50+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Business Partner

happy birthday wishes for business partner
happy birthday wishes for business partner

Birthday Wishes for Business Partner: One of your business partners or customers has a birthday and you don’t know how to congratulate him? It is often not so easy to find the right words.

Birthday Wishes for Business Partner

#1. We wish you energy for upcoming projects, business success and trusting cooperation between us also in the coming year of your life. Happy Birthday.

#2. The best congratulations on your birthday! Thank you very much for your long-term loyalty!

#3. Remain as you are, because it is a pleasure to do business with you. We look forward to further good cooperation in your new year as well Our warmest congratulations.

#4. Looking back on your past year of life can make you happy in business and private terms and in view of your coming year we wish you as much energy and success as before. Congratulations!

#5. As a small gift for your birthday, we allow ourselves to send you this small plant. May our business relationship continue to grow and prosper.

#6. We warmly congratulate you on your birthday and wish you joy in life, success and above all, always good health.

#7. Happy Birthday! We wish you health, happiness and the strength to continue to fulfill your wishes.

#8. We didn’t want to miss sending you a little birthday greeting. We wish you all the best for your special day and good luck and joy for the years to come!

#9. Let yourself be celebrated today because that is part of life! We are also happy to think of you today and wish you the best for your birthday and for the future.

#10. Congratulations on your [insert number if known] birthday. We wish you and us many more successful years of cooperation.

#11. With this little attention / small present, we would like to thank you for [insert number] successful years of pleasant cooperation and wish you and us many more of the same kind. Happy Birthday.

#12.We send you our sincere birthday wishes and wish you many happy repetitions of the day.

#13. Working with you / doing business has always been very pleasant since we met. We would like to take your birthday as an occasion to thank you and wish you many more successful years.

#14. A birthday is always an occasion to look back and leave. In retrospect, a stable professional career appears and for the future we wish you a lot of creativity and drive! All the best for you!

#15. Allow us to light four candles on your birthday cake: one for health, one for luck, one for prosperity and one for success. May you expect a successful new year of life. With the warmest regards on the occasion of your birthday.

#16. On the occasion of your birthday, we wish you a well-deserved break from everyday stress, but at the same time we look forward to working with you on other projects in your new year. Let yourself be celebrated today! The warmest congratulations.

#17. We wish you all the best for your professional and private life. Treat yourself from time to time to your professional stress, so that you can tackle new projects with us with even greater energy. My best wishes on your Birthday.

#18. The customer who is king, we see it very similarly. We thank you for your loyalty and send you this greeting for your birthday, and say at the end. Thank you for your trust, you can rely on us.

#19. We wish you all the best for your birthday! We hope that you will continue to be satisfied with our services , and we thank you for your loyalty so far!

#20. Our customers are very important to us, because what would we be without them. We congratulate you on your birthday!

#21. Dear customer, our computer has given us a number known as a very special day. It should be your birthday, so the calculator enters it. We would like to send you warm greetings and, with all the best, end this email.

#22. Happy Birthday! We would like to thank you for your loyalty to our company so far that you can redeem the enclosed voucher with your next purchase from us.

#23. We wish the birthday child and loyal customer a lot of blessings, and only the very best, for his party, and little rain on all his ways.

#24. Congratulations on your birthday, combined with a big thank you for the loyalty you have shown us as a customer !

#25. We are closely connected with the best customers . Since we know your data, we can state that it is now your birthday, to which you are warmly greeted.

#26. Congratulations on your birthday combined with the wish for the best of health and a long life! Thank you for your customer loyalty you have shown us so far!

#27. We take our warm congratulations on your birthday as an occasion to thank you very much for always being loyal to us as a customer.

#28. Good customers are like butterflies; if you don’t take good care of them, they will soon fly away. As our most loyal customer, you have always given us the feeling that you are in good hands with us, for which we express our thanks. We congratulate you on your birthday!

#29. Our cooperation is bearing fruit, I take this as an opportunity to address my word to you. Today is your day of honor, which I do not like to forget. For this reason today and here, I congratulate from the bottom of my heart.

#30. May you take a break today if you can. Today is on the plan, birthday celebrations are at the forefront. Let’s drink on it, sure to wave lots of gifts.

#31. Together we have achieved a lot, even if the task is not always easy. Enjoy your birthday with joy, in the midst of nice people. Together we will raise the glass, I say: you should live high.

#32. One day is often like the other when we walk through work. That is why it is important for everyone to celebrate a day and do it right. Which one can that be the question? The answer is simple, your own birthday.

#33. We have tackled many projects, stuck to difficult tasks. But once a year there has to be free time, because the greatest inventors stay at home. You celebrate your birthday with loved ones, just take a break.

#34. A new year of life begins in which a lot of new things can happen. In all the years of cooperation, we haven’t had many opportunities to exchange many private words, today I bring a birthday cake.

#35. Gifts are a sign of thanks, which is why I would like to present you today with a very special gift. I have not spared any thought. So I hope that it is a pleasure and always accompanies you in everyday life.

#36. Good times and bad times, always accompanying our lives. This not only applies to private life, it also counts in professional pursuit. We have launched some ideas, not only today I want to praise ourselves.

#37. Birthday and celebration, I hope that today it will not be difficult for you, despite the special day, to show your full commitment to stay with us here at the conference table. Before the meeting ends successfully, I want to shake hands for my birthday.

#38. In good and bad times , we were able to accompany each other in business. I do not want to say many words, I would like to congratulate you on your birthday. You get a small present from me, it is an ornament for the desk.

#39. Most days we talk about business, but there are other things in life. A birthday is important for many to celebrate, that’s right. We wish you all the very best for today’s festival .

#40. Today will be your birthday, so I entered it in the diary. Therefore I wish you health and blessings all the best for your future life.

#41. We have been walking our path with you as a business partner and colleague for a few years. We can always rely on you, we thank you for your trust. Happy birthday, health and success for the next part of your life.

#42. Our company feels connected to you as a customer . That’s how we heard it, you have climbed a new year. For your birthday party, we wish you the very best.

#43. Today is your day of honor, which nobody in the company likes to forget. We really appreciate you here, nobody can replace you so easily. And since it is your birthday today, we are happy to be your guest and do not let ourselves be spoiled for choice.

#44. All the best for your special day, of course we congratulate, no questions asked. As it works well between us, I’m happy to be your guest today. We can work again on Monday, today there is fun, entertainment and a few brisk songs.

#45. We wish our dear business partner good luck and only the very best for his party. Everyone needs a break, that’s normal. Always working, that would be fatal. So today we leave the files behind, celebrate that the beams are bending.

#46. The time with you was always productive and nice, so it can go on like this for the next few years. But today there is a celebration for you, your birthday is the reason. There should be all the best for life, health and happiness.

#47. Long story short, we are all happy to be your business partner. We really appreciate our long cooperation, nobody can replace you. We would like to congratulate you on your birthday, but more will happen. We will also present a gift, understand it as an appreciative sign.

#48. Our business partner starts a big celebration, of course we all like to be there. We also wish you for the next year that it is as successful as it was.

#49. We take your birthday as a reason to tell you to stay happy and healthy. We look back on a productive common past and hope that it will continue to be so. For the next time, we are always ready for cooperation.

#50. We came together a few years ago and won you over as a valuable business partner. For the birthday here and today, all company people congratulate you. Stay happy and healthy every hour .


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