wishes! I love you!

Happy Birthday Mom Message

#1. Mother, I wish you well

Mother, your existence is fundamental for understanding and peace in our home, you with all your love, patience and wisdom know how to control and calm all around you, giving life lesson, so that we continue to live in harmony.

You deserve the best in the world, great health and full happiness, and especially on this day, which is your birthday, that you can feel completely happy and fulfilled.

May your desires come true and the goodness that embraces your heart multiplies each year.

For this sublime feeling, you have taught us and convey to us all your love and affection that is so important to us.

Another year of life means another year of experience and wisdom, which will only contribute to the well-being of everyone around you, happy birthday mother, that you can reach all your goals, to feel more and more fulfilled. .

Congratulations Mom, Best Wishes!

#2. I love you, my mom!

There are things that never change, and there are things that get stronger and stronger. Such is my love for you, mother! Even if around me the sun ceases to shine and the mountains fall into the sea, I will not stop admiring it.

When my strength runs out and my legs can’t walk anymore, my heart will keep beating with the same love for the person who created me!

In this life, only one person refused to abandon me and was by my side in good and bad times. That is why no one else has such a special place in my life.

Thank you for transforming my being with your care and dedication, and for giving me the opportunity to grow and to be who I am today. I know you had a hard time, when you had to sacrifice your comfort and well-being for me. That’s why you have my eternal loyalty, and it will always be a priority for me.

If today I am happy, if today I have health, education, good values, it is because I had a special person who knew how to guide me on the right path. And these days are increasingly rare, priceless.

Thank you so much for the positive influence and love that has shaped my life! Congratulations, my dear mother!


#3. The most special mother’s birthday

Dear mother, on this special day that is your birthday, we want to congratulate you but also thank you for the wonderful mother you are. Happy Birthday Mom Thanks for Every Thing..!!

There is no mother in the world more dedicated, loving and present than you. And there is no heart as big and generous as yours. Inside we all fit, but know that you are also inside ours.

For there is so much love we feel for you, as well as pride and admiration. It is a unique privilege to have a mother like you, and we only ask God to keep her by our side for many years, and to grant her much happiness. Congratulations, Mommy!


#4. Happy Birthday, Mom, I Love You!

You are all the most sacred to me and it is with the same emotion and the same immense love as always that I celebrate this date. Happy birthday mom! I love you so much that it hurts and you know it, that I do whatever it takes to make you happy and demonstrate everything I feel.

Your motherly love inspires me in gratitude to God and I will never tire of saying that you are the greatest blessing of my life, with whom I learn so much, who gives me the best advice and the most valuable lessons. You are peace, lightness, happiness, tenderness, understanding, pure love that I see overflowing through the look, the smile, the wise words and the look of concern and even rebuke.

May God continue to keep your steps and may faith and hope never be lost from you. That being happy is the purpose of your life and that I am always by your side to share every moment with you, a mother, friend, companion, perfect in every way for me. Congratulations, Mom, I love you and I will always love you!


#5. Happy Birthday, Mother, My Queen!

Happy birthday mom! You are my queen, my love, my reason for existing and today I celebrate the day of the arrival of an angel on earth! I thank God and suspect that He has done an injustice by blessing me more than any other human being by giving me this wonderful mother who owns all the love in the world. Yes: I have earned the privilege, gift and blessing of coming through you!

May God, who sees all things and yet contemplates all your giving and the enlightened person that you are, grant you all that you deserve: the fulfillment of your most intimate desires and unimaginable surprises that make you even happier than you. that you want to be.

May you be blessed with many more years of life and health, with much balance, peace of mind, and God as the foundation, guide, and protector. I love you today and as long as there is life here and beyond. Congratulations, Mom, I love you!


#6. Congratulations Mom I Love You So Much

MOTHER People who have no war to give up. People who do not run away from any commitment. Want to war, take a mother. They want to win😉 take a mother. Always put a mother in front, That there will be no bullet that will hit you. There’s nothing a mother can’t face👏👏 The mother never gives up, The mother has all the forces of the world on her side. The mother wears the largest shield ever. What you think about talking about a mother, It will be very little for what she represents. I LOVE YOU MOM.


#7. Happy Birthday My Mother

Mother  May God reward you for everything 🙏 For all the days you have dedicated to us, your attention and your support. May the Almighty Father bless you, protect you and continue to fill your heart with light, full of love and dreams.


#8. Cheers Beloved and Adored Mother

My beloved and adored mother, I hope this day is being memorable for you, who can celebrate by the grace of the Lord plus this stage of your life, overcoming evil, defeat and pain, because our Father wants us to be happy, and in peace with the world.

I am part of you, and the result of God’s power. I am a gift to you, and you a light to me. A light that brings me to happiness, because I know that your love brings us so much closer to the Lord’s Paradise.

I hope with all my heart that you are as happy as I am, that you can feel good about this year, and especially that you continue to serve our God with faith and hope. I wish that no evil comes near you, and that a strong light of love always protects you.

Love you mom, congratulations on your day.

Happy Birthday!!


#9. Dear mother who has already left

Dear mother, there is not a single day that I do not remember you. And in this memory, it is impossible not to lose me of sadness and longing! Today is her birthday, and if God had not called her to Him, He would surely be celebrating beside her.

So I can only mark this date and once again recall past times, memories of special moments that I lived with you. And to give me up to a wonderful mother, a great woman, an example of life that was stolen from me too soon.

But as long as my body breathes, while I walk this planet, you will never be forgotten, and on special dates like this, I will never fail to pay tribute to you.

My dear mother, I hope that wherever you are, your soul can feel my love, my longing, that will be eternal and will keep you present among us!


#10. Congratulations To Distant Mother

Today is one of those days when the urge to hug you is even greater. Unfortunately, that will not happen, so I will try to convey what I feel through this message.

My love for you will never be affected by any circumstances. Time may pass, and the distance between us may widen further, that I will continue to love and admire you.

Every day I thank God for having a mother like you. I also never forget to ask for the opportunity to see her again so I can hug you. Whenever sadness invades my thoughts, I think of your smile and my joy is restored. Only you have that effect on me, my mother!

I have no words to describe your wisdom, your loyalty, your friendship, your affection, your patience, your perseverance. All of these attributes and many more fill me with pride and make me a more dignified human being.

On the day you celebrate another year, I want to thank you for existing and for being so special. You are my reward, my genuine happiness! Even from afar you can feel my love hug! Congratulations!


#11. Loving Tribute to Mother

I ask Jesus to protect and guide you through His infinite ways, and that your heart may praise the love and truth of God each day. On this birthday of yours, I pray and ask Jesus to give you the understanding you need throughout this year.

What tremendous transformations can happen giving you the chance for peace and happiness. May the beautiful moments of serenity multiply with the people you love.

Mom, you are my treasure on earth! May in the pursuit of sincere love the love of Christ always be the beginning and the reason for everything to happen in your life.

Happy Birthday, and may this day be a flower garden in your life and also in mine that is a continuity of yours. Thank you for everything, my mother! Praise the Lord!


#12. Birthday Message for Deceased Mother

Unfortunately, that date has turned to sadness and longing since you left. Oh, Mom, how I wish you were by my side to celebrate your birthday! I dare not question God why I took you this way from me and so many other people who loved you so much, but it is impossible not to want you back.

Your light is still present in my life, your love, your laughter, the sound of your voice, the special way you took care of everything… There are so many memories that make me smile and, at the same time, cry for the size Miss you make me.

Wherever you are, my mother, I want you to hear and feel everything that comes out of me: you were a fantastic mother, you were and still are an angel to me. Although I lost you along with all the protection and security that made me feel, I still feel your strength driving me forward and being strong in life’s challenges.

I hope someday we can meet, hold each other, that I can cuddle in your lap again and talk to you with a heart grateful to have you around. You will never be forgotten, you will always be part of my life and always will be my love. I love you, mother, as long as there is.


#13. Congratulations Mom I admire you so much

Congratulations Mom! My Warrior, Today you complete another year of life, and we all celebrate another year that was blessed by your presence. Do you know the …

Congratulations, Mom

Congratulations Mother 🎂👏 On that lovely day I want to wish you the most beautiful joys, that all the happiness😘😊 in the world is little to fill your heart belo so beautiful that I learned to admire being a mirror of good things!


#14. Congratulations Mother 

My soul mother! Today is a day of great joy as it completes another year of wisdom!

The candomblés are beating, In praise of the Lady, Priestess of a race, Queen of a nation, In the fight in defense of unbelievers, She always stretched out her hands, Today the candomblés are beating, For your name to worship! Save your axé!

Congratulations! 👏👏


#15. Happy Birthday, My Warrior Mother

Congratulations, Battling Mom! I wish your birthday is beautiful, unforgettable and spent with the people you love the most. Remember that I will always be together to make sure you do not lack joy and love on this day of yours.

You are a very special person, a fighting woman, exemplary and the most generous and special mother ever. I like you in a way I can’t even explain! Have a happy birthday, mom!


#16. My foster mother, happy birthday

You didn’t see me born, we don’t have the same blood or last name. You are not officially my mother, but in what really matters, you have been, are and always will be my mother!

I would not be who I am or would be where I am if it had not been for your constant love, support, and presence in my life as I grew up. You were everything to me without ever asking for anything in return. You never abandoned me or gave up on me.

Your heart is bigger than the universe, and my love and consideration for you is even bigger! I love you so much, and I feel eternal gratitude too.

If in your life all the good you have come back to you doesn’t even have to be double, you will never have a second of worry. And that’s all I want, to be always very happy, and God bless you with peace, health, and love.

Happy birthday, my mother! I love you!



#17. Happy birthday mom

I find it amazing to think that one day I was inside you, that I grew up and formed inside your belly, and that after I was born I was cradled by your loving arms, and it was your hand that held mine as I tried to give mine. first steps.

Mother, you are my flower of life, and from you comes all the strength and beauty in me. Your love made me who I am today, so I have so much to thank and celebrate on this special day that is your birthday.

If mother’s love is unconditional love, so is the love of a child who has a mother like you. You are my strongest root, you are my flowering.

I know I have asked you many things in life, your time, your love, your dedication, your guidance and your help. But today, my beloved mother, I just want to thank you for all that you are to me, and wish you an even fuller and happier life, great health and many years of life!

Congratulations, Mom. I love you very much!


#18. Congratulations my mother my queen

My mother, you are my queen, the one who will forever live in my heart and the one to whom I owe everything.

That’s why I want you to be happy all the time, because no one deserves more than you. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today I especially hope that your heart will be filled with joy and satisfaction, and that you can look at everything you have ever lived and feel fulfilled.

I am very proud of you and your life, and your example will forever light my way. May God grant you many years of life, happy and healthy. Congratulations, my mother!


#19. My mother, my life example

My mother, you are my guiding light from the day I was born, and even before. In you I have always found love, support, and my main voice of reason, and it is no coincidence that I admire you and consider you my example of life. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

You are wonderful, the best in everything, and my heroine. His struggles have always been for good, and in his heart there is only room for kindness and generosity.

I hope God will grant you many years of life, with health and happiness, because I need you by my side and above all, I need you to be happy. I love you, mommy!


#20. 50 wonderful years of my mother’s life

My mother, today you complete half a century of life, a beautiful age of an even more beautiful life. Happy Birthday!

It is 50 years of many accomplishments, much love and kindness distributed. It’s 50 years of a wonderful mother, who is a friend, who supports me, who understands me better than anyone.

I love you so much, my mother, and I’m very proud of you and your wonderful 50 years. Congratulations, Mommy! May God grant you many always happy years of life.


#21. Congratulations to the most warrior mother

Happy birthday my mother! Today I want to wish you a wonderful day, illuminated by sincere tributes, by much affection and love. But I also want to take this date to declare to you all my love and pride.

You are the best mother in the world, and the most warrior woman ever or ever will be! Her spirit, courage and grit are an inspiration, an example and reason for the great admiration of all who know her.

I ask God to keep it for many years and preserve that warrior spirit for life. You are the great blessing of my life, my mother, and the great influence on my personality and my life.

Congratulations, Mommy! I wish you a very happy day and an eternally blessed life!


#22. A Heart Filled With Happiness

Congratulations, Mom! On this beautiful anniversary of yours, I only wish peace and all the joy in the world to fill your heart with happiness. You are an unforgettable person; an exemplary woman and an inspiring mother.

May this year that is just beginning be glory as all the others. It’s just that I’m fine with life if I see success in your eyes. Have a happy birthday, Mom!


#23. You Practice Good in Any Scenario, Mother

Happy birthday mom! This is a very important date to remember and honor your charming existence. You are an example to follow, it is wonderful.

You are able to practice good in any setting, and that says a lot about your personality. You are the best mother in the world. Have a very happy day, my mother! I like you so much. Kiss!


#24. Growing up in a cradle of love

Happy birthday mom! Today is a special day for you and me too. The love that unites us, the powerful bond we have is reason enough to love all that you are included in, namely this day of commemoration of your existence.

And it has been a very rich existence. Is that having a mother like you is growing up in a cradle of love and care. I love you mom!


#25. My beloved mother’s birthday is gone

Every day I live with his image etched in my mind, and this longing that weighs on my chest. But on days like this, your absence is even more painful, for it costs so much not to have you here, not to be able to hug and kiss you, my mother; not today, never again …

But even if it hurts a lot, I will always mark this date, because it was the day you came into the world to enrich it! And now that you are no longer with us, your spirit will endure forever.

You are present through my love, my longing, everything you taught me. From everything you did while you lived, and that left a deep imprint on all the people who knew and loved you.

With longing and eternal love I leave this sincere tribute, my longing and beloved mother!


#26. Congratulations from afar and miss you, mom

Time goes by and as it goes on life changes. A few years ago I was always near you and could see you every day, supported me in your affection, love and guidance.

But today everything has changed and you are far away and not even on your birthday I can kiss you, my mother. I miss you and this time I was with you every day, but I don’t regret anything.

Sometimes it takes sacrifices to get what you want, and I’m fighting for my dreams, for my place in the world. But far or near you are always in my heart, and I know that I am always in yours too.

I miss you, Mom, and I know you miss me too. I hope your birthday is very happy and special, and that every day of your life you are very happy. Congratulations! I love you!


#27. Let Love Invade Your Heart

Happy birthday mom! Whenever the world is not fair we must be humble and regain justice for everyone. They were ideals as soon as you taught me.

In other words, but with the same message. And that shows how unforgettable you are; how immortal it is. I wish the day is fair and love invades your heart without asking permission! Smile, mom! I love you!


#28. Mom, Today is a special day

Mom, Today is a special day, and you deserve all the happiness in the world😉👏👏 Much Joy, Much Peace, and Much Love️ is what I wish you! …


#29. Mother, Congratulations Much Health and Peace

Congratulations Mother 🎈🎁 Thank you for all these years of love, ️ attention, good advice, for all the support you have given me. I wish you all the best, a lot of health, a lot of peace, to continue to be surrounded by people who love you so much 😊 Cheers 😘😃


#30. Congratulations my beloved mother

Congratulations, my beloved mother! Thank you for the gift of life! Best Wishes and Light on your way! I love her forever!


#31. I love you mommy dear

I kicked her belly and she wept with emotion. 😂 I made her put on 20 pounds and she was still beautiful and gorgeous slumber I made her almost die from pain and she gave a shout of joy when she first saw me. I stole her time, left her sleepless several nights, and the passion just increased️ I love you, mom😍