40th Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Loved Once [ Best Collection ]

40th Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Loved Once
40th Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Loved Once

The birthday of the forty years marks the fateful transition from the lightheartedness of the twenty and thirty, to the commitment of the door. Both women and men enter a new phase of their lives, that of social and family affirmation, that of maturity and awareness. An important milestone that is nice to share with family, close friends or colleagues: a nice party to remember the “big jump” and receive in return the good wishes, the thoughts of the people who support us on the journey of life.

Forty years are a special occasion and should be honored as such. But how can you express your feelings and wish you a happy birthday without being obvious or banal? Below we offer you a amazing of ideas. A funny joke, a wish for the future, an aphorism, a famous phrase choose the right one for you and write the ticket, a post on Facebook or send your wishes via WhatsApp.

40th Happy Birthday Wishes

  • Twice twenty years! You are a child. Best wishes!
  • Welcome to the exclusive club of anta. Don’t think about it and enjoy the life of a new pensioner!
  • Happy birthday, blow slowly on the candles. I don’t want you to tire you 40 year old. Joke! Best wishes.
  • You know me, I had something crazy, fantastic, unforgettable in mind, but then I thought it was not the case to close myself in a gift box!
  • Look at it this way: you are 20 years old per leg! Happy Birthday.
  • You are like wine, the older you get, the better you become. Happy birthday for your first 40 years.
  • Four decades, eight decades, but the same head as when you were … 39 years old! Happy Birthday.
  • Look at it this way: 40 is the new 30. Greetings old man!
  • How does that famous proverb say? Ah yes: old hen makes good broth. Come on, you’re a magnificent 40 year old.
  • When candles cost more than cake, you understand that you are getting old! Best wishes.
  • And to think that yesterday when you went to sleep you were still a thirty year old … how time goes by! Have a good second life.
  • I brought some more friends to help you blow on all those candles … look: they are 40 all together!
  • Remember that vintage is back in fashion! Happy birthday.
  • At 40 you are not old, you are like a rare and collectible stamp!
  • The first thing to do on the day of the fortieth birthday is … to buy wrinkle cream. Treat. Happy Birthday.
  • Quiet, the 40 on the cake is not your age, but a speed limit: slow down!
  • Do you want a good reason to say it’s nice to be forty years old? You experienced the rampant 80s and the glamorous 90s.
  • Apart from the first pains, the first wrinkles and the first white hair, the 40 years are not bad at all! Best wishes!
  • I bet you want to be a turtle now! They live hundreds of years and forty they are little more than girls. Hold on, maybe you’ll reincarnate!
  • You are not a neo 40 year old, you are a little grown up girl, almost a mature girl, that’s fine … basically an adult.
  • You will feel comfortable with us … the anta are an exclusive club of young people with a principle of osteoarthritis! Best wishes.
  • The 40 years are a great age: they bring you wisdom, tranquility, maturity and no interest in the material aspects of life. In a nutshell: no gifts, but good works! Happy birthday.
  • What is that muzzle? Merry, it’s only 10 + 10 + 10 + 10!
  • 40 do they seem so many? Mistaken! You’re only halfway to the 80’s! Happy Birthday!
  • You are thinking: it’s time to look inside, draw conclusions, and make the first budgets. Mistaken! It is only the day when for the first time you understand that you need to have many friends. Otherwise how are you going to blow out all those candles from now on?
  • Let’s face it: you are 40 and you always have the same head. That’s why I still don’t like you! Joke…. and best wishes.
  • I am close to you: leave the beautiful entrances and enter the doors: condolences…. Best wishes!
  • At this age there is only one important thing that you must not forget to do: lie and say that you are thirty. Maybe someone falls for it!
  • Take heart because next year will be worse! Let’s joke about! Happy birthday.
  • It is natural to become more silent with age … it is not easy to talk while holding your belly! Hahaha.
  • Hey neo 40 year old, it must be hard to blow out all those candles …
  • Don’t take them: the only thing that matters is staying young inside. Happy Birthday.
  • Have you turned 40? Then listen to an old man: smile as long as you still have all your teeth!
  • An important birthday, I wish you a harbinger of new joys and successes.
  • My wish is that your dreams and your expectations will come true.
  • That it is a happy stage in your life. Happy birthday.
  • Happy birthday with the hope that these 40 years will bring you serenity and happiness.
  • Best wishes for this special day, but above all I wish you many other wonderful ones to follow.
  • 40 years of positivity and success.
  • In recent years, as a colleague, I have had the opportunity to appreciate your loyalty. I am happy to share this important birthday with you.
  • I wish you to turn one hundred times forty years so brilliant!
  • For your 40 years, I wish you to have so much harmony in your life and to achieve all the goals you have set yourself.

40th Birthday Wishes for Relatives

  • Life is a journey. At 40 you are in the middle of the path. I hold you tight and wish you all the good of this world and even more, my little brother.
  • The elapsed time must not be a more or less cheerful melody of past memories, but must rhythmically mark your every idea, your every initiative. I hope that your forty years will give you the strength to endure adversity and wisdom to appreciate the wonders of the world.
  • One cannot help but grow old, but growing up is optional. I wish you never lose the purity of your soul. Happy birthday, dear daughter.
  • My little sister, you are not 40 years old. You have come of age and have accumulated 22 years of experience. You are my myth!
  • The days do not pass in vain, they add to each other like grains of sand in an hourglass. Be a wise and welcoming hourglass! Happy birthday, big sister
  • Big brother, blow out 40 candles on this day: 20 you spent advising and encouraging me, the other 20 are age! You are my guide. I love you
  • Our love made you born 40 years ago and today with the same love we wish you to reap the successes and joys you deserve. Greetings my daughter.
  • To the brother who taught me that in spite of the difficulties, one must not fall, I say: welcome to the legendary doors! Come on, just you, you can’t be afraid to blow out one, two, three … 40 candles!
  • Hey neo old man! I wanted to tell you that forty rhymes with fifty and sixty, but I trust in you eternal Peter Pan: every age will be your island that is not there!
  • You are a certain age now, but I still have to teach you everything! Come on, don’t think about it, it will mean that I will be close to you for the next forty too! You are my sister and also my best friend. I love you.
  • Don’t complain! Do you know how to say it? That the stages of life are three: the 20 year old intrigues, the 30 year old amazes and the 40 year old involves and upsets! Are you ready to hang them all? Happy birthday with all your heart.
  • Happy birthday, my little one. 40 is a number like any other. It is just one of the other 100 candles that you will blow out in your life, a life that will be full of love and affirmations.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes For Friend

Is your best friend or your best friend blowing out the candles? Then it is unthinkable to limit ourselves to common greetings. It takes a sincere message, dictated by the heart, original wishes for 40 years. In this case it would be original to remember the beauty of your relationship and instill confidence in it for years to come.

  • To my best friend: 40 years old means carrying a small backpack on your shoulders. Within tears of joy and sadness, defeats and affirmations. Dear people who are no longer there and friends who have never abandoned you. I wish you to be happy.
  • There is no more suitable phrase to describe you: true youth is that of the heart. That’s why yours are the fabulous 40s! Best wishes, ciccina
  • All these years? I don’t believe it, I don’t feel it. Outside you are a youngster and inside you are the most helpful person I know. Greetings my friend. Don’t change, I recommend!
  • It seems yesterday that they celebrated their driving license and the 18 years. And instead here I am to wish you 40. Time flies, but the bond that binds us will not fly but away, my little friend.
  • Ok, you are 40, but age is a number, what really matters is having a young and constructive spirit. Like yours.
  • I wish you to achieve the successes you deserve. They will also be a bit mine. I love you my friend.
  • True, the 30 have gone, too, but trust me: the 40 will be the best years of your life! Best wishes.
  • It has always been nice to share special moments with a friend like you. Today it is even more so. Happy Birthday.
  • On this important day, do it like this: collect your birthday, year after year, month after month, day after day and do not regret them. Because our friendship is equal to the number of your years multiplied by infinity. Be happy, my friend.
  • A thousand smiles, a thousand occasions, a thousand emotions. Here is my wish for your forty years. I love you.

Happy 40th Birthday Wishes For Your Partner ( Wife / Husband )

In the event that your wife, girlfriend, partner or husband, partner or boyfriend turns 40, then you can make wishes in which you will try to instill security and love in your partner because probably on this day he will need pampering more than never.

  • 40 candles for the eternal Queen of roses.
  • A wish for every smile that will make you feel good, for every hug that will warm your heart, for every dream you want to achieve.
  • 40 only for the registry office: you have the overwhelming spirit and enthusiasm of a 20 year old. Never change, honey.
  • At 40, we have built the foundations of our house, now we need to add bricks. A lot of good life still awaits us, my love.
  • Anta are a magical age: when you are young you are afraid to get there too quickly, when you are old you regret because you have not appreciated enough. So enjoy your present with me every day!
  • Memories and emotions of a life lived. Here’s what’s left of your first 40 years. It’s time to create more memories to put on our exclusive album. Happy birthday, you are and you will be the love of my life!
  • As far back as 19 … precisely 40 years ago, the most beautiful star of all shone in the sky: it was YOU. Don’t stop illuminating my path. Happy birthday, puppy.
  • Regrets and remorse are banned. forty years is not yet time for budgets, you still have a lot to live and find out why the best is yet to come. Happy birthday dear.
  • I wish that the magic that brought us together and that accompanied us on this path, never abandon us. My wish is that your second 40 years will be even more magical.
  • Forty years of beauty and charm, intelligence and sensitivity. You are unique and special. I love you.
  • Seduction is written in your DNA and is not subject to the inexorable passage of time. That’s why you will be eternally young. Best wishes.
  • We don’t have the key to open the door to happiness, but we’ve found the one to be peaceful. And isn’t it the same thing after all? I’d do everything I did with you to get to your first 40 years. Best wishes, wonderful creature!
  • Today it will rain. It is the sky that weeps for having lost its brightest star 40 years ago. I love you.
  • When I look at you, it is like looking at myself in a mirror and there is nothing more beautiful because it is as if I saw the half that completes me. Happy birthday wishes for your 40 years.
  • A man in his forties is like quality wine: only connoisseurs understand his true value. I love you. Happy Birthday!
  • The heart is a wealth that cannot be bought and sold, it can only be given. My love for you is the gift I give you for the 40s.
  • Luck and a pinch of madness. Here’s how I wish you are your 40 years.
  • On the calendar today read an important date, turn forty. But those not to be forgotten are carved in my heart and in my mind. Thanks for existing.
  • To my life partner, to the man who becomes forty, I wish a dazzling future, full of stars, in an ocean of serenity.
  • There is no gift for your 40 years that is comparable to what you give me by giving me your affection every day. That’s why I want the next few years to be the best in your life.
  • Few words to my great love. Your 40 years are like you: unique and unrepeatable.
  • Why do you have this sad little face? Come on with life, you have become forty and so? A few more wrinkles do not make your beauty fade, but add charm and history to the wonderful face I see every morning. Best wishes my beloved.
  • You are the man I chose to stand by my side. This is why I will not remind you that you are 40 years old, you are pelatino and you have a bacon beginning. I will remind you that you are my special person and I embrace you wholeheartedly.

Famous aphorisms and quotes on 40 years

That the 40 years are a highlight in life, are also demonstrated by the many aphorisms that exist on the subject. A famous phrase can be an original and witty way to wish a happy birthday. It can also be a way to add an articulate touch to an already written greeting card. Here are some of the most famous aphorisms and quotations for the forty years.

  • The phrase of the refined stylist-icon Coco Chanel is very famous: At thirty you can be splendid, but at forty you are charming and simply irresistible for the rest of your life.
  • Two brilliant aphorisms of the Italian writer Roberto Gervaso. The first: The 20 years are more beautiful at 40 than at 20. The second: For me, the woman starts at 40 and never ends.
  • Benjamin Franklin said: At 20 the will dominates, at 30 the wit, while at 40 the judgment prevails.
  • The aphorism of August Strindberg is terribly true: At 20 we all believe we have solved the riddle of the world, at 30 we begin to reflect on it and at 40 we discover that it is insoluble.
  • Here are three other famous phrases:
    Once the first wrinkles are overcome, women in their forties are much sexier than young girls.
  • We appreciate forties for many reasons. Unfortunately, the thing is not mutual. For every fantastic woman in her forties there is a bald man with bacon who is making himself ridiculous with a twenty-two-year-old maid.
  • And finally: 40 years does not mean old. If you are a tree.
  • True that of Nicolabrunialti on Twitter: It took me 40 years to be a happy twenty year old.
  • At 20 you have no problems, but you seem to have them. At 30 you have problems, however, you think they will be solved, at 40 you have a thousand problems but pretend not to have any.
  • Sarcastic Pitigrilli: 20-year-old women say: “These two or three years of beauty that I have left …” At 35 instead: “These five years of youth that I have left …” and at 40: “These ten years of youth that I have left “.
  • The brilliant Carrie Bradshaw of Sex and The City: Men in their forties are like the crosswords of the New York Times. Difficult, complicated and you are never sure you have the right answer.
  • For the writer George Eliot: Life is a gift and birthday is a new beginning: make sure that hope covers your every day and that the shadows of the past do not blur the light of the future.
  • Scratchy Douglas Jerrold: A man should be able to change his 40-year-old wife to two of 20, as is done with banknotes.
  • For Andrè Roussin: It is not easy to get a woman into her 40th year of life. And it’s even more difficult to get her out.
  • Charles Péguy, Victor-Marie wrote: 40 years is a terrible age because we become who we are.
  • Definitely funny this: If you are 40 years old and you see the world as you saw it at twenty, it means that your vision has not worsened.
  • Confucius does not make it a question of age: If a man is detested at 40, then he will be detested for life.
  • According to George Bernard Shaw: Don’t be an anarchist at sixteen, it’s heartless. Being still in his forties is a lack of judgment.
  • The aphorism of the Neapolitan philosopher Luciano De Crescenzo instills optimism: nowadays thanks to the longer life span, women are still teenagers up to forty-five years old.
  • Vitaliano Brancati thought about highlighting the difference between man and woman on the doorstep: a man at 40? She can be 20 years old twice, without her 40.
  • Ftzj on Twitter is very practical: At 5 you eat Nutella at four, at 20 you make midnight spaghetti, at 30 you drink Mojito at three in the morning and at 40, it’s Malox’s turn.
  • The reflection of Francis Scott Fitzgerald is romantic: Between the age of thirty and forty we feel the desire to have sincere friends, but after the age of 40 we discover that they will not save us more than we can make love.
  • Again the writer Francis Scott Fitzgerald: the eighteen years represent the hills of our beliefs from which we face life. There are forty caves in which we hide.
  • Jules Feiffer summarizes the period from 20 to 40 as follows: At 16 I felt stupid, confused and indecisive. At 25 wise, confident and proactive. At 45 again confused and insecure. Who would have thought that high school was just a short break in adolescence?
  • The most beautiful of all, however, remains the very simple one that George Marshall wrote in 1935: Life begins at 40.


 There are many ideas we have given you, but only one is the golden rule: do not choose any one, choose the one that best embodies the occasion and the personality of the birthday boy. And everyone a happy birthday for 40 years! 


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