100+ Beautiful 1st Birthday Wishes with Images

Beautiful 1st Birthday Wishes with Images

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A first birthday is an event long-awaited by parents, but also by friends and relatives who can’t wait to celebrate the birth of the little one. Welcome to the piece completely dedicated to the wishes for the first birthday. Whether you are the parents, grandparents, and uncles of the birthday boy/girl, here you will get the inspiration you need to make the day memorable. wishes for the first birthday, images for the first birthday. All you have to do is indulge yourself in choosing the thought to dedicate.

First Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl

The dream of having a baby girl is a desire shared by many parents. In reality, once we discover that we are expecting a child, male or female, emotions are released in our hearts that will never leave us. When the time comes to celebrate a child’s first birthday, there are mixed feelings of nostalgia for days that will never come back. But also of happiness and a little fear, at the thought of the passing of time, it fades away too quickly. We have dedicated this paragraph to the sentences for a girl’s first birthday. A list of sweet and delicate wishes to send to the little one at home. Whether you are friends, uncles, grandparents or parents, here are the best ones wishes for a girl’s first birthday.

A lot of love and best wishes to the most beautiful girl on the planet for her first birthday.

May you always live serene and joyful. You are the beacon that illuminates the path of mom and dad. Happy first birthday, little princess!

“A special baby like you deserves nothing but love and happiness, and may your life always be this fulfilling!”

“You are my little cutie pie. Without seeing you every single day, I would die. So, Happy Birthday to the most adorable daughter in the world!”

“Enjoy your special day, princess, for you deserve to have a lifetime of happiness”

“Well, little princess, your reign over the kingdom of our hearts has reached a full year”

May this first candle illuminate your every little step towards the bright future that awaits you! Good life and happy birthday puppy!

For your 1st birthday: I wish you all your life is that wonderful fairy tale that your parents dream for you and that we all wish you!

Seeing you grow so much in this year has been a wonderful gift. This is why we now want to make one for you. Happy birthday!

I hope that this birthday will be the first of many for you to get to know the world and express yourself to the fullest and best!

Your birth made this day an unforgettable date! I can only start it by sending you many kisses and a thousand wishes … the best gift of this party is YOU! Happy first birthday!

A million gifts would not be enough to reciprocate the immense gift received twelve months ago … your birth! May life always offer you the best and even more! Happy birthday for a very happy birthday!

You have covered the first km of a long journey. We are sure that you will be able to make it spectacular. Happy birthday!

In all the birthday cakes you will eat, always try to savor the only true indispensable ingredient: love. Happy birthday!

You have walked a few steps but there is still a long way ahead of you. Follow her happy with our best wishes, happy birthday, little girl!

A thumbs up to youth and its vitality, which you represent so well on the day of your first birthday, with the wish of every good for the future.

Happy birthday to my little princess to whom I want a world of good and who will blow out her first candle today! Happy birthday!

The first birthday is never forgotten, and even if you don’t remember it, you will bring the happiness of this day to your heart.

I hope you can grow smart, strong, kind, but above all always happy. Always keep the innocence that emanates from your eyes. Happy birthday, baby!

Happy birthday baby, year after year you can become anything you want. This is only the first milestone of a great story, yours!

I will never forget that magical moment of a year ago, when you saw the light, and I saw you, my wonder. Happy birthday my child.

A great woman, an astronaut, a lawyer, a great manager: we are curious to find out what you will choose to be, but we are sure that whatever you want to do, you will do it big!

Happy birthday to the sweet little girl who changed our lives forever. Happy first birthday!

Seeing you grow in these 12 months has been a unique emotion. We have seen you become, with great joy, the little girl you have become. And with pride we will follow you also in future years.

A million kisses and best wishes to the little girl who colored mom and dad’s days.

It has been a year of incredible adventures and discoveries, you will see that the next ones will be even more exciting! Greetings queen of our heart.

It’s nice to see you walking in the world, we hope that every year is for you special!

Happy birthday to the girl of our heart, who today blows out a candle and who will conquer the world tomorrow.

First Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

After the sentences for the first birthday of a little girl , those dedicated to sweet boys, the princes of the house and the cuddles of mom and dad could not be missing. The phrases for a child’s first birthday can be used to make a birthday greeting card , or a souvenir to be framed in the birthday boy’s room. In short, there are ideas, you just need to let your imagination run wild. So let’s start from the base, the phrases for the first birthday !

You barely have the teeth you need to chew on some of your birthday cake, but from the way you threw yourself in it looks like this isn’t a problem for you! For your first birthday we wish you never to lose your resourcefulness and your determination. We will always be with you.

You are the liveliest and smartest child I have ever known! You are a hurricane and I just can’t believe you’re only one year old! We wish you to grow healthy and peaceful, surrounded by the love of those who love you and the affection of friends!

You are now a little man: you still have to walk, but your intelligence will make you take giant steps. A bright and satisfying future awaits you. For this your first birthday we wish you many wishes, a world of kisses for you!

Best wishes for the first birthday, little man. Now that you are older do not mix multiple messes.

The bird brought me good news. Today is the first birthday of a beautiful baby boy. Auguroni, from the bottom of our heart!

Today you make a year and a thousand million smiles. Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to the wizard of our lives … the little one who, with a smile, takes away all our worries. Happy birthday for your first year of age.

You are a prince who today blows out his first candle and who already has in his heart and body all the strength, curiosity and desire to discover the world of an explorer. Happy first year, wonderful baby!

Happy birthday, little man of our heart, you are the joy of mom and dad, you are a gift from heaven, a tender and pure cloud of life, I wish you to spend another hundred years of happiness and serenity.

Greetings little big little man! Hurry up and grow because we have millions of things to do together. An affectionate hug!

First Birthday Wishes from Mom and Dad

For two parents, their baby’s first birthday is a day they will always remember. Many emotions that overlap on that occasion, in which it is possible to perfectly quantify the time spent together. Because the birth of a child disrupts all life, for this reason the wishes for the first birthday must be special and unique. Below you will find the birthday phrases for a child and also the first birthday phrases of a daughter . Choose your favorites and also use them for a birthday greeting card .

This first unforgettable year was an important milestone for me too, who am your mom! Best wishes!

You are the sweetest baby I know and like me the world is lucky to have you too. Happy Birthday!

You don’t know how much we love you and how much joy you have given us in this first year together. It is thanks to you if we are learning to grow. Know, little one, that we will always be on your side to share all the joys that life will reserve for you and to give you a hand when you need it. We love you.

Happy first birthday, I wish you to make your every dream come true.

It’s only been a year since I was able to hug you for the first time. That day I felt an emotion that I won’t easily forget.

Best wishes for your first 12 months of life. I hope I can read the same innocence and happiness in your eyes that I am reading now.

In this first year of your life you have become the heart of our universe. Happy birthday our love.

Today is one year old and I hope to be able to protect and illuminate you for many other birthdays.

The desire to meet you was immense and the months never passed. Since you arrived instead, time has flown and you are about to blow on your first candle. Happy birthday!

Your toys, your crawls and your toothless smiles fill our days and our hearts. Happy birthday, little love.

Happy birthday! Take a deep breath and come closer, there is only one candle on the cake. Close your eyes and dream, your thought turns into a gift.

Unwrapping gifts, blowing on the candle, playing and eating the cake: all this work to do for one child! Happy birthday for the first birthday!

Your first candle … a unique emotion! Happy 1 birthday to our puppy!

All birthdays are unique and special, especially the first one. Best wishes!

You have already covered the first km of a very long journey. We are sure you will make it wonderful. Life always smiles at you. Happy birthday!

Today blow out the first candle and we thought of giving you this gift. Actually 365 days ago, you gave us the greatest gift. Best wishes.

A candle has lit to illuminate the path of your life, blow hard to be able to start a new year full of happiness and love. Happy birthday!

We have experienced the most extraordinary 365 days of our life. The first steps, the first teeth, the first words, the first meals. And we, today, are happy to celebrate this first birthday next to you. Best wishes!

I want to be near you in celebrating your birthday, hoping that the future will satisfy your every rosy expectation.

Happy first birthday! Best wishes for this small milestone so important!

You learned to walk, soon you will learn to run. Happy birthday, our little one!

It’s your first birthday and I seem to know you forever! It will be wonderful to see you grow day by day. Affectionate wishes.

It only took you 1 year to bring us so much joy and happiness. Thanks for being so special and unique.

To you, who day after day are always dearer and more beautiful, sweet wishes for your first birthday.

A year ago at this hour you were busy to come into the world. Now you are here, with all of us, and you are our light. Happy birthday, my darling!

Don’t be sad if there is only one candle on your cake to blow out: it means that you still have to grow a lot. We love you, baby!

I hope that joy, serenity and love will never be missing one day of your life. Best wishes for your first birthday.

Best wishes for your first birthday, to you, a special being, who has changed our life forever making us better.

Thanks to your arrival our life has changed. You made us discover what it means to truly love without if and without but. We love you. Thanks for choosing us.

Today is one year old! Many kisses, hugs and a special wish that comes from the heart!

You gave us a year of joy and vitality: on the occasion of your birthday, our wish is that you can continue to distribute these sweet and precious gifts to those around you.

Long live the youth and vitality, which you know how to represent so well, not only on the day of your first birthday. We wish you all the best for the future.

I want this birthday to be the first of many for you to get to know the world and express yourself to the fullest and best!

Best wishes for this important day: your first birthday! Life always smiles at you like today!

You still have a long way to go in front of you, always travel happily and carefree. Best wishes daddy’s treasure!

A year as a mom and dad is something special. Today is your first birthday that we will certainly never forget!

Today that it is your first birthday we should give you a gift, which will never live up to what you did to us. Best wishes from mom and dad!

When a baby is born, two parents are also born. Best wishes to us 3 for your first birthday!

Mum and dad hope that the sweetness that accompanied your first year of life will never abandon us.

Love, as we write these words we are trembling with emotion. Only a year has passed since we first heard the sound of your voice. We wish you all the best in the world, we will always be with you, to protect you and to make you the splendid person you are. With love.

Time during pregnancy never passed. But now you have already given us a year of you! Best wishes for your first birthday.

First Birthday Wishes from Grandparents

When we talk about the family, we cannot fail to mention also the uncles and the grandparents, the fundamental columns to which the grandchildren rely on throughout their life. For this reason, we have also decided to include the sentences of wishes for the first birthday of a grandchild . Below you will find the best selection of first birthday greetings from uncles and of course, also the first birthday greetings from grandparents .

Every day is a fascinating new discovery, a continuous knowledge and a constant exploration of the surrounding world, for this first birthday I wish you to never stop being a curious person, to find happiness in any place and to never lose the desire to do something. I love you immense good.

I am really happy to be here to celebrate your first birthday, you are a very special child. Happy birthday!

It seems to me only yesterday that you were born and took your first look at life. Instead, a year has already passed and the adventure has just begun!

Dear granddaughter, surely we would never have imagined that your coming into the world would have changed our lives so much! We are grateful to you for the joy you offer us every day with your presence alone! Thanks to you we are living a second youth, full of love for you. Happy first birthday, love. Your grandparents.

One is the perfect number, a small tooth just popped, a delicate little step just made, a word for months pronounced and finally now an unlit candle. Happy first birthday joy!

A few days ago you took your first steps, with determination and energy you face the small, but great obstacles that arise in your way, I hope so much, my little one, to be there ready to witness your victories. Remember that as long as you wish, I will be at your side ready to support and encourage you. Happy first birthday my love.

You entered my existence like a flood, you turned my days upside down and you turned my life upside down. You are a small person, but to me you count more than anyone else in the world. Thanks for existing.

I wish you to always look at life with the confident and carefree eyes of now, never give up on your naivety, in this way life will always smile at you.

Close your eyes and listen to your little heart, you will hear a little angel whispering sweet words to you: “Happy birthday love”.

Today the sun forgot to peep, he already had a commitment, he thought about how he could shine for a special little person: happy birthday!

On the occasion of your first birthday I wish you all your life to be that splendid fairy tale that your parents dream for you and that we all wish you!

Our little nephew, you are the joy of our day. Best wishes! Thank you darling for making us come back young.

365 days together and still we are not tired, indeed, we are looking forward to living more.

Greetings man cub, how did you grow up! I couldn’t imagine becoming an uncle would have liked me so much. Happy first birthday grandchild adored!

The moment of your first cry seems that we only heard it yesterday, but a whole, wonderful year has already passed. Happy first birthday from grandmother and grandfather.

Happy birthday to our loving grandchild, grandparents eat you with kisses and crush you in an embrace.

A year ago a wonderful star lit up in the sky, brighter than the others, and arrived in our house to bring joy and joy. Best wishes from your grandparents.

Best wishes from your favorite super uncles to our super granddaughter who has been giving us so much joy for a year.

Whenever you want to do some crazy things … your aunt will always be by your side! Best wishes

1,000 candles and 1,000 wishes for you, the grandson who lives in our hearts. From your dear uncles who love you so much.

Nice First Birthday Wishes

Cousins, friends, big brothers and older sisters, we have also thought of you and we have dedicated an entire paragraph to you in which you can find many nice birthday phrases . A nice way to say ” Happy 1st birthday ” to the latest arrival in your circle of affections.

It’s a wonderful party, too bad you didn’t come last year!

Uncle will always be by your side, like today on your first birthday.

A year ago you brought joy to our family and you filled our lives. Best wishes.

A tiny candle struck for a cute little creature. Best wishes!

I wish I could color the world with a thousand markers to celebrate this special day. Many wishes for your first birthday!

Many wishes for your first, wonderful and splendid year. The next birthday, however, tries to make a good speech, understand?

A nephew like you … and who expected it? How nice this first year together

You are finally 1 year old. Best wishes! But don’t brag too much for your youth and because birthdays still don’t mean extra wrinkles on your face, I recommend!

It’s true, you are more beautiful and younger than me, but I have many more candles to blow on the cake! Happy birthday, baby!

They say the glaciers at the north pole are melting. But I don’t think it could be your fault, you only have a candle on the cake. Happy Birthday!

For your first birthday I thought to give you something unique, extraordinary, fantastic. But it did not seem appropriate to close me in a gift box.

Best wishes! Always remember not to celebrate the passing of time, but to spend time celebrating the most beautiful things in life. Happy birthday, my darling!

With affection and much love I wish you a happy birthday with all my heart, my beloved granddaughter. Carry it in your luggage and accompany you throughout your journey.

Happy birthday to my favorite granddaughter, my beloved girl who is 1 year old today

A year has passed which, thanks to you, has been fantastic and unforgettable: full of joys, sweetness, vitality. You gave us the purity typical of your age, you illuminated us with your attentive and curious glances, you allowed us to rediscover the world through your eyes. Happy first birthday love of uncles!

Only one year, but it is with small steps that it goes a long way. Happy birthday, uncle, may life give you all the best!

First birthday Poems

If the first birthday greetings you think are too simple or trivial, you may be looking for some aphorism or even poems for the first birthday . Below we have collected the most beautiful and most famous first birthday aphorisms . They are ideal to be included in a moving video or even to dedicate a special thought to your child.

The world is full of wonders to discover: do not let one day go by without being surprised, dear child.
(Thomas Merton)

Children are like sailors: wherever their eyes rest, it is immense.
( Christian Bobin )

There is nothing that fits the palm of an adult like a child’s hand. Nothing seems more natural, and nothing more awakens our protective instinct.
( Gregory David Roberts )

Happy birthday child, today you are the queen, queen of no king, the most important there is.
( Eugenio Bennato )

For the world you can only be one person, but for some people – that is, for your parents – you can be the world.
( Gabriel García Márquez )

May you fulfill all your wishes except one because in life it is always important to want something.
( from Star Trek movie )

Birthdays are feathers on the broad wings of time. Best wishes!
( Jean Paul )

Happy birthday child / today you are the queen / queen of no king / the most important there is.
( E. Bennato )

When you desire something, the whole universe conspires so that you can fulfill your desire.
( Paulo Coelho )

Here we
are all present today ,
we are happy to be with you.
Music, sweets, whipped cream
to celebrate this day.
Drums, fives.
Doorbells to wish you the best years.
( From the Web )

Everything around you looks like a magic box.
And you, explorer of life, let yourself be lulled by your amazement.
In your first year! To you who you love without doubting.
To you who embrace without warning.
To you who laugh without thinking.
To you who believe in dreams.
To you who do not reach the highest drawer, but touch the sky with your fingertips.
To you that when you are entrusted to sleep it is as if the world has lost some of its splendor.
( Fabrizio Caramagna )

Keep a free heart that is capable of loving without fear;
it maintains a free mind that is capable of autonomous choice;
he maintains a free soul, capable of overcoming even
the most stormy storms and the most impervious paths, coming
out stronger than before.
I wish you wonderful days,
without fears, without obsessions,
and clear nights, full
of dreams that are the mirror of a satisfying reality.
( From the Web )