100+ Happy 30th Birthday Wishes with Images

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes with Images
Happy 30th Birthday Wishes with Images

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The 30 years is an important milestone to be lived to the fullest, thanks to an acquired awareness and a certain level of maturity now reached. But, as such, it deserves celebrations and good wishes for the appropriate 30 years: below, many wishes on the birthday for the 30 years of famous authors, happy birthday wishes for the 30 years suitable for a daughter or son, a sister or brother, girlfriend or boyfriend and best friends. But in addition to many birthdays wishes for 30 years, also some birthday poems for 30 years, fun wishes for 30 years, and images for 30 years to share. Enjoy the reading!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes 

Turning 30 means reaching full maturity and, since it is certainly a very important milestone, many famous authors, over the centuries, have decided to talk about it. Here are many sentences on the birthday for the 30 years to be reported, perhaps, on a nice greeting card for the birthday of the 30 years :

You can be splendid at thirty, fascinating at forty, and irresistible for the rest of life. ( Coco Chanel )

“Happy Birthday to an amazing person. I can’t wait to see what you do with your next 30 years!”

“Say goodbye to your 20s, and hello to the adventures and opportunities of your 30s. Happy Birthday!”

“Don’t worry about turning 30. You will always be the same irresponsible person I know”

“Don’t let anyone tell you you’re old just because you’re turning 30. I want to be the one to do that”

“You just keep getting better and better with each passing year. Happy 30th Birthday, baby!”

“Happy Birthday to one beautiful, fun, and youthful 30-year-old.”

“Happy Birthday! Thanks for gracing us with your awesomeness for the past 30 years”

I spent my 30 years repairing everything I broke in my 20 years. ( Eddie Murphy )

The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about age. ( Lucille Ball )

They were just over thirty, an age at which it is sometimes difficult to admit that what you are experiencing is your life. ( Alice Munro )

A single man at thirty is a single, cool, he has Peter Pan syndrome. A woman at thirty years of age is held up as Hannibal Lecter at the time of the aperitif. ( Geppi Cucciari )

Thirty, thirty-five is the age at which a woman can make the worst follies. ( Antonine Maillet )

At thirty you don’t have infinite pains, because you still have too much hope, and you no longer have exaggerated desires, because you already have too much experience. ( Pierre Baillargeon )

Until the thirties, habits are a minefield. After forty, an amusement park. ( Lorenzo Morandotti )

A woman will never become president of the United States. The candidates must be over thirty-five years old, and which woman would be willing to admit to be over thirty-five years old? ( EW Howe )

From the age of thirty, men are married. If they are celibate and intelligent, they don’t want to get married. Everyone else is an asshole. ( Roger Fournier )

What could not be done with the virgin strength of the twenty-five years, how is it possible to do it with the tares of the thirty? ( Cesare Pavese )

The only period in which we really live fully is from thirty to sixty. Young people are slaves of dreams, old servants of regrets. Only middle age has all five senses in full swing. ( Theodore Roosevelt )

Up to thirty years, they always have twenty. After the age of thirty, they are forty. ( Charles Régismanset )

Women are at their best after thirty, but men over thirty are too old to realize it. ( Jean-Paul Belmondo )

If you are not idealistic at twenty, you have no heart, but if you are still thirty, you have no head. ( Randolph Bourne )

The only thing worse than being a thirty year old single is being a twenty year old single. ( taken from the TV show “Sex and the city” )

Up to the age of thirty, I had only one idea in mind: the extermination of the old; now that I have passed the fifties, that of the young people. ( Emil Cioran )

Heartwarming 30th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

But when it is a daughter to make the fateful 30 years, how can you make happy birthday wishes for the 30 years that remain in the heart? An idea would be to resort, for example, to some nice phrases of happy birthday for 30 years. Here are the most beautiful ones to share.

Happy birthday to my little girl (resigned, even at 30, stay my little girl!) For the 30th birthday! I love you!

We are proud of the woman you have become: enjoy your 30 years and all the fruits of your success! Mum and dad.

It seems yesterday that I held you in my arms and cradled you and, today, you are already a wonderful mother! Happy 30th birthday, my joy!

My greatest satisfaction is to see you fully realized! Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my daughter, enjoy this very important day and always aspire to the best …

To my greatest reason for living, happy 30th birthday!

But has it really been thirty years since the magical day of your birth? With all the happy moments and satisfactions you gave me, I almost didn’t notice … best wishes, my daughter!

Having you as a daughter was the greatest gift of my life and today celebrating your 30th birthday with you is pure happiness! Happy birthday, little star!

I have always prayed that you could make your every dream come true and now, seeing you happy and serene, my heart fills with pride! Best wishes, my daughter, happy 30 years!

My best wishes for a happy 30th birthday to my little girl, who is no longer a child! Never stop shining!

Happy 30th birthday wishes for son

What if it’s about a child’s 30 years ? Here are some ideas for 30th Birthday Wishes for Son.

To my diligent and very serious man, today a reliable and impeccable man, best wishes for a peaceful life! Happy 30th birthday!

I would be cloying and repetitive if I used this ticket to tell you how much I love you, because, after all, you already know! I limit myself, then, to making you happy birthday for your 30 years, I wish you the best!

Will this extra year accomplish the miracle of making you a little more responsible? Waiting for an answer, happy 30th birthday my son! I love you!

You have always had the ability to make me extremely proud of you, but today you are really exaggerating! Happy 30!

Happy 30th birthday to the most important person in my life, always go ahead with your head held high aware of the man you are!

You were a beautiful child and today you are a beautiful man. Although 30 years have passed, as you can see, certain things never change! Best wishes!

To my jewel, my son. Happy 30th birthday!

You are the son we all dream of, happy 30th birthday! Mum and dad.

You must admit that, over the years, you made me gasp several times: a son more lively and reckless than you could not happen to me … but, apparently, all my punishments have given some fruit and have served to make you a person ” almost “a way! Joke! Happy birthday for your 30 years!

A cake and a gift can never measure you of my immense love for you but, meanwhile, happy 30th birthday my son!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Many greeting phrases also for the 30th birthday of a sister, the greatest friend ever! Here are some ideas on how to write a sister’s 30th birthday wishes :

I’ve always been your biggest fan and, today more than ever, I’m cheering you on! Happy 30th birthday to my big sister!

To the most painful sister in the world, I love you so much! Best wishes for your wonderful 30 years!

An ordinary sister would take advantage of the opportunity to ask you how much is missing from the degree, however, since I am not an ordinary sister, I take this special day to tell you once again how much I love you! Best wishes!

I don’t know how I would do without my beautiful little sister! Happy birthday for your 30 years (in the face of the little sister!)!

I wish you to continue on your way in the best way and to continue to collect important successes, happy 30th birthday!

Mom and dad, 30 years ago, they gave me an immense gift: you! Happy birthday!

Special, beautiful and wonderful … how could you not be if you are my sister? Joke, happy birthday!

Happy birthday, my little twin! They are already 30!

Happy birthday for your 30 years to my favorite sister (the only one I have!)! I love you!

As a child I was jealous, I didn’t want to share my whole world with a screaming little intruder … Today, however, the screaming little intruder turns 30 and she has become my whole world! I love you so much, happy birthday!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Turning 30 is obviously important for a brother too. It is well known that males are less prone to misfortunes, but the day dedicated to him will certainly make him happy with sweet dedications. Happy birthday for 30 years to him too!

But how did you manage, in such a short time, to transform the annoying and pimply boy you were into today’s charming and promising thirty-year-old? Seriously, happy birthday happy brother!

For me, you’ve always been a role model! Happy 30th birthday, I love you big brother!

When mom and dad told me you were coming, I welcomed the news with joy but I never thought that I would have loved you so much! Happy 30 years!

Happy 30th birthday, my brother, you are a great!

Happy birthday to the best brother in the world!

Do you remember when you were anxiously waiting for 18 years and I, having already passed, I said to you that your life would not change so much? Now is the time for true splendor, continue to chase your dreams and bite your life! Happy birthday for your 30 years!

You have always done more for me than any brother would have been willing to do and I will never thank you enough. Happy birthday for your 30th birthday!

Calling you brother is an understatement because you are much more to me! Happy 30th birthday!

You know I’ve never been good at feelings but, for your 30 years, I want to tell you that I really love you! Best wishes!

Happy birthday to the most charming brother that exists (my friends would like your phone number!), They are already 30!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

And if love is celebrated every day, it is good to have an idea of ​​how to make a happy birthday for a girlfriend’s 30 years: declarations of love, greeting messages for 30 years, or greeting phrases for 30 years written with all your love will certainly breach his heart once again!

To my muse, best wishes for your beautiful 30 years! I love you!

You know I don’t like to talk about “forever” but, with you, I aim at exactly this … happy birthday, my love!

You are the most beautiful and strong woman in the world, always stay by my side and make me happy as only you can do. Happy birthday, I love you!

Who would have thought that, at that stupid party, I would meet the woman in my life? Happy 30 years, my love!

I toast to your 30 years, to the woman you are and to the man that I am if you are there.

Not even the most beautiful rose on the face of the Earth will ever be at your height. Happy Birthday my love!

30 years of maximum splendor and enchanting sweetness, I love you!

I dream of my life with you. Today, tomorrow and for your next 100 birthdays at least! I love you!

I didn’t know what to give you for your 30 years so I thought that you could have given me a beautiful and unique gift … marry me, I don’t ask for better!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

And if she goes crazy for good wishes for 30 years, surely he too will appreciate them very much, so happy birthday for a boyfriend’s 30 years.

I’d choose you a thousand more times, I love you so much! Happy 30th birthday!

I looked for you a lot, you kept waiting, but finally, my love, I found you and I love you more every day! Happy birthday!

My accomplice, best friend, lover … I wouldn’t live without you! Happy 30th birthday, love!

Our children and I are lucky to have you in our lives because you are number 1! We love you! Many wishes for your first 30 years.

Today you turn 30 and, there is no more doubt, you are an adult ready for marriage! Joke, don’t be afraid! Happy birthday, I love you!

Your love has saved me on several occasions and I will never thank you enough … happy 30th birthday, my soul!

I loved you from the first glance and I will love you to the last of my breaths. Happy Birthday my love!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Friend

Like love, friendship must be celebrated and honored, day by day. Even more when the friend of your heart turns 30! Below, some suggestions on how to write affectionately best wishes for 30 years of the friend

If you weren’t there, I would have to invent you! Happy birthday my friend, enjoy the party!

I love you very much, my friend, and with all my heart I wish you best wishes for your 30 years! An important milestone!

You are the sister I have always dreamed of and never had! Happy 30th birthday!

I wish you to achieve all your goals, I love you dear friend. Best wishes!

We combined many together but the beauty is that today we are still here, friends more than ever. Happy birthday!

I’d do anything for you, you know. Happy 30th birthday!

At the cost of jumping through hoops, I would never have dreamed of missing your 30 years party. You are too important to me! Best wishes!

Thanks for your friendship, for your uniqueness and for never leaving. Happy birthday, my friend, for your 30 years!

I didn’t know that flowers could live 30 (and many more) years! Happy birthday my friend!

Happy 30th Birthday Wishes for Best friend

Or, why not use the greeting phrases for fun 30 years to make the best wishes for the 30th anniversary of best friend and getting together a good laugh?

Best friend and faithful companion, best wishes for your 30 years!

30 years, bomber jacket! Happy birthday, you are the best!

You are unique and irreplaceable, my friend! Let’s celebrate another birthday together … your 30 years! Best wishes!

The last unmarried birthday! Let’s celebrate, my friend!

We have grown up, my friend, but the great thing is that we are still inseparable as in the past. Best wishes!

I love you my friend! Happy birthday for sparkling 30 years!

Toast to your 30 years and your inevitable presence in my life! Happy birthday!

A friend like you is a gift, thank you for existing. Happy 30th birthday!

Many wishes for your 30 years, I hope that in addition to a year more they will also bring you a lot of serenity!

How would I do without you? Best wishes my friend, I love you!

Funny 30th Birthday Wishes

A birthday is certainly a great opportunity to have fun and stay together, why not think about the phrases greeting for fun 30 years to celebrate in a funny and light-hearted way, 30 years? Here are a few:

It’s true: you are one year older, but there is also good news: you haven’t started losing your hair yet! Hold on and happy 30th birthday!

Don’t go overboard with the cake that, at 30, is known, then it stops all on your hips! Greetings dear!

They talk about optimism, how nice it is to be 30 years old, then if you say you are not even engaged they look at you as if you were a rare beast! Anyway, best wishes and be optimistic!

You are 30 years old, best wishes! But is that a white hair?

Be patient, the twentysomethings will begin to give you Lei but, basically, stay young! Best wishes for your magical 30!

You should celebrate your 30th birthday with a beautiful bright smile now that you still have all your teeth. Also because, then, who tells you that you will have the money for the dentures? Carpe diem !

They say 30 is the best age because you are old enough to reap the first fruits of your sacrifices and because you are young but already experienced. But on the other hand, after the competition with the twentysomethings, cellulite and the first white hair, was there still a way to rage? Happy birthday!

At 30, I’m sorry, you will no longer have the chance to escape the tight questioning about marriage, children and dog that your aunt on duty will want to do during Christmas dinner! Best wishes, be strong!

It seemed that these 30 years did not come anymore and, instead, don’t be too distracted because tomorrow will already be 40! Best wishes!

You are 30 years old, dear, and believe me: you should learn to cook because the splendor will not be eternal but hunger will! Happy birthday!

Birthday Poems For 30th Birthday

If, on the other hand, you prefer poetry to various greeting phrases for 30 years, you cannot miss this short collection of birthday poems for 30 years to dedicate to an important person on the day of his 30th birthday.

Accept, after so many years, a few grumpy verses
for your round birthday.
It is no longer time to live alone.
Please accept these 14 lines, they
are my bristly way of saying dear,
and that I wouldn’t be in the world without you.
( Primo Levi )


The head tells me: you are a year older.
The heart: ten years have passed.
I take a sip and the wine whispers to me:
you were twenty years younger.
I do the bill and refill my glass again.
( Martín López-Vega )


Dance as if nobody was watching,
love as if nobody had ever hurt you,
sing as if nobody was listening,
live as if heaven was on earth.
( William W. Purkey )


The years that pass
are the verses that life writes on our hearts …
Many happy birthday wishes.
( Massimo Lo Pilato )


A birthday is only the first day
of another 365-day trip around the Sun.
Enjoy the trip.
( Peter Masterson )


For your birthday I wish you:
many loved ones who smile at you,
a gift to open,
a trip to plan,
a clear sky
and a horizon that explodes with colors.
( Fabrizio Caramagna )